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The Best Abandoned Cart Email Template to Use

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    An abandoned cart email is targeted to remind the customer that they have left something behind in their cart. It is sent to customers who have added items to their cart but failed to check out. In other words, abandonment cart emails are sent to bring the customer back to complete the sale. Research shows that around 88% of carts are abandoned and don’t make it to the final sale. However, by using an abandoned cart email template you can craft the best-abandoned cart email.

    It may not be possible to bring back all the shoppers who have abandoned carts on your e-commerce site to return and complete the sale. But it is definitely worth trying. One of the best ways to get customers to return to your site is through abandoned cart emails. Cart recovery emails bring back 3%-14% of lost sales.

    Sending an email is easy. But, the tricky part is using the right abandoned cart email template and carefully creating content that will entice your customer. That’s why we decided to create this simple guide that we’ll walk you through today to hopefully help you reach the full potential out of this type of workflow.

    Choosing the Right Email Template for Abandoned Cart

    Choosing the right email template makes all the difference in enticing your customer to complete the sale. You can find general templates on email marketing tool websites. Forums like Wix, Squarespace, and HubSpot have email templates for abandoned carts. Use a pre-made template for the layout, but customize the messages, images, and designs that you send to customers.

    The same template can be used over and over again, but of course, you will have to customize the information each time.

    What Should Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Templates Contain?

    A good cart abandonment email should contain the following:

    • A catchy subject line
    • Introduction text
    • Images of the items left in the cart
    • A message that convinces the shopper to buy
    • Offers or discounts
    • CTA or check-out button
    • Contact information for support
    • Reviews
    • Closing text.

    Tips and Tricks for Cart Abandonment Email Template

    Sending only one email may not be of much use which is why you should consider using a drip campaign of recovery emails. What does this mean you wonder? This is a series of automated emails sent to the buyer. Here are some factors that you should keep in mind when creating abandoned cart emails.

    Showcase credibility and trust

    There are many scammers on the internet, and you may have heard of someone who lost money by purchasing an item that they never received.

    Nowadays customers are wary of this, which is why you need to prove that your website is trustworthy.

    Within your abandoned shopping cart email template:

    • Showcase reviews about your products
    • Use a catchy subject line like, “There is a five-star product left behind in your cart.”

    Highlight a single product

    Sometimes, online shoppers add products to their cart to consider them for future purchases.

    When someone adds many similar products to their cart, it does not mean that they will be purchasing all of them.

    To increase your cart conversion rate, use an abandoned shopping cart email template that:

    • Focuses on selling one product which is the best
    • Highlights the benefits of the chosen product
    • States reasons why the customer should complete their purchase.

    Keep a long-term connection

    Consent is important for online marketing. That’s why you need to make sure that you only email customers who have consented to receive them.

    When a customer abandons their cart, you can send them emails about it but only to a limited extent.

    After a certain time has passed, you can’t keep emailing them for the same reason without their consent.

    Why Choose a Professional?

    Cart abandonment email templates can be of two types:

    • You either use a readymade email template for abandoned carts which you can adapt
    • Or, you could hire a professional to create a template for you.

    The latter is always the better option because the template will be unique and it will be in keeping with the voice of your brand.

    When you use a readymade template, chances are that your customers may not be as attracted. They may have already seen other emails that use a similar generalized format, which could cause them to lose interest.

    When you hire a professional, you can:

    • Speak about all your problem areas
    • Review statistics
    • See which format works for your brand.

    A customized abandoned shopping cart email template will always be unique.

    Examples of Successful Templates

    Check out the following examples we’ve gathered to understand the concept of a good abandoned cart email template.

    Example 1

    Here is an example of a successful template from Jack Wills:

    An example of a abandoned shopping cart email template.


    • The subject line is a catchy one that says, “Your basket is having abandonment issues…”
    • Next, the customer sees a reassuring message like “DON’T WORRY, WE’VE GOT YOU.”
    • The email is personalized and addresses the name of the person directly
    • There is a CTA at the top that prompts the customer to return to his cart
    • The selected items are shown
    • The total cost is mentioned
    • An offer for free delivery stands
    • Other options to take the customer back are listed as “You may also like”.

    Example 2

    Let’s have a look at the next example from MCM:

    An email templated for abandoned cart.


    • The subject line asks, “Did you forget something?”
    • The images that the customer left in the cart are clearly shown
    • CTA, checkout button is clear
    • Alternative item options are present
    • Links to social media pages are present, urging the customer to follow them.

    Final Words

    Choosing the right abandoned cart email template is very important. Without the right template, customers will not be motivated to follow through with their purchase, which is the main goal of abandoned cart emails.

    Investing in a professional to handle the design of your email template for abandoned carts will yield the best results and help you get the most out of it.

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