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All You Need to Build Your Abandoned Cart Email Flow

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    If you’re an eCommerce store owner, you know that abandoned carts make you lose money. These customers are just about ready to buy – they found the right product, they started their check-out process… and then, for some reason, they left their cart without purchasing.

    However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on lost sales and revenue. In fact, there are several effective tactics you can use to win customers back after they leave your site without buying.

    One of the most powerful strategies is sending them an abandoned cart email flow.

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to build a successful abandoned cart email flow for your business so that you can bring those customers back and increase your sales.

    What Is an Abandoned Cart Email Flow?

    An abandoned cart email flow is essential in your eCommerce marketing arsenal.

    An abandoned cart email flow is a series of emails sent automatically to people who added items to their cart and started their checkout process but failed to complete it.

    This type of automated marketing is effective because it allows you to target your customers when they’re most likely to purchase.

    Unlike other types of marketing strategies that promote your brand or product, abandoned cart emails focus on a specific product that’s already been added to a customer’s shopping cart and left there.

    All you have to do is remind them about it and encourage them to complete the purchase.

    The main goals of an abandoned cart email flow are to:

    • Remind your customer to return and buy your product
    • Recover lost sales and revenue
    • Reduce cart abandonment in the future
    • Build trust with your customers
    • Encourage repeat purchases.

    By having an automated abandoned cart email flow set up, you not only have a chance to bring in the customers who were about to leave for good but also keep your existing customers engaged.

    5 Tips to Create a Successful Abandoned Cart Email Flow

    Abandoned cart emails are a great way to increase your conversion rate by re-engaging potential buyers with an enticing offer. But there’s no point in setting up an abandoned cart email flow if it’s ineffective.

    To get you started, here are some tips for writing a successful abandoned cart email flow:

    Use an Email Automation Software

    This makes it easy to create and send triggered emails based on specific events, such as when someone leaves their shopping cart.

    Our favorite email automation tool is Klaviyo. It’s easy to use and offers excellent features like advanced reporting and A/B testing.

    Klaviyo makes it easy to configure abandoned cart flows from scratch or using a pre-built template.

    Send Multiple Emails Within the Flow

    A one-off follow-up email isn’t likely to be effective with most customers. Instead, create a series of emails in your abandoned cart email flow with different messages and special offers that increase in urgency over time.

    In fact, it has been proven that brands that send more than two emails in the abandoned cart flow make the most revenue on these recovered sales.

    Trigger the First Email within 1 Hour of Abandonment

    Sending emails immediately after customers abandon their shopping carts is crucial — otherwise, they’ll forget what they were shopping for.

    Use A/B testing to determine how long you should wait before sending the next email in your flow.

    Include Product Images

    Including product images in your abandoned cart emails will help jog a customer’s memory after leaving your site without completing their purchase.

    Images trigger emotional responses in people, so make sure to use one that shows off what your product has to offer visually. You may also want to include multiple images or even an animated GIF.

    Abandoned cart email flow example

    Offer a Discount Code

    One of the best ways to encourage people to complete purchases in your abandoned cart email flow is to give them a discount code.

    Discount coupons may be enough of an incentive for people who were on the fence about buying from you to move forward with their purchases.

    You can also include a time limit on the discount code to increase urgency and get people to click through.

    Example of an Abandoned Cart Email Flow

    Abandoned cart email flows typically contain 3 to 4 emails sent within several days of the initial abandonment.

    Each email in the flow should contain a link back to the abandoned cart so that it’s easy for customers to complete their purchases.

    Here is an example of the emails included in an abandoned cart sequence:

    Reminder Email

    The first email in an abandoned cart email flow is usually a simple reminder that the shopper has something in their cart.

    It should be sent as soon as possible after the customer leaves your site. A well-timed reminder can be just what it takes to convert an abandoned cart into a sale, often with minimal effort required on your part.

    Example of an abandoned cart email flow

    Follow Up Email

    If the shopper doesn’t return to their cart after the first reminder email, you can send more emails to encourage them to come back.

    A follow-up email should be sent a day or two later when the customer is more likely to remember what they were trying to purchase on your site.

    Discount Code Email

    If the shopper still hasn’t returned, it’s time to sweeten the deal. You can send an abandoned cart discount code with an expiration date.

    Including a coupon will often bring shoppers back because they’ll feel like they’re getting a special deal.

    Cart Recovery Success Email

    This email should be sent after a customer completes their abandoned purchase.

    It’s a chance to thank them for their order and give them any next steps needed after purchase.

    Final Thoughts

    Cart abandonment emails are a win-win for customers and retailers. Customers can pick up where they left off and walk away with a discount, and retailers can recoup some of their lost revenue from customers who were already interested in their products.

    We hope that this guide has helped you gain a better understanding of what an abandoned cart email flow is and how to set it up for success.

    And if you need assistance with your email marketing campaigns, remember that there are experts out there excited to help you.

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