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Klaviyo WooCommerce & Klaviyo WordPress Integrations For Email Marketing

Written by Natalia Guivan
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    The WordPress platform and its ecommerce plugin WooCommerce are both extremely popular tools for businesses to use for establishing their presence and operation online. They also give users vast opportunities for promotion through different channels, including email marketing. You can maximize the potential of the platform by pairing it up with one of the best email marketing service—Klaviyo. In this article, we’ll share clear instructions of how to implement Klaviyo WooCommerce integration for your online store, as well as how to connect Klaviyo and WordPress. 

    Klaviyo for WooCommerce

    Let’s start with what concerns businesses the most, which is enhancing promotional capabilities for their ecommerce stores. In this department, the WooCommerce Klaviyo integration brings substantial advantages for them. You can improve your entire marketing strategy and possibly increase sales by connecting WooCommerce with Klaviyo. The integration also provides you with not just advanced email marketing capabilities but also comprehensive consumer analytics.

    What is WooCommerce Klaviyo Integration?

    By implementing Klaviyo WooCommerce integration, you connect online stores built on WordPress WooCommerce to the powerful email marketing automation software. By integrating WooCommerce, you can use Klaviyo to access profiles, order histories, and catalog data, enabling you to send subscribers personalized messages. You will be able to use Klaviyo forms and sync email and SMS subscribers into Klaviyo using the integration.

    The extension requires only a few minutes for integration. This enables you to leverage metadata (such as value, variation name, quantity, and discount codes) and synchronize all of your history and current data so you can monitor every single contact customers have with your brand. This includes behaviors like active on site, ordered product, fulfilled order, placed order, refunded orders, started checkout.

    The WooCommerce Klaviyo connection allows for automated workflows, targeted email marketing, and insightful customer data, which all are benefiting features for ecommerce brands. Other key capabilities that this integration enables are real-time customer data synchronization, dynamic segmentation, and behavioral tracking to set off automatic mailings. Moreover, it enables the creation and sending of customized email campaigns to your store customers and visitors, the configuration of sophisticated automation, and the access to thorough data for performance evaluation. 

    How to integrate Klaviyo and WooCommerce?

    Let’s look at the process of installing the Klaviyo plugin in WooCommerce and then turning on the WooCommerce integration within Klaviyo

    1. First thing you need to do is to log into your Klaviyo, WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Marketplace accounts. If you have more than one Klaviyo account, log out of the accounts that you don’t want to integrate with WooCommerce.
    2. To access WooCommerce, go to “Extensions“. Here, type “Klaviyo for WooCommerce” into the search bar. This will take you to the WooCommerce Marketplace’s Klaviyo extension page. Click “Free Download” and continue to the payment page. Proceed by providing any relevant details and moving on. Soon, a page with an order confirmation will appear. “Add to Site” is the link on this page. Add your store here if your WooCommerce and WooCommerce Marketplace accounts aren’t linked yet. If it is already connected, all you need to do is choose your website.
    3. Go back to your WooCommerce admin and select “Plugins” after that. Locate Klaviyo by scrolling down the list of installed plugins, then make sure it is activated. Click “Activate” if it isn’t already active.
    4. From the navigation on the left, choose “Marketing” and then “Klaviyo“. It’s time to link your account right now. By doing this, Klaviyo’s WooCommerce integration will be made available. Enter the credentials for the Klaviyo account you want to integrate if asked. Examine the integration permissions, then approve and proceed when everything is ready.
    5. Verify the account name on the integration settings page is valid. Select the option to include an email marketing consent checkbox on your checkout page, if you’d like. In the “Add email subscribers to this list” dropdown, choose a list. You will need to create a new list in the “Lists and Segments” tab if there are no lists available in the dropdown. Enter the language you want the consent to show under “Email marketing consent label” next to the checkbox on your checkout page.
    6. Once you’ve set up Klaviyo SMS, you can add this option to your WooCommerce site by checking the box next to “Add SMS marketing consent checkbox to your checkout page“. You can always come back to this page at a later time to add your SMS settings or change any other settings if you haven’t already set it up. To accomplish this, click on the name of your account in the bottom left corner, choose “Integrations,” and then pick “WooCommerce” from the list.
    7. Check the box labeled “Convert all currencies to one standard currency” and choose your currency if you wish to convert all future orders and ordered product events to that selected currency.
    8. Once you’re OK with the set configurations of your Klaviyo WooCommerce integration, click “Complete Setup“. Congratulations! Klaviyo has connected with your WooCommerce account! With a deeper understanding of your clientele, you can now target them with more interesting material and increase sales. Continue your fantastic work.

    Why install Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin?

    Start harvesting substantial benefits by installing Klaviyo WooCommerce plugin and setting up the connection between the two platforms to maximize the performance of your general marketing strategy.

