RSVLTS Loyalty Program Case Study

A strategic email marketing approach increased loyalty member growth by 186% and AOV by 445%

Email Marketing Results

Flowium’s email marketing strategy and implementation increased RSVLTS membership by 186% in less than 9 months.
Increase in Loyalty Memberships
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Increase in AOV from Non-loyalty Members
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Wine Awesomeness is a brand that brings wine to the people and proves that good wine isn’t just for aristocrats and PhDs. Called “a thoroughly modern wine club” by Bazaar, Wine Awesomeness is a place to get the best wine online, for a good price, delivered to your door.

Wine Awesomeness were looking to automate as many aspects of the customer journey as possible, from increasing the repurchase rate, to nurturing membership customers, to automating a way to get reviews from customers.

Email marketing seemed like the best option as it offers all the right functionality for what Wine Awesomeness were trying to achieve.

Flowium : Wine Awesomeness
Flowium : Wine Awesomeness

Wine Awesomeness wanted someone who had expertise with Klaviyo, as they’ve used other ESPs but wanted to use something with a bit more “power”.

Because they code almost everything on their backend and use a customized eCommerce setup through Magento, Wine Awesomeness also needed someone that could work with a specialized setup.

Thanks to the years of experience working exclusively with Klaviyo and our willingness to go above and beyond to meet our client’s needs, Wine Awesomeness saw us as the perfect partner to help them strategize and implement their email marketing.

Over the past three years, our team has collaborated closely with the RSVLT team. In 2022, after careful analysis of past performance data, we jointly decided to prioritize the expansion of the loyalty program. This decision was driven by the recognition that loyal members hold greater value for the company. Consequently, we set an ambitious goal to nearly double the membership in 2022, focusing our strategic efforts on enhancing the growth of this vital aspect of our business.

Here’s How We Approached The Project

To initiate our project, we developed a comprehensive email marketing strategy centred around the loyalty program. We carefully outlined each stage in the loyalty member journey and devised behavior-triggered automations to boost conversion rates for new loyalty members.
Here are the list of strategies and steps we took:

Copy and Design Results

Thanks To Our Work, Wine Awesomeness

The team at Flowium is incredibly passionate about what they do. They understand intuitively what I’m looking for, and they’re always thinking strategically about how to grow our brand.

They’re a group of self-starters who I don’t have to manage every single day. They’re experts at what they do and even more importantly than that — they’re hard-working hustlers.

I wish I could find a Flowium to handle every aspect of my company. It would make my life easier.
Stephen Gebhardt - Case Study

Average revenue from email – 56.2%, benchmark – 30%

The most important metric we look at is always the revenue coming from the flows and campaigns we set up.

With Wine Awesomeness, we were able to reach up to 65.7% of the company’s total revenue coming exclusively from our emails.

Email Revenue image - Wine Awesomeness
Open Rate image - Wine Awesomeness

Average Open Rate— 16.7%, industry average is between 15%-25%

Wine Awesomeness’ open rates increased when we took over their emails.

The average open rate of the emails we’ve sent has been 16.7%.

Average CTR – 0.35%, industry average is between – 1.5%-2.5%

Although the open rate increased, the CTR was below the industry average.

That, however, didn’t hinder the revenue growth. As we put a lot of effort into engaging with Wine Awesomeness’ customers and strengthening a relationship with them, the ones who clicked and bought, usually spent more.

Click Through Rate image - Wine Awesomeness
Case study table image - Wine Awesomeness
Full report on Wine Awesomeness’ email marketing performance since June 2020
Campaign results
Industry benchmarks we used to assess the results of Wine Awesomeness’ email marketing performance

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