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Creating Master Segment in Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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Navigating the technicalities of Klaviyo can be tricky and frustrating.

Watch this Klaviyo tutorial to learn about our story of missing 7k subscribers from our client’s list and how we used master list to fix it.

– Today, I’ll show you what I learned, how to create a master segment list of all of your subscribers. So, I’ll tell you a quick story. So, I’m preparing campaign for one of my customers and we had the master list, the master list I created. Sorry, the master segment I created a long time ago, and I created a master segment is everybody who is not suppressed. And that segment included 12,000 people. However, when I went to profiles, it showed like 19,000 active profiles and then I contacted the support and ask them, listen, guys, something is wrong. The number is off, because I’m missing 7,000 subscribers. And what they told me, when you pick option is not suppressed. It shows only contacts who are not, who doesn’t have any kind of suppression. So, in other words, if they unsubscribed from specific list, they will not be included in that segment where I said, it’s not suppressed. So, today I’ll show you how to create master segment list, which will include everybody. So, let’s go to your Klaviyo account. This is how it will look when you login. This dashboard, you click on lists and segments on the left, and you click create list and segment, and create segment, and master list. So, you group property about someone and you click email and you say contains @ someone because all emails, one thing that common, for all emails they have @ sign. So, is this is your master list, it includes everybody, suppressed and not suppressed. So, I know it like visually, it’s not very helpful because it does not show you like how many, like how many people will receive that email, that campaign. But if you want to send it to everybody, this is the correct segment you have to pick because it will send it to everybody and exclude anybody who is globally suppressed. So, this is what I learned for myself. And that’s why I want to share with you how to create the master list, which will include everybody in your database. So, you can email them with specific, I mean, campaign. Thank you. It was Andrey from email marketing NYC.

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