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Amazon Prime Day Marketing Strategies 2024: Leveraging Email Marketing for Sales

Written by Natalia Guivan
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    Amazon has announced its annual summer sale to be held on July 16-17 this year. “Christmas in summer”, as people call it, gives both businesses and customers a great opportunity to acquire awesome benefits in the forms of revenue for the first and savings for the latter. It also means that there’s more work for professional marketers. 

    In this article, we’ll look into the most effective Prime Day email marketing strategies and email examples to give you more ideas for promotions.

    Amazon Prime Day Marketing 2024

    Amazon experienced its greatest sales day ever on Prime Day in 2023, with approximately 375 million things being purchased worldwide by Prime members. Beyond Amazon’s own retail sales, it was also the best sales day for independent retailers. A new record for savings during a Prime Day event was set by the more than $2.5 billion that Prime members saved. More offers than ever before were available on Amazon for small companies. This demonstrates the importance of Prime Day and its expanding influence on businesses and consumers alike. 

    The recurring success of this event only proves the need for businesses to invest in Prime Day marketing in 2024. With the annual sale looming over the email marketers’ heads, it’s time to summarize the experiences from previous years to create a working strategy. Let’s figure it out together.

    Amazon Prime Day Marketing Ideas

    1. Prepare your email marketing strategy before Prime Day
    • Increase brand exposure before Prime Day
    • Notify about your participation in the event via email and SMS
    • Prepare exclusive deals and sales
    • Examine Amazon’s guidelines
    1. Be active during the Amazon Prime Day
    • Monitor subscribers activity through analytics reports
    • Send out product recommendations 
    • Use advanced segmentation techniques
    1. Post-event marketing
    • Follow-up with post-purchase emails
    • Prolong sales 
    • Encourage reviews by offering incentives
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    10 Top Prime Day Email Marketing Strategies

    Here, we gathered the best strategies used by different brands during the Amazon summer sale in their email campaigns. You can take inspiration from these tactics and email examples for your own promotions.

    Start Your Branded “Prime Day”

    One of the best Prime Day marketing strategies that we recommend for DTC brands to implement is to launch their own sale event off Amazon. Don’t be afraid to compete with the “big guy”, start it before the Prime Day to draw attention to your brand and offers. We recommend creating your own “Prime” slogan to let people know what this event is connected to. Offer incentives no less enticing than Amazon does to convince buyers to shop with you and not wait for the Prime Day’s start.

    Launch Anti-Amazon Campaign

    Yes, you’ve got that right. Many brands, especially DTC, not only start their own sales to compete with the giant but also promote against Amazon Prime Day. The main idea is to give more opportunities for growth to small businesses instead of giving billionaires even more money. Businesses that opt for this Prime Day strategy use an already popular slogan, “Shop Small”. You can see it in their email copies, subject lines, and even used as a promo code for discounts or other incentives. It is a bold but effective option for small ecommerce firms to attract attention to their unique brand and marketing effort by playing around this big event.

    Direct Subscribers to Your Amazon

    If your store is based on Amazon, then the most logical thing to do for Prime Day marketing is to direct your clients to it. Make sure to optimize your CTA, making it an obvious link to your Amazon store. Along with the link, present some kind of clear incentives to entice subscribers to follow through your directions. It’s also good to showcase some of the products you sell to leave no confusion about your offer. However, it’s important to not overdo it with product suggestions and CTA buttons, as it can impair with your email performance. 

    Create Prime Day Deals

    Just any sale won’t do. While thinking through your Amazon Prime Day email strategy, create special offers and deals to fit not just your brand, but also Amazon policy. You can specify that this is a Prime Day-exclusive offer by mentioning it in the title, CTA buttons, and creative promo codes. However, be sure to check out Amazon’s guidelines that describe mentioning policy to avoid your products being delisted.

    Start The Prime Day Campaign Early

    Make the first move in the promotions, not just to give customers a heads-up, but the opportunity to save money early. We recommend starting the Prime Day email campaign at the very least a week before the actual event. Offer your subscribers early access to discounts or special deals you’ve prepared. While other brands wait, you can already make sales.

    Send Reminder Prime Day Emails

    Don’t forget to emphasize on the limits of your deals, after all, the Prime Day event only lasts for 2 days. Using FOMO is also the right move to hint clients that they need to hurry up with purchases or else the opportunity will be gone. This Prime Day marketing idea helps to create the sense of urgency around your offers, encouraging to buy. Set up the countdown and repeat your offers with the extra emphasis on benefits to not let your subscribers off the hook. They shouldn’t let your exclusive deal to pass by.

    Use Prime Day Keywords in Subject Line and Copy

    Not every Prime Day email needs a complicated design. Some brands opt for simple text-based messages and get considerable engagement and conversion rates. If you want to employ this strategy, we recommend compensating the lack of interesting images with high-quality copy. While keeping it simple, use correct keywords that will link your email to the event and be clear to your recipients. Don’t forget adding them to your subject line to spark interest in opening your email with special offers from the first time they see it in their inboxes.

    Offer a Prime Day Guide

    Another brilliant Prime Day marketing idea for ecommerce businesses is to create special guides for client. They should contain not only an overview of items in the product assortment, but also some type of useful information, e.g. recommendations, instructions, recipes, etc. Even non-ecommerce organizations can benefit from the Amazon’s summer sale. While you don’t offer products, you can always offer your opinion and expertise. Send out Prime Day guides and newsletters with tips, shortlists, links to your favorite Amazon shops, etc. We’re sure that your audience will appreciate this info.

