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How to create custom Klaviyo preference page and Klaviyo unsubscribe page

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Hi, this is Andrew from email marketing and YC. And in this video, I’ll show you how to create, unsubscribe page and slash preference based. So, when people receive email from you from KLAVIYO when they scroll down there’s option user unsubscribe or update preference or both. So, typically almost everybody, all my clients that I have have typical standard unsubscribe page. So, this is one form. For example, I’ll show you, this is Firestone bipolar brand, if you click unsubscribe, even here, it doesn’t have the… as you can see, update preference, He doesn’t have this option. So, what I mean, this can be updated, but there’s few steps we should need to do and in video I will show you how to do it. So, first of all you have to contact. If you have paid the account, it’s not available for free accounts, but if you have paid account contact, Clavier support team and ask them to enable hosted pages on your account. So, this is hosted pages and you can create, add new pages. When you click add new page, call it, click add page, and now you will have the standard unsubscribe page. I mean, you can see it’s empty, but what you can do under this video I’ll post this link or you can type in Google cloud manage preference. So, this is the code they provide. So, just copy this code. So, your copy this code, by the way you, name the page correctly first time, because you will not be able to rename that. Okayama click save, and this is the page we’ll create. So, now it’s much better. So, if the person click unsubscribe, before it’s like less of them to keep them in your system and engage so, there’s options, you can put there, if let’s say, if they are not interested in your weekly newsletter, maybe they will be interested about your layers block, walk posts, and I’ll show you how to change those as well. Okay. So, let’s do Google logo, I mean, we’ll need logo. So for example, it was this low, I mean, you will have your logo, so JPEG, so, you’ll add the logo here, Google, open, upload. So, I’ll show you how to change this logo. So is this a link and is this code by the way I, have limited knowledge of codes I just know how to change stuff, but I don’t know how to code at all. So, basically currently we have, I forgot what’s the image name. So it’s 30 by 75 something. Okayama it’s right here. So, it’s line one or two. So, we just do you open this image, right click and open in that tab, and you copy this link, you go to pay line one or two, Is it one or two? Yes one or two, and you just change this, click paste, save, preview. Oh yeah, but I mean, you have to make a smaller, it’s just an example, but you just need to make this size, what size? Say 300 by 75. So, you will have that I’ll come back because I didn’t want to have that. Okay. So let’s say I update my preference, email press saved Okay. So, what happened next? So, if you create a list and segment, let’s say, create new segment and test for video Okay, and you do a condition properties about somebody and email, you see you have email frequency, email interests, and contains or equals contains…. what options do we have there. So, we have block a lot of… So, basically you click create segment, and is the same thing you can do everybody, but exclude, let’s say promo campaigns. So, nobody wants to see like promo. And how do you change that options? when you create that page, so this is a step one, step two, go to preference pages, and you have managed preference. It’s always what drags here. So, click view all pages. So, instead of clicking preference pages, you click use custom page and you select this and unsubscribe, you select this, okay? And also, you have to do it manually every time you create new lists and also you have to go back and go to lists and segments click here on list, and under each list, click on each list, click subscribe pages, and under each one, same thing is redirected. So, click view all, you do manage preference, You do custom one, this one, unsubscribe, you do the custom one, this one, that’s it. So, now it works. So, this is how you create a custom email preference page. And, this is how you add them to your list to forms ones. Next time person, click unsubscribe or update preference, they will have that option and by the way, you can change those… Okay? Yeah, let’s preview. So, this is like a little bit advanced, maybe I’ll record another video, but you can create different segments, like different, interesting can be like, whatever you think about, you can add the here, and you can change like twice per month, once a year or something like… There’s limits less possibilities, but this is about coding and I’m not the best person to ask about codes. So, this is how you do it. This was Andrew from the Email marketing and YC. And please let me know if you have any additional questions. I would be glad to answer about KLAVIYO topic. Thank you.

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