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Klaviyo Dashboard View

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    I’ll show you how to see different data in your dashboard, in Klaviyo dashboard.

    So, first of all, let’s go to your Klaviyo account and now you can see the dollar amounts, you can see the conversion and everything is just based on and is based on placed order. As you can see here, it says place order, and sometimes click clients contacts me, contacts me and said like, something is wrong, my… There is no dollar amount or the conversion is too low.

    And sometimes they switch accidentally by like active on site and they see like $449 is too low, like my… It’s impossible, but the thing, the mistake everybody makes and it’s act by accident, it’s not intentional that you switch your view, you metrics for the dashboard. And by default and the most common used one is placed order, but you can switch and see anything you want here, like view products or maybe active, active on the site, or I don’t what cancel orders.

    So all that information you can see on your dashboard. If you want to see is thus, it’s not common, it’s not typical, but it’s your preference and I just want to show you how to change it. And just for you to let know that sometimes you can login to your account and see weird numbers here, and the first thing you need to check with this, like what do you have in this a dropdown of what kind of because last question I receive person had this, he was like active on the site, and this affects your dashboard as well as your metric in the flows of fright.

    Now you can see instead of the dollar amount, you can see open rate 6.9 active on the site. So it affects not only your dashboard, but it’s globally affects your data for each flow.

    So let’s like, as you can see, I’ll just make a snapshot how data is different. So we have this one and let’s go back and change it to placed order just to like to show you the difference, so let’s do a place order, exit intend, and actually it was what it was.

    So it was, I believe the thank you was the front one pre purchase new customers. So as you can see, the information is different. So you have open rate, click through rate, it’s the same but here you have active on the site and here you have a dollar amount and the dollar amount, like, I mean, it’s based on your business, but a dollar amount is much better to see them acting on the site.

    So this is how to change your view in Klaviyo dashboard, as well as globally for each flow. 

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