    Prolong Prime Day Sale

    Give another chance to those who missed out on the Amazon sale to purchase with benefits, and give yourself an opportunity to continue selling and maintain interest in your brand. This Prime Day email strategy allows you to capitalize on the event and incline the audience to your brand. However, we advise not to draw out the sale for too long in order to not suffer financial losses. Set a countdown or clear deadline of a few days at max after, which will additionally create a sense of urgency.

    Leverage SMS Prime Day Marketing Strategy 

    You can double the effectiveness of your strategy by using SMS promotion alongside with Prime Day email marketing. Notify or remind your recipients about your participation and offers over a text in case they miss the email. Keep it simple but don’t forget to mention your wonderful incentives and add a link to your store, promoted products or favorite bundles. This SMS campaign can be sent out on its own or as a part of your multichannel strategy.   

    More Amazon Prime Day Email Examples

    Here, we prepared some more Prime Day email examples that we’d like to examine closer. Let’s take a look at these awesome campaigns and outline what tactics and techniques they use to ensure the success and make the most of the Amazon event.


    Subject Line: Starts Now! Better than Prime Day Sale – Why Wait? Lightning deals start NOW.

    NuGo Nutrition is a DTC brand that sells nutrition bars and cookies for many lifestyles. Their last years’ campaign is a great example of a Prime Day email that is actually has nothing to do with Amazon. In the copy, they tactfully (or maybe not so much) move the Amazon’s big sale out of the way and offer their own unique deals. The central title literally tells the corporation to “Step aside…”. The main goal of this email is to present NuGo’s branded sale which is no worse than the Amazon’s but even better as they state in the subject line. The email informs recipients that there are only 50 coupons available for each of the discounts, which emphasizes exclusivity and urgency. Each deal is displayed individually, along with the price and image of the goods. Additionally, the brand utilizes the bottom section of the email to reach a wider audience by offering incentives to readers who join its ambassador program or subscribe to receive SMS messages.

    A Kids Co

    Subject Line: 🎉 Prime Day Sale! 🎉 Save Up to 30% on Everything!

    A Kids Co is a well-known publisher of literature for children of various ages, with the main series of books called “A Kids Book About”, aimed to inspire parent-children conversations on challenging topics. The company doesn’t have a store on Amazon but, as we already know, it isn’t a reason to not participate and use the occasion for promotion.

    Under the title in the copy, they specify that even though they don’t sell on Amazon, it shouldn’t impede their client from enjoying “awesome savings”. In the text below, they highlight the 20% discount for the entire assortment and offer an additional 10% off for customer’s bundles of 3+ books. The emphasized headline in the center accentuates the exclusiveness of the 30% off deal with the addition of free shipping. The “Today and tomorrow only” part of the copy sets time limits and underlines urgency. The straightforward CTA button takes readers to the A Kids Co website store.

    Don’t mind the date being October 14, this Prime Day email example is from 2020 when the whole event was postponed because of the COVID. Above the footer, they have another CTA that gives clients the opportunity to explore the entire library, but the design and the placement of this button doesn’t distract the attention from the main call to action.


    Subject Line: Prime Day Deals Are Here

    Moment is a brand that sells devices and gear for photographers, filmmakers, content creators, etc. As a business present on Amazon, they participate in the event every day by launching an Annual Summer Sale. In our opinion, their email promotions are worth the attention. The Prime Day campaign example by Moment has a minimalistic design, but at the same time it fully gets the message across, delivering all needed information. The time limitations are set right above the title is easy to see. The email doesn’t contain the showcase of individual product, instead their designs use a conceptual photo just to generalize the type of products they sell. The text below simply lists item categories and informs about the up to 50% saving during the sale (which is quite generous). Adding the only one CTA button is a great tactic that we often recommend to use. Overall, this campaign is very in style with the whole branding of the company. 

    Best Prime Day Subject Lines

    Aside from the excellent email design and copy, don’t forget to pay attention to your subject line, as it’s the first thing receivers see in their inboxes from your campaign. Here are some examples from brands that you can use as an inspiration for your Prime Day email subject line.

    • It has arrived! Your Ultimate Guide to Prime Day Deals
    • Prime Day Alert: Massive Discounts on Your Favorite Items
    • Unlock Prime Day Savings Today – Shop Now!
    • Prime Day Extravaganza: Exclusive Deals for Prime Members!
    • Christmas in July is here! 15% OFF all orders – Santa came early this year…
    • PRIME TIME SAVINGS ARE HERE – Limited Time only…
    • [X] hours left of PRIME TIME! – All Deals Ending Soon…
    •  Prime Day Deals End Tonight 🚚
    • 🤑Prime savings: up to 20% off sitewide! Save on better habit bestsellers through 7/16.
    • 😳 Don’t miss out on the best Prime Day deals – you’re already late!
    • These Amazon Prime deals are STACKED💥

    Launch Your Prime Day Campaign with Flowium

    You now have everything you need to start a remarkable Prime Day marketing campaign in 2024. With campaign ideas, real-life examples for inspiration, and subject lines ready for use, you’re equipped to create and launch your email promotions. The sooner you share your offer, the higher your chances of success. If you need any help with designing and organizing marketing via email, contact us and request professional assistance. Start the campaign with Flowium right now!

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