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How to use Klaviyo Saved Blocks and how to organize them

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    – [Andriy] Hi, is this Andriy from email marketing and OIC. And today’s video I’ll show you how to use Klaviyo Saved Blocks and how to clean them. It´s very easy to save some, but people do not know where to find them so they can better organize them or delete or rename them. So today I’ll show you how to do it. – So you go to your Klaviyo account and let’s say, go to campaigns. Let’s do subject doesn’t matter which email, I’ll just show you an example. So let’s do this one and let’s say, I don´t know, this let’s say delete and get social. Let’s say we want to use this, get social and this thing everywhere or on other emails. So we click on the star and like, example one save block. Oops, save block. Okay. And let’s do this one. Number two. So right now we just say any of those blocks, because when you create a lot of email, there will be some specific blocks which you can reuse and it will save you time in comparison to recreate those blocks over and over and over again. So on the left side, as you can see, there’s many options to build the emails and one of the options called saved, in other words, save blocks. So you can click on it, drag and drop and it will ask you which block you want to drop. So when you, you select it, it should show you, but it does not for some reason, It should show you the block here and you click and then again, save block one. I’m not sure. Maybe there’s some glitches right now with Klaviyo, but typically when you select the block, maybe because it’s free account, it will show you the block right here. Like what block you’re selected. So is this is how you co create blocks. And this is how you can insert blocks. But the question is, how do you organize them? How do you rename, how to do you delete some of the blocks, because for some clients, when they use Klaviyo for a while, I log into their platform and here they have like 150 different blocks or at 25 blocks. And sometimes they do not use those blocks anymore. So how do you do this? So you click save content and, you go to email templates and under email templates, you click view saved blocks. So those are blocks you have, you’re not able to add them. And it looks like you are not able to add the name, but you can delete them. So it was better to name them correctly. I was not aware. Honestly, I do not use this options a lot. I just, sometimes I just delete blocks. I didn’t know that you’re not able to rename that. I mean, it would be nice if Klaviyo have that, this option to rename blocks, they might do it in the future, but at this moment it’s not available. So this is how you create saved blocks, how you use them and how you clean them up. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and please subscribe to this channel because we releasing this kind of video every day with tips and tricks, how to use Klaviyo better. – [Andriy] Thank you.
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