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BF landing page – Get leads all year round

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    It’s crucial to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of Black Friday.

    But keep in mind that your post-Black Friday game plan is just as important.

    There’s one strategy you can use after the big Black Friday sale that allows you to get Black Friday leads all year round.

    This strategy seems to be the best-kept secret – it’s been used for years by retail giants like Best Buy and Currys, but from our experience, smaller online stores can benefit from it just as much.

    Make your Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer evergreen.

    Hi, is this Andriy from Flowium, an email marketing agent, as well as the founder of this YouTube channel. Today, I would like to continue the topic which we had in the strategy number one. Today, it’s a fifth video on the topic, Black Friday strategies.

    In the first video on this topic, I were telling you about creating landing page, and collecting leads as many as possible leads, so you can promote them during Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    So in this video, I want to talk about leaving this page live year round. Try to make that lending page not unique for the year, but make it generic, like “/Black Friday-Cyber Monday,” or “/BF, CM,” or “Holiday Season,” something generic. Do not put the year there, and leave it on for entire year.

    Yes, you need to make some modifications. You can put a timer on this page until the next holiday. You can add some additional information, say like, “Hey, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, like, passed, but still up then to be the first one for the next one.” And it will help your SEO search. This page will grow organically over time. And maybe there will be some other companies, or some other websites who will be directing traffic to this page.

    Just to give you some examples, let’s go to Google and search for well-known brands and how they do it.

    Okay, so let’s search for anything. Let’s say Best Buy. You see, the first thing it pops up. So how nice would it be if you type in your brand and the first thing will be Black Friday? Your self disservice after you build the landing page and you deactivate it after the holiday.

    I would strongly recommend to leave it on. You see? So, it’s like the first thing in the search, and, yeah, so here’s their offer. But let’s assume somebody’s looking for “electronics black friday.” You see, you see how they do it? It’s organically. It’s not paid.

    So, they are ranking the first one for “electronics black friday,” because they have this page live all year around. And this is just one example. There’s a bunch of examples like this.

    So, I highly recommend for you to leave it on, even if you don’t change anything. It will help people with searches and include some of your main keywords on that landing page. This way, people can search, that page will be searchable and it will run higher and higher in Google search year after year. So, this is our final video about holiday strategies.

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