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How to Increase Your Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    As a business owner, you want to maximize your mobile ecommerce conversion rate. More and more people now shop on their smartphones or tablets, but their shopping experience is not the same. They will be viewing your content on a screen that is a different size. They may also be away from home and relying on data instead of Wi-Fi. Learn how to calculate and boost your mobile ecommerce conversion rate to maximize your profits.

    How to Calculate Your Mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate

    Calculating any conversion rate, such as the email marketing conversion rate or the mobile ecommerce conversion rate, is as simple as dividing the number of people who purchase by the number of people who visit your page. If you want to calculate your mobile ecommerce conversion rate, you will only include people who visit your website via mobile devices in this calculation. So, you would divide the number of people who completed purchases from their mobile devices by the number of people who visited your website using their mobile devices. The important thing here is that you need to make sure to use the numbers for just your mobile visitors. Most analytics programs will divide visitors by channels for you or at least give you an option to do so.

    How to Calculate the Mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate for Paid Traffic

    If you want to calculate the mobile ecommerce conversion rate for paid traffic, you would follow the same steps as above but use an even smaller section of your audience. You need to look at the specific figures for your paid traffic, such as Google Display Ads or PPC. Depending on the analytics program you use, you may have to find the data for visitors and sales from paid traffic separately for each channel. In other words, you may have to look at channels like :
    • PPC advertising
    • Google Display Ads
    • Facebook Ads 
    If you have to find the data separately, make sure to add the figures before calculating the percentage. You want to calculate the conversion rate based on the totals for all paid channels. Calculating each conversion rate separately and adding them will not give you the same number. Still, it can give you a useful comparison.

    Tips to Improve the Mobile Conversion Rate

    Now that you know how to calculate your mobile ecommerce conversion rate, how do you improve it?

    Boost Mobile eCommerce Conversion Rate With a Mobile-friendly Format

    If you haven’t already confirmed that your website and any emails you send are mobile-friendly, then do so. This is one of the most important steps to improve your mobile conversion rate. Mobile visitors will leave your website or immediately close an email if they cannot view it clearly. There are several options to making your website and emails mobile-friendly, but the simplest solution is to go with a responsive design. This will automatically adjust to any screen size, whether visitors are on:
    • A smartphone
    • A tablet
    • A computer

    Ensure Buyers Can Pay With Ease

    To optimize your mobile ecommerce conversion rate, you also want to think about payment options. Essentially, you want to make sure that customers can pay easily. If they cannot pay within a few clicks or use their preferred payment method, they are likely to look elsewhere for the product. Start by expanding the payment options you accept, if possible. Think about your customer base and if they use another method that you don’t currently accept. Then try to add that option. Some popular payment solutions : 
    • Mastercard/Visa
    • Paypal
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Ali Pay
    Also, make sure that the checkout process itself is simple. It should only involve a few clicks. If the checkout process takes more than one page, include a progress bar so that shoppers can see how quickly they’ll be done.

    Simplify Navigation

    Remember that mobile users will not be using a mouse or won’t be able to view the entire page at once. Because of that, you want to make navigation as simple as possible. Make sure that your menu is easy to find and just as easy to use. Ideally, let shoppers access their cart with a single click.

    Collect Emails Unobtrusively

    You know you want to collect the email addresses of visitors to your website, whether they are on a desktop or a mobile device. But you also don’t want to annoy customers by taking up the entire smartphone screen with a pop-up. A better idea is to place a link to submit email addresses at the top of the page. Make it obvious but don’t force website visitors to click on it. Remember that if your page has too many pop-ups, you may find yourself with a higher mobile bounce rate.

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