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How To Stop Losing Your Subscribers | One Easy Fix

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    You’re losing a lot of subscribers simply because you don’t give them a choice. In the age of personalization, you can’t afford to send your entire list the same information and expect them to convert.

    If you want quantifiable results when measuring your customer loyalty, NPS is the way to go. We have a NPS calculator to make it easy for you to understand how likely your customers are to stay.

    Today, you need to give your subscribers the power to choose what to receive from you. And there’s an easy way to do that – to set up your email preference page.

    They will unsubscribe if they don’t even want to but they have to because you don’t give them the choice.

    In this video I would like to discuss the importance of the preference page or preference center, it’s called different in different software.

    But basically, it’s a page when your customers click “unsubscribe” or manage preference, they are redirected to the landing page where they can either update their preferences, what kind of emails they want to receive from you or where they can unsubscribe.

    As Klaviyo Email Marketing Software for e-commerce become more and more popular. By the way, Klaviyo, this is just an example because we work exclusively with them, however, I see it on all the platform as well.

    So when you click unsubscribe or main preference in 80 or even 90%, I get redirected to default page and default page looks like this.

    So this is the default page you’ll get from Klaviyo and again 90% or even more like people, customers, companies uses default page. Just say, sorry to see you go unsubscribed. That’s it.

    And this is the preference page where I can just update my first and last name.

    When people unsubscribe, it does not mean they want to, however you don’t give them a choice because on your preference page, I can update only my first name, last name and email and on unsubscribe page, there’s like huge call to action, unsubscribe and people click on subscribe.

    However, there is better way and the better way, I’ll show you an example of the page we designed and I’ll explain to you why it’s better way. So here’s the example of the same landing page in Klaviyo that we built and here you empower your customer to make a choice.

    Yes, they can click here, unsubscribe from all email and they can update their preference or they will be removed from your system.

    However, before they do, maybe they want to unsubscribe from specific email, so email preference. Maybe they do not want to receive worse for the soul but what is worst for the soul? That’s why we have this icon for more information and it explains our new style.

    And here we explained that twice a weekly email announcing our new product. So maybe they just want have Sunday blogs, worth a soul and they’ll say. And this is collection this line has. So maybe they would just want to receive yoga dress pants and yoga shirts and they click update preference.

    This is the better way because before they unsubscribe they’re like,” Oh,maybe I don’t want to unsubscribe but I don’t want to receive all their emails I want to have specific emails and about specific collection.” First of all, it saves you customer or subscriber, they do not unsubscribe. So this is number one, this is the biggest thing.

    Second thing, they are segmenting themselves in terms of like what they want or they don’t want so you can personalize your email much better because you keep that property in your database.

    We have few videos about preference page. If you use Klaviyo, we have a few videos, how to build it from scratch. Those video do not show you how to make it as nice as I have it here because we have a whole team designing, coding in this format.

    But we have a video, how to set up the basic preference page and it will take you not more than 15 minutes to do it. So I urge you to chug those out and set it up today. It will again, decrease your unsubscribe rate and improve your segmentation automatically.

    Also, When growing your eCommerce store, it’s crucial to have the right resources at hand. We have an entire collection of essential eCommerce tools, from an NPS calculator to email campaign checklist that you can download for free.

    In case you have any additional questions, feel free to leave them below this article and I’m checking them often and we’ll respond to them. Thank you.

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