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How to Update Subscriber’s Information Inside of Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Sometimes people update their emails. For example, we renamed our company from Email Marketing NYC to Flowium. So there was a need to update my email from andriy@emailmarketingnyc.com to andriy@flowium.com. In this video, you will see how to update subscriber’s information inside of Klaviyo.
    – Hi, this is Andriy from Flowium.com. Yes, we did name our company from Email Marketing NYC to Flowium. And in this video, I will show you how to update somebody’s email. Sometimes people are updating their emails. In my case, we just renamed our company. So before, it was andriy@emailmarketingnyc.com. Now it’s andriy@flowium.com. And in this video, I will just show you quickly how you can do it inside of Klaviyo to update your database if you want to. So you either go to Profiles and look for that email. This is my task/demo account so you have only one email, but in your case, it would be, you will have many more contacts. So just click at that, look for that specific person. So in this case, this is andriy@emailmarketingnyc.com. And on the left side, you have all information about this particular contact, which is, at this moment, it’s me. And what you need to do to update this information, you click Contact, Contact tab, click Edit. So if you want, put name, if you want to add organization, Flowium, title, CEO. Yeah, I’m CEO. Phone number, 347-683-5586, if you want to call me. Yeah, and so the email, email is flowium.com. Update profile. And that’s it, yeah. So this is the new email. As you can see, it’s new email here. And if you go to Profiles, you can see that it will have the new email here as well. Yeah, so this is short video. If you have any questions or you want to request a free consultation from us or you need any email marketing services, please find our contact information below this video. Follow the link and request a call with us, thank you.
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