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Klaviyo Flow Ideas (Browse Ideas)

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Hi is this Andriy from Email Marketing NYC. And is this video I will show you one cool feature that Klaviyo just introduced few weeks ago. Two weeks ago. So those are flow ideas.
    So when you first time start your account, you will have standard flows and they are like some good. I mean, I mean, you can see the structure, but there is like one email or two emails. But what they introduce is flow ideas.
    Like if you click on the flows and click browse ideas, you can have a list of anything you want. You see, integration like WooCommerce Abandoned Cart, Browser Abandonment, Customer Winback, let’s say Abandoned Cart and let’s do cart. High Value Cart vs Low Value Cart. So let´s do test, create a flow.
    So you can check each one and see what you like or not. So basically here it’s somebody who, abandoned cart for somebody who like has in their cart total value of a hundred dollars or less or more. And you send them different kinds of messages. Let’s check messages. .
    The messages are basics. They just giving you the framework for the fall and some ideas. So this is good start for somebody who doesn’t have money to spend or consultants that you didn’t have. I mean, you cannot not hire somebody. You can go here and check. Check different flow they have here.
    Please. Let me know if you have any additional questions. It was Andriy from Email Marketing and NYC. Thank you

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