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How to send a campaign in Klaviyo (showing email builder)

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    – Hi, this is Andriy from Email Marketing NYC, and today I’ll show you how to send email in Klaviyo. So, when you log in to your account in Klaviyo, you go to Campaigns on the left side. And by the way, different people use different terms. Somebody called it Campaign, somebody called it Newsletter, somebody calls it Broadcast. So whatever term you use, it means the same thing. So in Klaviyo, we call it Campaign. So on the right side, you click Create Campaign. You name your campaign. It’s not subject line, it’s just name of your campaign, so you can reference it later. so you can reference it later. So I just do “YouTube Video Example”. So I just do ‘YouTube Video Example’. Then you select people who do you want to send it to. So, in previous video, I show how to create a segment. So basically you create a segment. So let’s do call subscribers, for example. Also, you can select a few segments Also, you can select a few segments and few lists, and also you can exclude somebody. So let’s do Corporate Customer. So we want to include all core subscribers, but exclude all corporate customers. In Klaviyo, there’s Smart Sending. So people who just receive email or automatic emails, for example in the last hour, this email that we are creating, if we send them, it will skip… we’ll skip those people. So question here, do you want to enable or not? So typically I click No. Save and Continue. Save and Continue. Here, you put your subject line. ‘Subject Line Here’. ‘Subject Line Here’. Save changes. And here, you have few options. How to build template. Typically, I use Choose Template. And you can use what they have already, And you can use what they have already, or you can use your saved template. So for this example, let’s… I don’t know. Let’s use this one. Email builder in Klaviyo, it’s very user-friendly. it’s very user-friendly. Just drag and drop and add, and so that’s if you want to add. The builder works in blocks. So let’s say if you want to add text blog, just drag and drop. Same thing was a photo image, if you want to add image. Split. Adjust two columns, and you can make it smaller, bigger. And here, click on the columns and add whatever you want to add. Button. Oh, it’s called Button. If you want to change a color or style of something, you just go to Block Style, you select this specific blog and go to Block Style. And here you can select color, border radius, border radius, I don’t know it’s just something crazy. 25. Yeah. So look at that. Header. If you want to do Menu, you can do logo or just buttons. Like, you have a menu on your website. Social Links. You can add as many as you have it here. Social… and Table. Table. It’s a little bit tricky to work with these tables. I mean, it’s not that hard, but you just need to use to it. So here you have your columns. You can add more columns here, if you want. Also, you have your rows. And as you can see you have one row. You can add more rows here. But to add it, you click Row 2, you click Row 2, Column 1 or Column 2. And you can easier do text, or if you switched, you can do image. So… I mean, play around. And also there are Static and Dynamic. When you do the Dynamic, for example, for Abandoned Cart, stuff, it will populate everything people left in their cart. But it’s just a little bit advance, so I would stop there. I don’t want to confuse you. Okay, Products. Products, very cool feature. So Product, it’s basically pulls all products, product, specific products from your store in specific order. So you can have, for example, Popular Categories of product and it will pull popular categories and there’s also product here and it’ll show it. And you can even personalize to this specific person. Klaviyo learns person’s behavior and purchase habits. And based on that, they will populate different products here. And you can have more product. You can have up to nine products. Nine? Yeah, nine. But you can, if you want you can duplicate this block as many times as you want. So it’s a very cool, cool feature. Okay. Horizontal Line. It’s just basic line. Spacer. You can use some spacer. You can make it bigger, you can make it whatever you need. Drop Shadow. If you want, have some ending to your section If you want, have some ending to your section or to your email. And Saved. It’s just Saved Blocks. Also, if you want to add column, you just click on the Add Columns. And it’s asking you what kind of column you’d want to add. Okay. So this is email builder in Klaviyo. Okay. So this is email builder in Klaviyo. Click Save Content. Go down and Review & Send Campaign. Okay, so you have two options. You can either send it now or schedule, and schedule. So, you have different options. You can send it for example, specific time. Specific time on Eastern standard time or specific time on their… on receiver sites. So for example, if you want them to receive it at 10 a.m., but they live in different time zones, it will be based on their time zone. And you can click Schedule Campaign. Also, I want to go back to show you something else. There’s also… I mean, the one you send email, it’s highly, highly recommend. Always split test. So you can split test subject line. You can split test body, and also you can split test time. and also you can split test time. What’s the best time to send it? So how does it work? So for example, let’s do 15%. let’s do 15%. And let’s do two hours. And it’s based on Open. So if you split test the subject line, you have to pick Open, right? If you’re split testing body of the email, call to action, you need to select this one, Unique Click. So how does it work? It will send both emails to 15% of your subscribers. It will send both emails to 15% of your subscribers. You select this, for example, if you’re sending to 1000, it will send it to 150. And from 100, it will send it to 75 subscriber A version to 75 subscriber A version and 75 B version. And from that though, 75 is some, some version who has more Unique Click or more Open Rate. It will sense the rest 85% to that winning version. 85% to that winning version. So this is how you send email in Klaviyo. If you have any additional questions, please leave them under this video. I’ll be more than happy to answer them, thank you. It was Andriy from Email Marketing NYC.

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