    • Automated lead management for conversions. You can maximize your lead conversion rate by automating every step of your lead funnel with integration. Automate every process, including lead generation, outreach, and reporting, to increase sale closing rates.
    • Better campaign performance. Cross-platform campaign performance measurement can be hard to organize. Plus, it takes time and effort to find the appropriate KPIs. With WooCommerce Klaviyo integration, you can ensure that your campaigns generate return on investment (ROI) for the entire company, manage your lists expertly, and generate a centralized view of your performance.
    • Data-driven insights. Linking your store on WooCommerce to Klaviyo allows you to get access to thorough analytics to improve your marketing strategies and make wise decisions. 
    • Enhanced personalization. Connecting data from your WooCommerce store to your Klaviyo account can increase client engagement and conversion rates by sending them highly tailored email content.
    • Growth of customer retention. Your ecommerce business can foster customer relationships and promote repeat business by implementing automated workflows triggered by certain client or visitor behavior on your online store.
    • Increased revenue. Overall, the benefits of Klaviyo WooCommerce integration allow you to develop successful marketing strategies that boost sales and revenue by utilizing customer data.

    Both WooCommerce and the Shopify platform offer integrations with Klaviyo with main features and for email marketing automation, personalization, and analytics. They are slightly different in terms of setup process and some advanced features, but you can choose what works for you the best depending on specific business requirements. We can help you connect Klaviyo with Shopify, WooCommerce, or any platform of your choice to boost your email marketing effort with capabilities of professional software.

     Arpit Banjara, Lead Email Marketing Technician

    Klaviyo for WordPress

    Businesses that don’t use WooCommerce but have their websites built on WordPress can take advantage of the advanced email marketing features as well. This integration is especially useful for non-ecommerce brand that want to leverage Klaviyo for email marketing. You can connect Klaviyo and WordPress to enhance the efficiency of your lead generation and list building.

    What is Klaviyo WordPress integration?

    The WordPress Klaviyo integration is a technology that enables owners of WordPress websites to link their sites to the robust email marketing and automation platform Klaviyo. It can be used not only by ecommerce forms but also by B2B and non-profits that want to increase their email lists with the help of sign-up forms on their websites, as well as learn more about the behavior of their visitors. Through this integration, companies can use data from WordPress websites to automate marketing processes, and build email campaigns that are specifically targeted.

    How to integrate Klaviyo and WordPress?

    To enable the WordPress Klaviyo integration, you can add Klaviyo sign-up forms to your built-in WordPress sign-up forms. We’ll tell you how to do it correctly.

    1. Log into WordPress first. To use WordPress and Klaviyo in the client, you must also have access to your client account. At the top of the sign-up forms, you’ll see the words “Install code snippet“. This is a little portion of code that must be installed prior to the body tag. 
    2.  Install the Klaviyo WordPress plugin.
      – Install the “Header and Footer” plugin.
      – Copy the code snippet provided by Klaviyo.
      – Go to your WordPress site, navigate to “Settings,” and select “Insert Headers and Footers.
      – You will see three boxes: header, script body, and footer. Insert the code in the header section.
    3.   It is necessary to save the settings after installing the code snippet. The firm ID is the most crucial component of the code. Click “Save” when you’re finished, and everything will update.
    4. Return to your Klaviyo account and select the forms for signup. Select “Check My Install” and enter your website’s URL. If it is green, the installation went well; if it is red, something went wrong.
    5. Once it’s green, you are ready to install any kind of forms: pop-up, embedded, or sliding forms to your website.
    6. If you want to embed the form, click on “Styles” and then “Embed.”
    7. You need to include this code in your website’s footer, landing page, or blog post once it is published.
    8. Adding a slide-in or pop-up form is the simplest way to avoid tinkering with the code and making edits. You can add the signup form to the footer when you have a moment.

    You can find more detailed instructions with examples in our YouTube video.

    Why set up WordPress Klaviyo integration?

    There are several reasons why we recommend integrating your site on WordPress with Klaviyo. As the practice shows, it allows businesses, both ecommerce and traditional commerce, to create a powerful marketing tool. Here are the main benefits of this connection.

    • User segmentation for personalization. You can add additional properties to your opt-ins to find out more about your subscribers, e.g. name, age, gender, preferences, interests, etc.
    • Data-driven insights and analytics. Klaviyo offers advanced analytics and reports on user behavior.
    • Awesome automations for time-saving. Klaviyo will send out automated flows triggered by subscriber behavior and engagement with your opt-in forms.
    • Enhanced customer experience. Thanks to real-time data insights and high-level of personalization, you can ensure cohesive customer journeys

    Klaviyo WordPress WooCommerce integrations with Flowium

    We are certified Klaviyo experts that can guarantee you professional assistance with setting up all features and integrations for this premium email marketing platform. All businesses regardless their industry and type can trust Flowium to enable connections with software and services that they require for successful operation. If you need a quick setup of Klaviyo WooCommerce integration for your store or connection for your WordPress site, don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule a call right now to get qualified services as soon as possible.


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