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Klaviyo Exit Intent Pop-up and Other Opt-in Form Services for eCommerce

Written by Vira Sadlak
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    Exit-intent popups… You can love them, you can hate them, you can call them annoying, but you certainly can’t ignore them.

    Why? Because, when it comes to holding back website visitors that are leaving, there is nothing more powerful than a well-optimized exit popup. Period.

    A study shows that on average, 35% of lost website visitors can be saved by exit-intent popups. In another test, popups drove 1,375% more email captures than a sidebar opt-in form.


    What are Exit-intent Popups and Why You Should Use Them?

    Imagine that your visitors are about to bounce from your website without doing any of the actions you want them to do (like leaving an email or buying something).

    You have two options:

    • Do nothing about it.
    • Employ an exit-intent popup technology, capture more leads, and reduce cart abandonment.

    What would you choose?

    The general principle behind the exit-intent popups is very straightforward. Exit popups use JavaScript and the web browser to track visitors’ cursor movements.

    When cursor movement shows that visitors are on their way out from your website, a special offer or opt-in form pops up.

    By displaying this last-ditch effort to keep your potential buyer on your website, you can steer them back towards a call to action.

    With well-optimized popups, you can:

    • Offer promotions and special deals
    • Give your visitor an option to jump to the end of the funnel
    • Reduce abandoned carts
    • Collect survey data or growing email list.

    Not using the power of exit-intent popups and opt-in forms simply means leaving a lot of money on the table.

    Klaviyo Exit-intent Popup with Klaviyo Form Builder

    With Klaviyo Form Builder,

    • You can easily create well-designed exit-intent popups without ever touching HTML and CSS
    • You can also restrict popups to base them on the geolocation of your website visitors
    • You can get contacts into your Klaviyo lists without really configuring an integration.

    The tool also tracks the source of the sign-ups for new contacts. As a bonus, when a user signs up through one of the Klaviyo forms, the system immediately starts tracking the viewer’s web page behavior.

    That helps to segment your popup messages and email flow more effectively.

    The price of the Klaviyo membership depends on the number of contacts you have.

    • The Klaviyo users who have less than 250 contacts in their lists can send up to 500 emails monthly without spending a penny.
    • The price can go up to $1700 for the ones who have a long email list.

    → You can check the Klaviyo price calculator to have your exact amount.

    If you are just starting to build your email list, you can give Klaviyo a try without breaking a bank.

    Other Good Exit-intent and Opt-in Form Services for eCommerce

    We have analyzed a lot of exit intent and opt-in form services in detail, and we picked the best of them.  Now it’s time to reveal our research.

    Let’s pop right into it!

    OptinMonster — $9 – $29 Monthly

    OptinMonster is one of the biggest lead-generation tools available on the market today. The service is widely used by bloggers, online store owners, and e-commerce enthusiasts – all for good reason.

    Overall, 700,000+ websites are using OptinMonster to turn random browsers into buyers. That’s impressive!

    OptinMonster has been loved by its raving fans for its great features, such as:

    • Intuitive interface
    • Cross-platform compatibility
    • Popup scheduling

    Where OptinMonster also outshines other services, is the integration.

    Users love the fact that it is very easy to set up, as it seamlessly integrates with the most popular e-marketing services.

    They also claim that they have been able to improve their opt-in rates through OptinMonster A/B split-testing feature.

    The biggest drawback that users reported is OptinMonster templates.

    Although there are a lot of beautiful templates available in the program, they are not very customizable.

    You can change colors, text, or background images, but if you are going for the pixel-perfect design, you might be a bit discouraged.

    The pricing is from $9 to $49 per month if billed annually. So if your marketing budget is very limited, it might be worth looking into numerous cheaper (or even free) alternatives.

    Sumo List Builder —  $29 – $79 + Monthly

    Another great exit intent and opt-in form service to consider is called Sumo List Builder. Sumo is an ultimate all-in-one suite of tools that are compatible with most of the CMS, and it promises to convert one-time browsers into lifelong customers.

    Unlike most services, Sumo List Builder sits right on top of your website dashboard, which is quite convenient. The key feature loved by many Sumo users is popup timing.

    • The tool conveniently allows you to time the popups and to show them only to the most engaged website visitors.
    • Moreover, you can even customize popups and show different exit intent forms to different visitors. For example, you can set up a separate exit popup for those who come from Facebook and for those who came through email.
    • All the Sumo List Builder popups are completely mobile-friendly and look just as good on mobile devices as they do on a desktop.

