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How much do email marketing services cost?

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    The email marketing services cost varies based on a few factors which you should consider. The actual cost can be as low as $0 per month to $10,000 per month.

    I do understand it is a big range, and I will explain the email marketing cost difference to you.

    The factors which affect your pricing are the following: 

    The Email Marketing Platform You Use

    If you are just starting out and you have less than 2000 subscribers, you can get started for $0 per month with the Mailchimp platform. But if you have more subscribers or you need some automation, you might want to use a different platform, which costs a little bit more than $0 per month :).

    If you are not sure which email marketing platform to use, check this framework on how to pick the right tool for you.

    In general, the platform cost varies on 2 variables: the number of subscribers and set of features you have. Some platforms like Klaviyo have straightforward pricing and do not charge you for features; they charge you only for subscribers where some platforms like ActiveCampaign charge you for the number of subscribers and set of features.

    Here are the platforms you might consider:

    Email Marketing PlatformPricing starts atBest first business type
    Drip$19/monthEcommerce & Digital Business
    ActiveCampaign$9/monthB2B & Digital Business
    Convertkit$29/monthDigital Business
    Mailchimp$9.99/monthEcommerce & Digital Business
    Infusionsoft$40/monthB2B & Digital Business
    ConstantContact$20/monthB2B & Digital Business
    Sendinblue$25/monthB2B & Digital Business
    Aweber$16.15/monthB2B & Digital Business

    The Operation Cost

    As with everything in business, there are two ways you can do it.

    First, you can do it yourself, and second, you can hire somebody to do it for you.

    As you know, the cost on the front end will vary a lot. It is much more expensive to hire somebody else to do it for you.

    It is hard to estimate the cost if you do it yourself. You just need to multiply your hourly rate per number of hours you invest in email marketing and see what kind of result you get.

    If you plan to hire an email marketing service agency, the cost will vary from $250 per email/per month to $700. If you are considering hiring an agency and want to learn about the prices and how it varies, you should read “How much does it cost to hire a full service email marketing agency?”

    Your Frequency of Email Marketing

    In addition to the platform cost and the operation cost, you need to evaluate your frequency with email marketing.

    For example, if you’re in the apparel industry and sell directly to the consumer, you might send between 3-5 emails per week vs if you are in manufacturing and you just want to send some updates to your clients and prospects, you might send only 1 email per month.

    As you may know, it takes much more time and coordination to send out 3-5 week (close to 20 emails per month) and very little time to send only one email per month.


    As you can see, the email marketing pricing varies on a few variables. But we did our best to provide you some framework to help you figure out how much it will cost for you and your business.

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