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How to Create an Email Campaign: A Step-by-step Guide

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Businesses that achieve effective and productive email campaigns do not just stumble upon them. Instead, they result from the resources they invest in proper planning and execution. Therefore, learning how to create an email campaign is essential for every business owner.

    One of the advantages of using email campaigns for business marketing is that everyone uses them — about 90% of adults and at least 74% of teenagers. In other words, it is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience if you do it right.

    Not to worry, we’ll walk you through how to put together an email marketing campaign that works. You’ll also discover pro-tips to increase your chances of converting customers with emails.

    But first, why should you plan properly before you launch an email sequence?

    Email Campaign Steps: Why You Should Plan Your Email Campaigns Carefully

    According to statistics, over 260 billion emails go out every day. This means you’d have to compete to win your audience’s attention.

    Therefore, you cannot afford to simply send out emails whenever you feel like it. However, this is not the only reason learning how to create an email campaign is essential.

    Here are some advantages of adequately planning your email campaigns:

    More effective use of resources

    By taking the time to learn how to start an email campaign, you’ll find that you can direct your resources more effectively toward achieving your goals.

    This includes everything from your time to your finances and even your talent pool. Why spend more when half can quickly reach the same ROI?

    Planning gives you an advantage over competitors

    Research is one of the critical phases of planning, and it can help you get the upper hand in customer marketing.

    During your planning stage, you can research:

    • The best times to email your target customers
    • The offers they’re looking for
    • And other similar data.

    Figuring this out can help put you ahead of the competition.

    Enables the use of email automation tools

    Automation is most efficient when you have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, and you can input this into the system. Therefore, by taking the time to draft your email campaign blueprint, you can sit back and let your automation system do its thing!

    All in all, following proven email campaign steps will increase the chances of your marketing efforts succeeding. That said, let us examine how to create a campaign that works.

    How to Put Together an Email Marketing Campaign

    An excellent email campaign goes beyond advertising. It requires in-depth research and contemplation. Fortunately, we’ve helped you do the heavy lifting.

    Here is how to create an email campaign and get the best outcome:

    Build a list of your target audience

    The most successful email campaigns have one thing in common — they have a list of relevant leads interested in the products or services. Therefore, instead of blasting out your emails to random recipients, take the time to build a list of potential customers.

    An excellent way to build a list of targeted receivers is to convert visitors to your website to subscribers on your email list.

    No matter what your products or services are, you should have a clear image of who your customers are. These are the people you want to target with your email campaign.

    Define your goals

    What are you trying to achieve with your email marketing? Once you figure this out, it will determine the more specific details of your campaign — from the content of the emails to its frequency and CTAs.

    Some typical email campaign goals include:

    • Welcoming new subscribers and familiarizing them with your business so that you make an excellent first impression and build a relationship
    • Boosting engagement with your content, products, or services
    • Nurturing your existing subscribers by giving them value for their time and loyalty
    • Re-engagement campaigns for subscribers who haven’t been very active.

    By defining and setting your email campaign goals, you can concentrate more effort on achieving that goal.

    Design your emails

    The next step on how to create an email comes is creating your email design. Once you decide what you’re trying to achieve with your email, the next thing you want to do is design your email.

    The key to the best email designs is focusing on the message you want to pass across while keeping your design simple.

    A good rule of thumb is to establish a hierarchy with the vital elements of your email. In other words, you place crucial information you don’t want your subscribers to miss closer to the top and other details lower.

    This way, even when your readers only scan through the email, they are less likely to miss out on critical points.

    Creative E-commerce email design inspiration with animation.

    Leverage automation tools

    Today, advancements in technology have made certain areas of email marketing campaigns easier and more convenient.

    For example, email automation systems can now help you with:

    • Subscriber segmentation
    • Analytics
    • Scheduled emailing
    • Responses to customer inquiries.

    Therefore, before you launch your email sequence, research how automation tools can make things less effort-intensive for you.

    However, you’ll likely have to pay to access these tools. But, you’ll find that the right technology tool can be a worthwhile investment!

    Write your email copy

    Now, it’s time to write the copy for your email marketing. Remember, learning how to put together an email marketing campaign may not be worth it if you don’t create a copy that can attract your customers.

    An excellent strategy is to add an appealing line or two at the beginning of your copy that will make your subscribers want to continue reading.

    Other tips that work include:

    • Keep your email copy short
    • Don’t make your pitch offer too early
    • Address your subscribers by name
    • Always add a CTA to your email marketing copies.

    Example of an email campaign template.

    Measure your performance

    Finally, once you launch your email marketing campaign, you want to keep track of your performance.

    This way, you can measure how well you’re doing and what you need to improve upon. Standard metrics that can help you measure your performance include open, click, and action rates.

    And there you have it

    There’s no denying that an email marketing campaign is a very effective way to:

    • Connect with your customers
    • Promote your business
    • And boost your sales.

    However, how much results you get from your marketing efforts significantly depends on your planning and execution.

    That said, we hope this article has helped you learn crucial information on how to create an email campaign!

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