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How to add columns to Klaviyo emails

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Hi, is this Andrew from EmailMarketingNYC. And in today’s video, I’ll show you how to add columns to your emails. So the biggest problem I had in the past when I first start using Klaviyo, I was not sure how to add columns. So that’s why I used… I’ll show you what I use and how I tricked that. I mean, I didn’t trick it . I just, so when I created downplay, I use basic with column already. So this was my framework for email, either two columns, three columns or four columns. So this is what I use. And I was limited because I was not able to redo the, tablet later when I need columns. But today I’ll show you how to add those column. And it’s very easy to do. So you click on campaigns. Doesn’t matter, by the way, you can do it in campaigns, flows or templates doesn’t matter. So click here, let’s do message content. Let’s do add the variable and let’s do other content. So let’s say we want to add, as you can see there, it’s a column. So how you do it, you click on, as you can see, add columns to email. I’m not sure why they have that here. It would be better to have another block, but I think they want to fill up, So it’s visually compelling that you have all blocks… And not extra block right here. So basically you click here and drag and drop whatever you want to place a column. Let’s say we want to put a column here and here you have different options, which kind of come you want to put, by the way, if you place this column here, I don’t think you would be able to add it. Yeah. So you would not be able to add it. So this is what you need to do at the beginning to think… What kind of, how many columns you need and what size columns do you need, because yeah… So this is how you create columns. And then you can like drag, image. I mean, the rest is the same. Let’s say… So it scaled the image accordingly. And when you do mobile, as you can see, it’s stuck up those columns. So this is how you add columns to your emails in Klaviyo. Please let me know if you have any additional questions and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Because we’re releasing this video daily and they will help you to improve your Klaviyo skills as well, help you to generate more money because some tricks, it’s very easy to do, but on other hand on the performance, they are very powerful. Thank you.

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