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9 Ways to Build and Grow Your Email List With Qualified Leads

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    The money’s in the list as the saying goes. But building a list of qualified leads is not that easy. In this video, we’re sharing the 9 ways you can kickstart your list building and practical examples you can put to action right away.

    In today’s article, I would like to show you how to create and optimize some of the pages on your website, as well as opt-in forms for your website visitors and convert them from website visitors into subscribers.

    #1 – Homepage

    So let’s start from the first, is a homepage. As you can see, this is an example of Chris Ducker homepage, and he’s a great example. When you go to his home page, you can see right away the opt-in. It should not be just, “Hey, subscribe for my emails or a newsletter”. This is not attractive, and maybe it worked in 2005 or 2006, but we are in 2021, and that technique does not work anymore. It might, but the conversion is much lower.

    So, you should create some kind of incentive for them to opt-in. E-book, Cheat Sheet, downloadable, discount or 10%, or 5% off if you’re an e-commerce business. So this is very important. Also, some websites have another way how you can opt-in, and it’s not bottom, but it can be inline form, which you just embed into your homepage.

    Paul Minors, is an Asana consultant has a great example. When we go to his website, as you can see, he has an online form where you can leave your name and email, and the load has the one-page productivity, the book print. as you can see, Paul does the same strategy. So he provides value for you to opt-in.

    So this is number one, optimize your homepage to include at least one or a few methods, how they can opt-in.

    #2 – Photo opt-in

    Method number two is a photo opt-in. People are trained, especially in commerce, online stores. They train to scroll down and in the bottom there’s opt-in. You can sign up for a newsletter or discount in the foot art because the biggest platform on the market so far is Shopify and Shopify by default include that sign up for the newsletter in their footer.

    So the majority of online stores have that option. So let’s take a look at the example. This is one of our client’s results. And if you scroll down, you see, they have a newsletter sign up. So they have a sign-up where people can leave their email and opt-in. RSVLTS is no discount brands. That’s why they do not provide you with any discounts. They’re just a simple newsletters. They have a big following. They have a loyal fan. So people just sign up.

    #3 – About us

    The third method is the about us page. You should optimize and add some opt-in methods on “About us” page because after the home page, that page is probably in the second or third place in terms of website traffic.

    So it’s very important for you to add the opt-in form on that page, because I mean, you, you will capture more email subscribers. A great example, how to use opt-in methods is Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income. If you go to smartpassiveincome.com on their homepage, there’s a story about them, this story about his book, how he started admission about the team and so forth, but at the bottom, it’s a signup form.

    So this is just a signup form to leave the name email and to opt-in. So Pat Flynn collects emails on the about us page and actually just to give a credit to him, actually, that I learned from him to include that opt-in form on about us page.

    #4 – Loyalty program

    So number four is a loyalty program or rewards. So if you have an e-commerce store, we strongly recommend for you install a loyalty program. It costs you almost nothing. If you use to like smile.io, they start from $0, but this is the additional way how you can collect email subscribers and add value to people who subscribe.

    Also, we’re recording the video case study about using smile.io for a one-on-one client and how much money generates. So loyalty program helps you to build your subscribers database as well as add value to your subscribers. And there’s a higher chance to convert.

    And let’s do an example. So again, back to RSVLTS, and as you can see on the bottom left side, they have RSVLTS rewards. And this is how you can join. You click to join now. So you just need to leave their email password or a registered if you registering and then create an account. This is additional way how they collect emails.

    #5 – Blog posts

    Method number five is to collect email subscribers on your blog posts. Are you creating content? You posting blog posts in your blog, and now you need to leverage traffic to those pages and convert those visitors into email subscribers. But here’s the catch. You can create the old style, a sign-up form on the site, and use the sign-up form for all of your blogs. Or you can do the extra step and personalize it, how we do it internally in our company. And remember we email marketing agency. So your business might be different, but the same strategy will apply.

