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Productive Email Campaign Management Strategy

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Email campaign management is a cost-effective strategy and when used in the right way, it has a high return on investment. Selecting the right email marketing service for your eCommerce business is crucial.

    Email marketing is relatively easy to manage and helps you to establish a relationship with all your subscribers. Read on to find out more about what successful email campaign management is, tips to remember, and platforms that you can choose from.

    What is Successful Email Campaign Management?

    From creating a targeted list to segmenting your subscribers and automating your emails, email marketing is great. But you need to find and use the right campaign management approach to make your email campaign successful.

    A good email marketing campaign will enable you to create an attractive and engaging newsletter. Make sure that you are able to:

    • Send bulk messages
    • Segment your audience
    • Track your email’s performance
    • Use A/B testing
    • Set up countdown times, pop-ups, subscription forms, and more.

    Email Campaign Management Tips

    Before you create your email campaign, here are a few management tips to remember.

    Create a targeted list

    It is important to create a targeted list as this will convert your subscribers and viewers to leads.

    Encourage those who visit your website to sign up for your newsletter. Offer them discounts or coupons to entice website viewers to sign up.

    Get to know your audience

    Once you have your list of subscribers, you should aim at getting to know them.

    Find out their:

    • Age
    • Education
    • Gender
    • Lifestyle
    • Activities and interests
    • Attitudes
    • Marital status
    • And so on.

    The more you research, the better you can target your audience and send relevant emails to them.

    Know what your goals are

    Make your goals clear and strive towards achieving them. For instance, you can set up emails to welcome your new subscribers and tell them about your brand and business.

    Boost engagement with your brand among website visitors and subscribers and share content with them.

    Give your subscribers valuable information and look beyond just making a sale. Also, get in touch with subscribers who have not been very active.

    Familiarize yourself with the different types of emails

    Email marketing involves sending different types of emails and you must know when to send the right one to your subscribers.

    For instance, there are:

    • Weekly newsletters
    • Welcome emails
    • Relational emails
    • Purchase confirmation emails
    • Promotional emails
    • Thank you emails.

    Example of an ecommerce thank you email.

    Use a good subject line

    Email open and click rates depend to a large extent upon subject lines.

    Usually, customers do not want to open an email as they may not be interested or they may not have the time. This is why you should use a catchy subject line to grab their attention.

    When crafting an email subject line, consider the following:

    • The subject line length
    • Using a person’s first name in the subject line to grab their attention
    • Remember not to use spam trigger words.

    Create the copy

    A copy of the email is as important as the subject line. Avoid big chunks of text and make your copy attractive. Remember not to pitch too early and don’t forget to include a good CTA towards the end.

    • Maybe include a personal story to connect with your audience
    • Include something of value
    • Include a video, a GIF, or even a survey.

    Keep in mind that there are experts who focus on creating excellent copies for emails. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

    Email campaign design ideas.

    Test your campaign

    Keeping a track of your emails and testing it to see if it works or not is important.

    Keep an eye on:

    • How many opened your emails
    • The click-through rate
    • Conversion rate
    • Deliverability.

    You may need to edit the CTAs, copy, subject line, and font if needed.

    Best Email Campaign Service to Help you Manage your Email Campaigns

    Listed below are some of the best email campaign services that you could use for your eCommerce business.


    • SendinBlue is a platform that is easy to use. It is a full email marketing and SMS software for e-commerce businesses.
    • This software is great for beginners as well as experts.
    • It uses a simple drag and drop editor and all the automation tools are beginner-friendly.
    • You can create easy workflows for automatic emails and segment your audience.
    • The platform also uses AI algorithms to ensure the right time to send emails, including bulk emails.
    • SendinBlue’s free marketing plan allows you to send up to 300 emails each day (however, the emails will have their brand name).
    • The paid plan begins from $25 a month and there’s an option to include SMS.
    • The platform’s premium plan includes live chat, CRM, Facebook ad integration, and a landing page builder.

    Constant Contact

    • Constant Contact is one of the best and largest email campaign services in the industry.
    • This platform allows you to manage your marketing calendar, email templates, email lists, contacts, and more.
    • It is beginner-friendly and has different features like built-in social media tools, easy tracking, reporting, list segmentation, a free library, Facebook ads integration as well as an integration to Shopify stores.
    • Their Email Plus account includes features like drip marketing, email automation, discounts, online contributions, polls, and subject line A/B testing.
    • The customer service is great and you can reach them via phone, chat, email, and their learning resources.


    • Drip is another powerful marketing campaign platform and it offers various features like personalization, automation, and sales funnels.
    • You will also find email segmenting, list groups, visual automation workflow builder, and split testing features.
    • It is one of the best platforms where you can get help including live chat, automation training, different courses, free guides, documentation, and webinars.
    • The great thing about Drip is that it has an eCommerce revenue attribution feature that will show you exactly how much revenue you are generating from your email marketing campaign.
    • There is a free trial and the paid version starts from $49 per month.


    • HubSpot is easy to use and has a drag and drop email builder and various templates where you can customize your newsletters.
    • With the HubSpot CRM integration, you can now personalize emails for all your subscribers based on country, list membership, device type, and other information.
    • This platform is used by both big and small e-commerce businesses and includes email marketing, sales tools, CRM automation, website building, operation hub, and other features all under the same roof.
    • There is a free plan that includes CRM and sales, service, and marketing in operation tools with the free plan you can send up to 2000 emails as well as store an infinite number of subscribers. The paid plan starts at $45 per month.

    There are many options available today, and you need to figure out the best one for your business. If you are new to email campaign management, it is recommended to first use the trial versions of the campaign services that are available.

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