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Black Friday Cyber Monday – Checklist To Get Ready

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    As Black Friday sale is approaching, you might be asking yourself:

    Is my business ready for the big sale?

    To make the most out of this unprecedented sales opportunity, you need to stay extra organized and focused providing the best experience for your customers. Spend this week polishing up your strategies and workflows to be fully geared up for the big day.

    To make the last week of November a little less stressful, we’re sharing this 8-point Black Friday Cyber Monday checklist.

    Grab a copy to make sure you don’t miss out on any important detail that can cost you conversions.

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    Today, I would like to talk about eight things you should consider to improve or just put a checklist, that is done before holiday season.

    Optimize your website for speed

    So the first thing is, you need to optimize your website for speed. Why? According to website builder experts, if your site loading two seconds, only two seconds, only 9% people will bounce.

    Meaning, out of 100 visitors, nine will probably leave because for them it’s too slow. However, if that two seconds increased to five seconds, the number jumps from 9% to 38%, this is crazy. So, the website speed is very important.

    And since a lot of people are using mobile devices now, nowadays, everybody has this. I strongly suggest for you get a mobile app for your store, if possible.

    CAP Card, one of the solutions. It’s easy to implement, there’s no development needed, it’s a drag and drop solution for any Shopify store.

    Assess and evaluate your checkout experience

    Second thing, you need to assess and evaluate your checkout experience right now. According to one study, 47 to 72% of e-commerce customers experience some kind of checkout frequency. Something’s not loading, something’s not right, they cannot put their cart, or it does not accept their discount cart or something else.

    It’s a big issue, so try to buy something from your store, check the experience or ask anybody, maybe your friend or family member and tell them to buy something from you and while they buying, maybe record the video, use loom.com, the free tool and record how they buy and try tell them to talk when they buy “Oh, this is confusing”, “this is not correct”. This is one of the first things we do when we start working with the client, we buy something from their store, we record the video and out loud, talking our steps and what’s good, what’s not, doesn’t make sense, and so forth.

    And remember, in 2019, $8.6 billion were lost because of an abandoned cart. There’s a lot of reasons people are abandoning their cart. One of them it’s experience. But there’s bunch of other reasons. Also, if you don’t have abandoned cart implemented in your store, do it now. Make sure it’s set up correctly and it’s working properly.

    Offer easy and hassle-free return during the holiday season

    Point number three, offer easy and hassle-free return during the holiday season. Actually, I was not aware about this thing is such a huge thing, because, for me, I’m buying stuff like when I need something, I buy it and I don’t care about the return policy.

    However, in episode number 14 of our podcasts, Email Einstein, when I was listening to Alissa and Vira, I learned for myself that 75% of shoppers are checking out the return policy. And 22% of shoppers do not buy because of the poor return policy.

    So, review your return policy and make sure it’s clear, transparent and it’s hassle-free to return or exchange the product. Because if that thing is not improved for the holiday season, you will miss a lot of customers, at least 22%.

    Offer prompt support and add live chat

    Okay, number four is, offer prompt support and if possible, add live chat, like, at least for two months, November, December.

    Live chat, so people can reach out to you right away and talk to you. That thing is huge, maybe if somebody wants to buy from you and they’re okay spending the money, but they have a small question or big question, doesn’t matter. They have some kind of questions and without that kind of support, they might not buy from you.

    So, offer that kind of support and add a live chat, if possible.

    Make sure you have enough stock to sell

    Number five, I recorded the entire video about Black Friday holiday season prediction. And one of the prediction is that, inventory and fulfillment might be the issues. This year would be the biggest e-commerce year ever, because of COVID and all of what’s going on in the world, and e-commerce becoming more and more popular.

    And make sure you have enough stock to sell, but more important that you are able to fulfill everything on time. There’s a lot of things you need to think about, your fulfillment center, as well as shipping, because everybody will sell, everybody will ship.

    And make sure packages will get on time and if there’s some delay, communicate that to your customers because there will be a lot of upset customers if you do not communicate with them and there are some shipments delayed.

    Review your campaign calendar

    Number six, I guess you already plan out your November and December campaign calendar. So, you know when you will send each campaign, if it’s not ready, you have to do it now. Review with your team or yourself, create calendar and plan it out.

    Set up your campaigns

    Number seven, up there, you have that campaign calendar. You need to start setting up the campaigns, actual campaigns. So, you need to write, copy, create a design, set up the technology, pick the right segment and so forth, set it up in your technology so it’s ready to go out.

    And we have a checklist,  which we use internally, to make sure we set up everything correctly for each campaign we send out for our clients.

    So, feel free to download and use it for your company, but it’s very important to be prepared and make sure like, you start working and those campaigns are in progress.

    Add gift cards to your store

    And number eight, especially when they spoke in number five that inventory and fulfilling might be the issue. Maybe you will run out of some things in your store, something will be sold out.

    So, it’s very important to offer people something else and something else, it can be gift cards. Maybe that product’s not available right now, so that person can buy a gift card from you and buy that product later.

    So this is like just, just a bonus tip. But if you don’t have a gift card option, add it to your store.


    So, those are eight things you need to do and revise for the holiday season.

    In case you have any additional questions, please leave them below. Thank you and have a great day.

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