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Go Mobile to Reach Your Customers Where They Are

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    77% of Americans own a smartphone and 79% of smartphone users made at least one purchase on their phones in the past 6 months.

    That’s why, if as an online store you don’t have a way to reach your customers through mobile, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

    In this strategy tutorial, we share an easy way you can increase your mobile sales this Black Friday.



    Hi, this is Andriy from Flowium Email Marketing Agency dedicated to help e-commerce brands with their own marketing channels.

    Into today’s video, I would like to share another strategy, it’s our series, there will be five strategy we’ll be discussing and in today’s videos our second strategy to help you grow subscribers as well as grow your revenue during this holiday season.

    Black Friday is the single most important sale for any eCommerce brand. Check out our Black Friday checklist to make sure you have everything ready for the big day.

    If you missed those videos, find them under this video in the description and go and rewatch them. So today I would like to discuss with you the mobile app, why it’s crucial for you as the online store owner to have a mobile app.

    First of all, as I said before, 77% of Americans own mobile device, it’s just in the US, worldwide, I don’t know what the statistic is. Also, according to broadband search, 53.3% of all online traffic in the world is coming from mobile devices.

    And, the last statistic, 79% of smartphone users made a purchase at least once in the last six months. This is crazy, if you didn’t have mobile app, you should have one right now or start working on this. Why? Because you will be missing out a lot more.

    More and more people start like shopping online, like you probably shopping online. So in the past it cost a lot of money to develop an app, and there were a lot of unknown, like how much it costs, how to do it, and all of that, and it was the biggest barrier to entry.

    But right now there are some tools where you can build the app in a matter of minutes, hours, days. And one of those tools is called Tapcart. We did a few projects with them recently, and I was very successful with their result and how the app look like, as well as user experience.

    In addition, during this holiday season, there will be a lot of emails, SMS, ads, and everybody will be bombarding those customers, and we’ll be fighting for their dollars money.

    I do recommend to use all those channels, those channels are great, but I highly recommend to add to your tool belt another tool, there’s not many apps on the person phone, which will notify them about content.

    It’s not like your mailbox where you have a bunch of emails or where you have bunch of text messages, it’s like dedicated app for your store, and you can send push notification to tell some updates. So there’s like less distraction and you can like personally talk to them.

    As well, it’s additional own channel where you can get subscribers, you can get the loaders, it just additional outlet for you to promote and serve your customers better.

    And additionally, you can do some kind of special promotion only on your app versus your stores, this way you will try and engage people to use your app versus your store.

    And the last thing, the customer experience is much better on the mobile app versus mobile version of your website. Mobile version of your website might load slower, there might be some glitches and so forth, because you have to optimize your site for mobile as well as desktop.

    For mobile app is easier because a lot of things are removed and it’s optimized only for mobile. There’s four more things which are important and why you should have a mobile app, is average person spends four hours a day on their smartphone.

    40% of all online transaction expected to be on mobile by 2023. Two of three mobile sales are made in apps versus just browser. And $2.9 trillion mobile eCommerce sales projected by 2020.

    I know you’re listening to me like, oh, okay, it sounds great, we understand, I know we needed it, but like, hey Andriy, like how can we start? So I spoke was a co-founder of Tapcart and they offer to our listeners as well as to our subscribers, give a tap card for two months for free.

    So just go to flowium.com/gettapcart, and when you often email me or somebody like if you want to extend your promo, and we will give you that offer like two months, you can build your own mobile app and start using and promoting to your customers.

    You can make up to 70% of your total revenue during the BFCM sales – that is if you do it right. We created a BFCM guide for eCommerce businesses to get ready for the busiest and most important days on every online store’s calendar.

    Thank you. If you have any additional questions, please leave them below on this video, and if you like this video, thumbs up, if not, thumbs down, also subscribe and hit the bell.

    To build an app for your eCommerce store, go to https://tapcart.com/partners/flowium  and get 2 months of using Tapcart for free.

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