    So we write blog posts and create content on different topics. And we have a, we created fuel lead magnets. For example, we have a Klaviyo checklist. We have an email campaign checklist. We have another checklist. So if you visit the, let’s say Klayvio related blog posts, Klayvio checklist form will pop up and say, “Hey, download this free Klaviyo checklist”. And this way it’s more personalized.

    So there’s more chances for people to convert because they read this article and they need that downloadable. So let me show you how it works on our website. So we go to flowium.com/blog and let me go to incognito mode this way it will pops up on me. So this was our blog.

    Let’s do something about Klayvio. Let’s do, let’s do search. Okay. So how to create Klayvio coupon code. So right here, let’s see if it works and see if it’s okay. You see set up Klayvio, pain-free. Get free Klayvio setup checklist. So when I click the little note, it will redirect me to the signup form. So how we do it, it’s very simple in our company, we use opt-in monster and we create one popup and we set condition to show that popup on any page, which contains Klayvio in that Klayvio, in the URL. And it will show up on every page. If you want to learn more about opt-in software, I highly recommend for you to read our blog posts, which Vera one of our team members wrote and describe each software. I will include link there’s this video. Okay. So number six is exit intent, pop up. What does it mean? Exit intent when somebody is not part of your database, yet they never subscribed to your newsletter. They are visiting your website, they checking products or services or content, and they are leaving your website. The message that popup looks very similar to what I just show you on our website for content like checklist pop-up will show and say, Hey, before you go. So it’s already personalized because you’re trying to leave. And the message says, before you go do this and then do this, it has to be very attractive for them to do so. They either stay on your website or do what you ask them to do so you can capture their mail and you can remarket to them. Number seven is a welcome mat. I used to use that opt-in like long time ago, but I see there more and more businesses right now start to use it again. And it’s very effective. I collected a lot of subscribers in the past for my other business, but I know that Neil Patel, big SEO guy, he uses in his business. If we go to his Neil Neil Patel, you will see the full screen. Now doesn’t work for me anymore. So let me just go in cognitive mode. Strange. Maybe he changed something. So basically it’s just covers the entire screen. As you can see, it covers the entire screen and ask you to like, Hey, do you want to sign up to get X, Y, and Z? And for you able to proceed to the website, you need to close that welcome screen, or you have to do what they ask you to do, to be able to close the window and start viewing the website. It’s a great way to collect, convert your email, like website, visitors, to email subscribers, however, for some customers or potential customers, it might be annoying. Number eight is quizzes and quizzes are very helpful, especially when people are visiting your website and they aren’t sure, what service they need from you or what service you can provide or what product may need from your course helps to define that. First you ask questions. They give you answer. And based on the logic, you recommend some kind of products. So for you, it’s an additional email collection methods. And second, it will help you to segment that list because you’re collecting a lot of data. Great example is the beard brand company. It’s e-commerce company on their homepage, instead of like downloadable and other things, they just take your quiz and you click there. And I believe they use Typeform, but there’s other tools you can use to collect that course. If you want, you can go to flowium.com/tools. And we have like internal documents, the tools we have our commands and for quizzes we use outgrow mostly. So yeah, it gets started and take your quiz. Yes. Type form. And basically you providing them a lot of information. And then they also collect your email and then recommends you the product. And the last ninth method, how to collect more email subscribers is to customize your 404 page. So some, sometimes people miss dive your pages, or maybe you deleted the pages and it does not exist. It will redirect people to the 404, error page, that page can be customizable and what we highly recommend. And this is what we learned from one of our clients. You can customize it and add signup forms, say something like, Hey, we’re extremely sorry, but it looks like this page does not exist. So for the convenience just to express our sorry. We would like to offer you 10% off or some kind of cheat this additional way, how you can generate more and more subscribers. So those were nine ways how you can, collect more email subscribers. But I know it’s not the limit I would like to hear from you. How do you collect email subscribers? Any idea, comments, questions, please leave them below. Also, if you are not subscribers, please subscribe to this YouTube channel and click like, and we are posting this kind of videos every Thursday.

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