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5 Content Ideas for SMS Marketing

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this article, Andriy Boychuk is going to be sharing 5 great ideas for your content when doing SMS marketing. These are 5 ideas that you can use and send as a text message from your phone. It is always good to have a welcome message and send the terms and conditions as a text message. You can have these pre-written beforehand, so all you have to do is click copy and paste, then send.

    Do you find many people leave items in the cart and trolley on your website but never check out, feel free to send them a reminder message, in case they get distracted and this could lead to a sale.

    Communication is key in any business and making sure your potential customers feel valued and you meet their wants and needs.

    Would you like to get five ideas? What you can send to your subscribers via SMS, like as a text message. So in this article, I’ll cover those five things, but before we do it, if it’s your first time on this channel, click subscribe, it helps our channel grow. Also like this video, if you like it, if you don’t like it, don’t like it.

    So let’s start, five content idea, which you can use to send it to your subscribers.

    #1 – Welcome SMS

    So, first of all, confirmation or welcome SMS. Meaning when they subscribe, you need to send them the legal stuff, like you agree to terms and conditions, please approve blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

    But after that, automatically send them the welcome message. And either they subscribe to your SMS because you provide some kind of incentives, delivers an incentives, right away in that first email.

    #2 – Real-time confirmation

    Second content idea, real-time confirmation. A great example is the Sticker Mule Company. When I buy some kind of sticker or product from them, I receive right away confirmation via email, as well as a text message. When they ship the order, they send me text messages. When the order delivered, they send me a text message and it’s a great, great, great customer service and customer journey because I’m aware of the every stage of the journey.

    And by the way, I love their product like printing our stickers. And we use for other services, a lot.

    #3 – Reminders

    Content idea number three is reminders. People are leaving their abandoned carts. I believe 80% of the customers who abandoned their cart never buy. So it’s your opportunity to tell them, in addition to sending them emails, you can send them text messages saying like, “Hey, you left this cart and blah, blah, blah, blah. And remember that, blah, blah, blah, blah”.

    And remember the text messages are short. So please be very precise and to the point. Like, “you left this in the cart. We saved go back and buy”. Also, you can use it for browser badminton. They checked out that product. Like, do you need any help with this problem? Do you have any questions? To open, to nudge them and to open a conversation.

    #4 – Ask for feedback

    Content idea number four is, ask for feedback. Let’s say either they are second-time buyers, the third-time buyers. It means they like your product. It means because they like, why do they second or third time if they don’t like your product, It means they like your product, they like your store. And so forth.

    So it’s a good time to ask for some kind of user feedback. It gets to send them through, which is a good idea, not a good idea. It’s up to you. But the better idea is to ask them to leave a review on Google maps, Yahoo, oh, sorry, not Yahoo, I meant Yelp, Facebook, whatever you want to leave a review or ask them to follow you somewhere and maybe comment under one of your posts. So it’s just to engage your customers.

    #5 – Promotions

    And content idea number five is promotional. Do not do those kinds of crazy automations where you follow up, like you educate them, you nurture them. SMS marketing is not about nurturing. It’s about quick action. It’s very short, there’s not much information you can put in.

    So you should focus on some kind of promotion. You have a big promotion, send them text message. You have some big launch, send them a text message.

    So those were five content ideas for SMS marketing. And also subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet. It helps our channel grow and click like, or don’t like. if you don’t like this video and yeah.

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