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How To Convert Email Unsubscribe To Customer And Unsubscribe Page Examples

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Email marketing is an excellent way to connect with customers and potential customers. However, sometimes people unsubscribe from a mailing list, which can be detrimental to a brand’s marketing efforts. In this article, we will explore how brands can convert unsubscribers to customers and provide examples of unsubscribe pages done right.

    The Cost of Unsubscribing

    First, let’s consider the cost of losing a subscriber. It is easy to understand the cost of acquiring a customer, but what is the cost of losing one? Losing a customer who has already subscribed to your mailing list can be very costly. So, it is essential to have a strategy in place to minimize the number of unsubscribed.

    The Importance of Unsubscribe Pages

    When someone decides to unsubscribe from your mailing list, it is important to provide an easy and clear way to do so. The unsubscribe link should be noticeable, and don’t attempt to hide it – if a person decided to unsubscribe he or she should be able to do it.

    When someone clicks on the unsubscribe link, they should be taken to an unsubscribe page that is easy to understand and navigate.

    Examples of Effective Unsubscribe Pages

    To illustrate how an unsubscribe page should look, let’s take a look at France Luxe. This brand offers two options when someone clicks on the unsubscribe link: unsubscribe or update their preference. Clicking on either option takes them to the same page where they can update their preference or unsubscribe.


    This approach gives people the option to receive fewer or more relevant emails. And by giving them the opportunity to change their preferences we have a chance to keep them on our list.

    Another example of a well-done unsubscribe page is Monos, a luggage brand. While they do not have a preference page set up, they offer a 10% discount to customers who choose to unsubscribe. This approach is an excellent way to convert unsubscribers into customers.


    Creative Unsubscribe Pages

    Sometimes, it pays to get creative with the unsubscribe page. A small touch, such as a smiley emoji or a sad face, can make all the difference. For example, the Ukrainian brand Enjoy The Wood uses a smiley emoji for a sad face on their unsubscribe page, which adds a personal touch to the page.

    Other one good example is Darn Good Yarn’s pages – they take a simple approach with their unsubscribe page, but they use a friendly tone and humour to make it an enjoyable experience. When you choose to unsubscribe, they literally ask you “Hey, do you want to hear from us less or about certain products or topics?”, that also gives people the opportunity to go to the preference page instead.

    Converting Unsubscribers into Customers

    Now that we have seen examples of effective unsubscribe pages, let’s sum up. How to convert unsubscribers into customers?

    1. Offer discount

    The key is to offer an incentive, such as a discount, to those who choose to unsubscribe. This approach acknowledges that they want to unsubscribe while also showing them that there is value in staying connected with the brand. This approach is used by Goodfair & Monos brands.

    2. Change preferences

    Another approach is to offer them the option to receive fewer, more relevant emails, as France Luxe does. This option gives them control and shows that the brand cares about their preferences.


    Unsubscribes can be costly, but they can also be an opportunity to convert potential customers. An effective unsubscribe page should be clear, easy to navigate, and offer options to the subscriber. By offering incentives and acknowledging their desire to unsubscribe, brands can convert unsubscribers into loyal customers.

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