    While Sumo List Builder is great, it also has some minor drawbacks. One of them is the fact that Sumo is incompatible with WordPress.com or Wix websites.

    However, if your website is self-hosted (WordPress.org), you can use successfully use this amazing exit intent and opt-in form service.

    Up until recently, Sumo had a free membership. Even though they got it recently cancelled, Sumo still offers a free 30 days trial, so feel free to play around with it.

    OptiMonk —  $29 – $399 Monthly

    Another popular exit-intent popup solution is OptiMonk. Just like the solutions we discussed above, OptiMonk is an application that can help you to boost conversion with action-based popups.

    You can customize these messages based on:

    • Website visitor’s geolocation
    • Cart value engagement level
    • Cart abandonment.

    The popup templates are pretty basic. They are geared towards very simple use like sending coupons or gathering emails.

    On the other hand, the lack of customization is what makes Optimonk really easy to navigate. Even if you don’t have much exit pop-up creation experience, you will easily figure out how to modify pop-ups to your liking.

    If you are looking for a very simple exit-intent popup service that also comes with excellent customer service, Optimonk might be it. Be advised though that this well-made popup service comes with minimal design options.

    MailMunch Free —  $60 Monthly

    Sometimes committing to a paid exit intent and opt-in form without being sure that it would work for your business might be a bit of a challenge.

    This is where free services like MailMunch come into the picture. With MailMunch, you can give exit-intent popups a trial run without spending a penny on them.

    MailMunch is a plugin that allows you to create optin forms and exit popups grow within your website. It does not require any coding experience, so even an e-commerce rookie will be able to create a professional-looking popup.

    MailMunch is compatible with:

    • WordPress
    • Shopify
    • Squarespace
    • Weebly
    • Wix
    • And all other platforms.

    With a free membership, you get access to some visually appealing exit-intent popups, opt-in forms, and embed scroll boxes.

    MailMunch also gives you a lot of control over background, colors, and fonts. Although, you will not be able to customize CSS unless you get yourself a paid membership.

    With a paid membership that costs $24.95+ per month, you get unlimited access to premium templates.

    With MailMunch $75 package, you get both access to their premium themes and the ability to use MailMunch on an unlimited amount of websites

    JustUnoFree – $499 Monthly

    Unlike previous platforms, JustUno was created with professional digital marketers and agencies in mind. Don’t expect to have your exit popup running in no time, as JustUno requires a lot of manual customization.

    With that being said, JustUno is definitely more than just an exit intent and op-tin form solution. While the majority of the pop-up services provide very limited templates, JustUno gives you access to dozens of templates.

    You can customize them or even build your own sophisticated designs from scratch – your imagination is the limit.

    Another JustUno feature that Marketers are in love with is segmentation. JustUno allows for a wide range of tailoring based on your audience actions on your website.

    Users have also been raving about JustUno A/B testing and reporting functionality. With its advanced reporting capabilities, JustUno helps you to measure the success of your marketing campaign with ease.

    Wheelio —  $14.92 – $54.92

    Gamification is an excellent way to get your website visitors engaged. And this is exactly where Wheelio comes in handy.

    The idea behind this exit-intent popup is very simple. Website visitors leave their email in Wheelio form to get a chance to win a discount by spinning a virtual wheel.

    Saying that online users love Wheelio would be an understatement. Many e-commerce businesses reported that their conversion exploded because of the Wheelio exit-intent service. The biggest drawback of this system is the fact that it is incompatible with some versions of IOS.

    Another shortcoming of Wheelio is that there is no limit to how many times website visitor can spin the wheel: so people enter the same emails or fake emails repeatedly to win the prize they want.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do you need exit pop-ups for?

    Exit pop-ups are a good way to keep a visitor’s email address after he decides to leave your website. This way, you can add him to your emailing list and maybe convince him to purchase from your online store later.

    What is the less expensive exit intent pop-up tool?

    It all depends on the size of your business and your specific needs. If you are searching for a small budget option as you are just starting your online business, JustUno has a free starting plan.

    How to make sure that my pop-ups won’t annoy my website’s users?

    You can choose for more discrete templates, or keep it short. One pop-up won’t disturb too much a visitor that already plans to exit the website. Especially if you add a coupon to it!

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