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Email Marketing Campaigns Inspiration | 3 Examples

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I am going to be showing 3 examples of email marketing campaigns and the layout of a variety of emails. This will help you think of ideas and give you inspiration. Emails must be fun, engaging and informative!
    It is important that you can hook the reader straight away, so they will read on. The text design and colors are really important too, as you want it to be eye-catching and not boring. Pictures are brilliant too, to bring your product or service to life, videos are even better so people can see the product or service in action.
    When you design for emails, it’s not only about the looks, but also about deliverability and conversions. Check this video where we cover 7 essential elements and share the do’s and don’ts of an effective email design.

    – Are you looking for email campaign inspiration? In this video, I’ll show you three example. One companies provide valuable content which engage people and convert. Hi, this is Andriy, founder of Email Marketing Agency called Flow. As well as this YouTube channel in this video, I would like to show you how three company provide valuable content via emails using this in their newsletter, or like weekly newsletters, or maybe automations as well. Or they can reuse those emails in their automations. But people engaging with that kind of contact. Sometimes clients ask us, what should we send? Or should we just send promo emails or send us discount sales and so forth? No, it’s not true. You should mix your promotion with a content to provide value. So people want to still open your emails, not because you are offering them something in terms of money, but offering them content, which they like to consume and engage with your brand. Before we continue with the video, I have a short announcement to make. We are growing, and we have a few spots available for new clients. And I would like to tell you about our partner program, Give $1000, Get $1000. How does this work? If you know anybody in your network who are e-commerce brand online retailers, please refer them to us. And if they sign up with us. You will get $1000, and they will get $1000 discount toward their credit, or if you’re an e-commerce brand and you would like to work with us, we will give you $2,000 towards your first month of the retainer. Just visit flowium.com/partner and see that details of a partner program. And we have a template there, email templates, which you can send it to your friend or somebody, you know, in e-commerce space. So the first company and I already covered them in few of our videos is Magic Spoon. And this is great engaging email. I’m their customer. And they are sending this kind of emails. And this one is very good. So they basically describe what kind of milk there are. So they do not sell milk, but they sell cereal. And it’s hard to eat cereal without milk, maybe some people eat without milk, but typically, you consume cereal was milk. So they giving you milk option, especially if you do not want to consume like cow milk, there’s another milk types. So this is there a long email but engaging. And while it’s designed well planned from content perspective, as you can see, it’s like pros, cons, short description, and so forth. So I like this email a lot. That’s why I want to share it with you. So you should create similar kinds of content and send it to your subscribers. So another example, it’s a from a company called Dermafacs. So I received recently, like two days ago, but again, actually, this email inspired me to record this video and they have five foods to reduce skin inflammation. So they do not talk about their product here, but they talk about the problem, their product solve, they also offering you like almost free things to solve the same problems. So basically, what product you either have to put on your skin or eat, consume to get your skin better. Yeah, so this is another example. And the third and final example, it’s from brand Lulalu. Vira and Alissa, our podcast host, email Einstein podcast. They talk about this brand a lot, and example, it’s called LulaLu Lady of the Month, and this is the February edition. So they do not talk about their product here in this email, they are talking about their customer. So they select one customer, and they share that person’s story. And you can see, again, it’s very long email, but this kind of emails shows your brand mission, your values and people want to engage with this kind of content. So I strongly encourage you to create content emails, not just sales promotion, provide some value, provide some entertainment to your customers. So they look forward to read your emails. In case you have any additional questions, please let me know. And if you’re not subscribed to this YouTube channel, I strongly recommend to subscribe.

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