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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips and Last-Minute Emails

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest shopping days of the year for most eCommerce enterprises.

    This is the time of year when people are willing to part with their money, both online and in person. If you are an eCommerce business owner, it is critical to make the most of these two days.

    Sales are a great way to entice new consumers into making an immediate investment, as well as to make your current customers feel appreciated.

    Email marketing is one of the most effective methods for accomplishing this.

    It is critical to keep Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips in mind if you want to send last-minute emails.

    In addition, let’s examine why these emails are critical in the world of e-commerce.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips That You Can Use Last Minute

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great ways to get rid of old stock and create space for new items.

    Are you looking for tips to boost your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?

    Here are some important points to remember.

    Create a Sense of Urgency

    The first step is to focus on urgency:

    • Create a start and finish date for a Black Friday sale
    • Make it obvious and add a countdown timer to reinforce it
    • Remember not to fake it.

    Many businesses often prolong their Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales during this period. If you are wondering whether you should do that, you certainly can. But you can’t give your customers the same deals on an extension.

    For instance, you can offer the biggest discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but not offer as large a discount on the extended session.

    This way, you are honest with your consumers about the sale being active for only a limited window.

    Black friday and Cyber monday email example.

    Provide a Money-back Guarantee and a Simple Exchange Policy

    Exchange policies are critical since many customers avoid purchasing from firms that don’t provide a return policy or a guarantee of some type.

    The more complicated your return policy is, the less likely customers are to buy from you. So if it’s not clear, change it.

    Make it as easy to use and you’ll see a boost in sales. If you are clear with your terms and conditions, more people will be willing to purchase from you.

    Additionally, during the holidays, and around events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many companies extend their return date to encourage people to buy.

    Offer expedited delivery

    You should not be offering a delivery method that requires a product many weeks to arrive. People like to receive their items as soon as possible. Offer two to seven-day shipping, for example.

    Your sales will decline and your customers will stop returning if you provide anything more than a week.

    In order to promote sales, you may also want to consider offering free or cheap delivery.

    Upsell Your Products

    A complimentary bundle of your greatest items is an excellent way to promote your business over the holidays.

    Instead of selling two things, combine them into one and perhaps provide a concession or give away a third product as a bonus.

    If you can improve the average order value of your customers, you’ll see a rise in sales as well.

    Aim to upsell not just during the holiday season, but all year round. However, if you’re only doing it during Black Friday and Cyber Monday that’s alright as well.

    Black friday Cyber monday example of email.

    Make Checking Out Easy

    Make sure that your checkout procedure is as straightforward as possible. Your sales will skyrocket if your checkout procedure is simple.

    For this, instead of requiring customers to make an account, allow them to checkout as a guest.

    Many people end up not purchasing from eCommerce companies because they have to create an account first.

    Customers who purchase especially during Black Friday or Cyber Monday look for ways to order and receive the goods as quickly as possible and with the least hassles.

    Why Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Emails so Important for eCommerce

    On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, slashing your pricing ensures that you make a load of money.

    According to the National Retail Federation’s recent statistics, 174 million Americans bought from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, with 58 million of them shopping online.

    Boost open and click-through rates

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fantastic times to boost open and click-through rates because more consumers are likely to buy at that time.

    If you’re going to get your emails noticed, make use of eye-catching designs and colors as well as prominent promoting of the deal.

    If you need a professional to craft your emails for you, you can always employ their services.

    Black Friday Cyber Monday email example.

    Add new subscribers

    As a result of using social media and other techniques to promote your firm and the sale, you’ll get a lot of new subscribers during this period.

    To encourage people to join your cause, you might offer them exclusive discounts or deals even beyond Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

    Emails offer the greatest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing channel

    In contrast to other methods of reaching out to people, email marketing allows you to send targeted offers straight to the inboxes of your current and future customers.

    Social media advertising tools and Google’s ad specifications don’t limit your options. In other words, you don’t have to rely on algorithms or search engines for your success.

    When is the Right Time to Send Black Friday Emails?

    When planning your Black Friday or Cyber Monday email campaign, it’s best to begin as soon as possible.

    For instance, for Black Friday you may start right after Thanksgiving and wrap up once the weekend is done. Your campaign will determine how many emails you’ll send.

    Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown to become ‘Black Friday Week’ and ‘Cyber Monday Week’, which tend to linger for many days at a stretch.

    As more customers are getting accustomed to shopping online, they prefer to begin shopping early. They also look for deals after the events are over, so extending your sale dates is a great idea.

    Use the above-mentioned Black Friday and Cyber Monday tips to your advantage and increase your sales!

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