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Email Marketing Spam Bots – YOU MUST SET IT UP

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    – Hi! This is Andriy from Flowium and in this video, I’ll show you how to get protected from spammers. Spammers who bombarding your sign up form, and you getting spam subscribers. So I’ll show you in this video how to spot them and second how to remove them. Okay, so the first thing. Why do they do this? It doesn’t matter which software you use. If you do not have double opt-in, you’ll be added to I don’t know like how it’s technically work, you’ll be added to crawlers. Spammer crawlers. Like bot crawlers, and they will submit multiple forms, opt-in forms, so let’s say if you have newsletter signup or some offer sign up, they will start submitting bunch of those forms and adding a bunch of spam E-mails and how it looks like, I’ll show you in a second. So for this example, I’m using Klaviyo, E-mail marketing platform, but it doesn’t matter which platform you use. As you can see, the last one email, you can spot the difference. Like first name, last name, first name last name and E-mail, but here it’s like weird text. If you cannot read Russian, I can understand and I can read Russian, so it’s saying, take your money, and here’s the link to follow to receive money, like some kind of money. Actually it’s saying how much it is, so it doesn’t matter, but it acts as a first name, and the last name and the E-mail, so how it works so you understand. They submitting this form as a first name and the last name, and submitting. So the E-mail is real, so this person with this kind of E-mail. So what spammers doing, actually it’s a very smart trick from the spammer’s perspective. Now they damaging your sender’s reputation, they damaging your IP, they damaging your domain because they are not sending the E-mail. Your domain, your software sending the E-mail to that person and in the E-mail it says, the message that they want to send to that person, so this person will receive E-mail where it says, “hey, use your money, this is how much, “and follow the link”. So basically they are sending spam messages on your behalf, so it’s probably the easiest way to damage your sender’s reputation, because this person, when they receive your message, they will click in most cases, they will click spam. As you can see. And this person probably, I’m just curious if they opened any E-mails. Yeah so they did open the E-mail. Okay so the next thing. How to look for those E-mails, like the easiest way you should create a segment. Doesn’t matter which software you use, you should be able to have the same capabilities as we have in Klaviyo. So let’s click create a segment. Segment. So I like to call them Exclude. Exclude. And I like to call them Suppress or Unsubscribe, doesn’t matter, and Spam. What does it say, why I say Exclude. When we schedule campaign, doesn’t matter which kind of campaign I send, I always exclude that segment. So now we need to look for their first name. So it depends which software you use, but in Klaviyo you click Properties about someone. You click First Name. Okay, First Name equals, and we do contains and we contain http, ’cause this is one of the common denominator in all links, http. So do not put https; so just put http, and also we just want to check the active profiles or active subscribers. So in this case, I do. If somebody is not suppressed, in other words, they are not unsubscribed, they are active subscribers. And as you can see, in this account, we have 9400 spam E-mails. So just imagine you’re sending your next campaign to 9000 potential people who will click spam. Just to tell you, trust me, it will affect a lot of your deliverability and most of your E-mails in the future will be put in a spam folder as well as in promotional folder, and just to give you an example, it’s 9400 spam subscribers, and 9900 active profiles, so in other words, the owner of this account. The owner thinks that they have almost 10,000 subscriber, but it’s not real because 95% of those subscribers are spammers. Okay, so next thing. So I just showed you the spam traps. So how to avoid it? So first, the easiest one, is just turn on your double opt-in. However since we’re working with a lot of, sorry, most of our clients are E-commerce, double opt-in for E-commerce is not as important, that’s why we like to turn it off. So the next advice I’ll give you to exclude them, so create some kind of segment as I showed you before where it says excludes, so you or your team knows, when they send campaigns they have to exclude, and the third thing, constant cleaning, so just constantly suppress those spammers, because trust me, it will damage your reputation, or worse, and that’s why it’s crucial, doesn’t matter which software you’re using, doesn’t matter in which industry you are, it’s very important for you to do for your E-mail marketing. In case you have additional questions, please leave them below. Also I have another video, I’ll put it in the card above for a list of common spam E-mails, domains, as well as words to exclude. It’s not only http, there’s some other words. Try that video out, and make sure to add those E-mails, or those words or partial words into your spam traps. Something like Viagra or Sex or Porn, ’cause those are very very very common spam words. And if you have it in the first name, last name or in the E-mail, make sure to exclude them and suppress them. Yep, thank you.

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