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Order Confirmation Email Layout

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I am going to be showing you the perfect layout for your business’s order confirmation emails. I will discuss why each part of the email is important. It is important that the customer knows their order has gone through and also you value them, by leaving a nice ‘thank you for ordering’ message.

    It is also good to remind people of the products that they have ordered and the price of each one. Then below that, let people know when they will receive the item, a lot of businesses let people know that it has been dispatched but not when it will arrive. People like to know the day or at least a time frame of a day or two.

    An order tracker which gets checked off, each step of the way is great because it is interactive and quick. Towards the end of the email, it is important to upsell similar items because people may want accessories for the original purchase.

    – Last week I described the strategy of the tracking order, email notification. In this video, I would like to show you an example of one company that does it the right way or a nice way, and it was pleasure receiving those kinds of emails, and I will show you and explain you the email structure and how it works. In case you didn’t see the last week video, please go back and check it out because it will give you better understanding what I will be talking today in this video, also, if you first time on this channel, please subscribe. And if you have any additional questions, please leave them below. So let’s start. I recently, I placed an order at West Elm, and I purchased a desk and right after the order, I received this kind of email. This is the well structure email, which provides me information about it. It’s very simplistic, but it has a lot of information that I need personally to, to understand what’s going on with my order. So, let’s break it down this email. So, the first part, it’s very easy, this is my order number, order date, which is like, basics. Like I don’t need that much of it, but still, they are sending me this information. Then they provide the shipping address. Again, same thing. What is important and nice to have you see, estimated delivery date. Like, I love this part a lot because now it gives me perspective when I will receive this email. If you use ultra like AfterShip or Malomo or something else, you are able to get those numbers dynamically and populate it in your email template. Also, I love this feature as well, because I can click on it and it will redirect me to their website, and it will show me the status or redirect me to their USBS, UPS website, FedEx website, and where they will show me the status as well. This part, timeline, it’s, very effective because you put your customer in charge, They put me in the know that like, I know what will happen. Okay, so, I just placed an order. So those three steps has to happen, for me to get my desk. So I just placed an order. So, okay, so next thing is like, okay. Oh, I got you. They will be preparing for, to ship. Oh, it’s shipped. Oh, thank you very much. And then it’s delivered. And by the way, like, even this, like I had that conversation with one of our clients this week about like he said, like, we don’t need this order stuff, just like deliver it, because it’s like, self-explanatory, like it’s delivered, but it’s not true. In this example, I was not home. My wife was at home and I receive a delivery notification that I was not, it was delivered, but I was not, I would not be aware until I will call home. But thanks to this kind of emails, I look, oh, nice. And I’m excited, excited to go home to put this desk together and put my in my bedroom, like for my small office, you have to have this, this order as well. The rest of the email it acts like we see it here, shipping charge, tax charge and so forth. But another great thing is this is transactional email, it’s considered transactional email. If you don’t know what’s the difference, I believe we have another video about just, or type in transactional versus market email and see the explanation. And look here. So actually they are recommending, they are telling me like, hey, you order the desk, but listen, you need a chair. So as you can see, I mean, this one is like, why do they recommending me nightstands? But this one, this one, and that one is like, nice. Because like I purchased the desk, like I supposed to have a chair, honestly, I don’t have the chair for this desk yet. So like, I’m considering this one, but it’s like, currently it’s too expensive. So, I didn’t want to spend $500 for one chair. But yeah, so this is, that’s the amount. Okay, so let’s check the all statuses. Let’s go back. Okay, so is this the next email I received, It looks like they skipped the prepare to shipping status because I didn’t receive that kind of email was preparing to ship. I just received email when it was shipped, but now I’m like, I’m aware what’s going on. I know it’s placed order. They already prepared to ship, and they already ship it, which is like amazing. It gets me excited because like, I will receive my new desk. So this is what your customer will feel about your product. If you don’t have that kind of emails, this is what will happen. Like, oh, I placed in the order and like, after one week, like, damn, where’s my order? Like, did they forgot? Did they lost it? You are like, like those stupid ideas will come to your head and it’s just bad customer experience. And the last email I received, it was like yesterday when the desk was delivered. And by the way, I was excited to come home to put this table together but it was so heavy and so many parts that I didn’t do it yet, but I was aware at my home and yeah. So this is just example of order tracking, email notification. Also mule sticker, Sticker Mule of company. They do it via SMS as well. So most ways are great, but emails are more visual. You are able to do that tracking. I highly recommend to implement it in your business. It will improve customer experience. Your customers will be more happy because they aware of what’s going on. And yeah. And if you have any additional questions or ideas about this, please leave them under this video, I’m responding to all comments. Even you just say like, I love or hate your video. I will respond it to you. Yeah. See you in the next video, bye.
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