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Who Can Do Good Marketing for Me? | Types of Marketing | Choosing a Marketing Agency

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    One of the most common questions I get from friends and peers in the industry, “Are you able to do marketing for me, or can you recommend somebody who can do marketing for me?” And my typical answer is, “Yes, but it depends.

    It depends what kind of marketing you need.” People are not familiar with the marketing industry or digital marketing industry and how things work. They assume it’s one person responsible for everything. As we have saying here in America, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” and this is the truth.

    Marketing is like medical field

    There’s so many branches and some branches like, “Oh, I need medical help.” “Amazing, but what kind of medical help do you need? Like, is something wrong with your hand, leg, head, something inside, outside?” 

    Until you provide that information, nobody would be able to recommend you a doctor, because they don’t know what’s wrong with you. Maybe you hurt your leg, but when you say it like, “Can you recommend me a doctor?” and they send you to a dentist. 

    Be specific with your request

    It’s easier to answer questions and provide you the right resources. Same thing with marketing, digital marketing. Mostly, people are considering marketing as advertising and they are thinking about Facebook, but sometimes that’s not the case. Like email marketing, it’s one channel, Facebook. It’s another channel on Google advertising. It’s another channel. 

    Is there a person who knows everything? Yes, there’s people who knows a little bit about everything. However, I do not recommend you to hire that person. I would rather you define your ideas better. Not ideas, your requests better. “I need to get more calls and I need to advertise on Facebook.”

    Find the right person

    If your are looking for a Facebook person who’s specializing on B2B, for example, if you in a B2B space or B2C space. This way, it’s easier to find right person. Specializing only on that thing might be expensive.

    However, you will get the highest return on investment, because if you hire somebody who all over the place, trust me, you will spend maybe little money upfront, but you’ll be investing more and more and more and more, and long-term, you will be losing money. 

    I don’t want to confuse you, but you just need to be clear with your goal, like what you are trying to achieve. And based on that, somebody like me or other people can recommend you what exactly you need.

    Sometimes, people come to me with their generic request saying, “Hey, I’m opening a business and I just want to do marketing,” and I’m explaining to them what I just explained to you. And they’re like, “I’m not sure. I don’t know. I need everything,” and everything is extremely expensive if you’ve hired the right talent, so I do not recommend to get that approach. 

    Build leads to drive traffic to your site or business

    Whatever method you use, then you need somebody who will be calling and following up with those people. It’s very hard to tell you what you need without knowing what you have or what you want. Same thing with the doctor. 

    If you come to doctor instead of me, the doctor talking to you right now, for the doctor, it would be hard to give you diagnoses, because I don’t know where you are and what’s wrong with you, what you want to achieve and so forth. 

    So just keeping that in mind when you’re asking for help in terms of marketing, know what you need or at least know your desired goals, and that person you are asking will be able to explain you or help you out with resources, and either/or maybe that person would be able to help.

    Because if you, for example, e-commerce business owner, and you come to me and say, “Hey, would you be able to help me with marketing?”, it would be easier for me to answer that question to e-commerce business owner because I’m in this niche industry and I know how things works, and I can check what they already have and I can give them better recommendation.

    But if you are a lawyer, for example, and you come to me, for me, it would be hard, like extremely hard to give you some insights, because I’m not specializing in that industry. In case you have any additional questions or comments, please leave them below under this video.

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