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Use Klaviyo to Create Your Newsletter Signup Form

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Another term for an email signup form is a web form. These are basically subscription boxes that you can add to your social media page, blog, or your e-commerce site in order to get new subscribers to your email.

    Signup forms basically collect email addresses, and most e-commerce businesses ask for the person’s email and name

    A signup form, including the Klaviyo newsletter signup, is essential to build an email list.

    Why You Need to Create a Signup form for Klaviyo Newsletter Signup

    Those who subscribe to your email using a signup form are interested in receiving your content.

    If you are new to eCommerce and want to add your signup form checkbox, you should do so in a prominent place.

    Signup forms can also be included during the purchasing process while the customer is doing a purchase or checking out after buying a product or service.

    Signup forms are an excellent method to connect with clients on a more personal level. It is a terrific approach to gather emails and different leads, as well as a great way to send material.

    The greater the number of signup forms you have, the greater the number of prospective consumers you have.

    Because signup forms request personal information, you may join in the additional discussions and personalize your newsletters and emails.

    Signup forms, in other words, lead to more sales and more consumers.

    According to research, firms that neglected to use signup forms to collect information and emails from customers lost a significant amount of money in company earnings.

    Make sure you use the Klaviyo newsletter signup to widen your base of customers.

    Email you can send after collections email addresses with the Klaviyo sign-up form for newsletters.

    What a Good Klaviyo Signup Form Should Look Like

    Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating a signup form.

    Make sure it is attractive

    Sign-up forms need to be filled up by those who visit your site and for that reason, ensure that it is easily visible and attractive.

    Use your brand colors, attractive text, and your logo. Place it either on one corner of the screen or let it come as a pop-up.

    Keep it simple

    The length and complexity of your form will depend on the context. Depending on your e-commerce business, it should range from very simple to complex.

    It is not necessary that complicated and lengthy forms are more attractive than short and simple ones.

    A dip to keep in mind is that you should reduce the number of fields to fill up the basic minimum.

    Choosing between a single step and multistep form

    Single-step forms are usually less effective than multistep forms.

    This is because visitors who have to fill up single forms may find it very intimidating.

    Thus, multistep forms that are broken down into different segments are easy to follow and create a good first impression.

    Avoid Captchas

    Captchas are annoying, and you shouldn’t impose them on your visitors, even if spam is a serious problem.

    Aside from the fact that it may be frustrating and time-consuming, captchas are not the best choice for a good signup form.

    Avoid asking for password confirmation

    A passport confirmation only slows down the process of a person filling up a sign-up form, and it turns people off.

    Instead of asking for a password confirmation via email or SMS, just include an icon that customers can click to unmask.

    Provide value

    Nowadays, with the number of eCommerce businesses increasing, many websites ask for too much personal information from all visitors.

    For this reason, the privacy of individuals may appear to be threatened.

    Therefore, always provide value by including useful content, financial incentives, or show the benefits that customers will receive once they sign up for your newsletter.

    How to Use Klaviyo to Create a Signup Form for Newsletter Signup

    With just a few simple steps using Klaviyo, you can collect plenty of data with sign-up forms and build up your contact list.

    Klaviyo has ready-made templates that are designed by professionals and can be used to create forms quickly.

    Klaviyo newsletter signup forms also help customers to subscribe and get brand updates.

    You can easily collect information like phone numbers and email addresses in order to reach out to your customers and build a deeper connection with them.

    Create your form

    When using Klaviyo to create a signup form,

    • Go to the “Signup Forms” tab
    • Under that click on create form and choose one of the prebuilt forms that Klaviyo offers
    • This form can be customized and you can change it to your brand colors, fonts, texts, and so on.

    Select a list

    Next, under “Subscribe List”, select a list. This list is the one that customers are added to after they fill up the signup form. You can choose to:

    • Show the form to customers who do not have a Klaviyo profile
    • Show to those who stay on your page for five seconds and more
    • Shown the form on all pages of your website after people have been on the site for over five seconds
    • Choose for it to appear on mobile and desktop devices.

    Customize the content

    Your sign-up forms content can be easily customized.

    Go to the content section and adjust:

    • The header
    • Body
    • Success message
    • Button text

    You can also add your logo or decide to collect phone numbers.

    Choose the display option

    Under the “Display Options” section, choose whether you want your phone to appear as a fly-out or as a pop-up.

    Fly out will appear from the bottom right corner on the screen and will not stop the visitor from navigating the rest of your site.

    However, a pop-up appears right in the center of your page and it prompts the visitor to dismiss it or fill it up.

    Publish the form

    After you click on “Publish Form”, it will be live on your website. Then you can:

    • Review the analytics of your form
    • Customize it further
    • Or even create more forms.

    Klaviyo newsletter signup forms are a great way to build your brand and your customer base.

    They are professionally designed to build trust, and at the same time gather information from your customers.

    You can opt for A/B testing, a multi-step form, customize them according to your brand and responsibly collect data.

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