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Comparing Klaviyo Vs. Privy

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    So online businesses all around the world are spending time preparing for a spike in their website traffic (yay!). 

    Privy and Klaviyo are, therefore, essential parts of the marketing stack for 14,000 businesses. 

    So, if you’re utilizing Privy popups to build your email list and Klaviyo to send emails to your consumers, you’ll likely be interested in finding out which one is the best. If yes, no need to scour the internet anymore! Here we present you a detailed comparison of Klaviyo Vs. Privy so that you can decide which one is more effective for your business type. Let’s get started. 

    When it comes to email marketing software, we strongly recommend Klaviyo. As an ESP specifically designed for online stores, Klaviyo offers robust features to help you sell, not just send emails. In case you’re also looking to connect with your customers through SMS, Klaviyo provides an SMS platform that works in sync with your emails, for even better results.


    Klaviyo vs. Privy Basics

    Privy provides a suite of conversion tools that are displayed on top of your website. The platform offers a plethora of display formats, design tools, and targeting criteria for a wide range of use cases: 


    • Privy’s bread and butter is exit intent email capture, although only a tiny fraction of what Privy offers. 
    • Cart saving displays: may reduce abandonment by checking for pre-abandonment indicators in the checkout phase and loading displays based on the product or cart worth. 
    • Cross-sell displays: show add-to-cart buttons to individuals who have one product in their basket but not the other (i.e., if razor, recommend blade) 
    • They can also uncover numerous additional onsite use cases relating to customization, loyalty points, post-purchase interaction, and more. 


    ESPs, such as Klaviyo, pour their hearts and souls into email flows, segmentation, and deliverability, much as Privy does with the onsite experience. Still, ESPs can only handle simple email capture situations. 


    Klaviyo vs. Privy: Pricing




    • Packages are starting from $20/Per-Month 
    • Pricing Model: Per Feature 
    • Both free trial and free versions are available for the clients. 




    • Packages are starting from $20/Per-Month 
    • Pricing Model: Per Feature 
    • Both free trial and free versions are available for the clients. 


    Klaviyo vs. Privy:  Best For


    Klaviyo:  1-1000 or more users 

    Because of its easy connections with platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, Klaviyo primarily services e-commerce stores. Klaviyo also interacts with B2C and B2B businesses through customized websites. 


    Privy:  1 to 10 users 

    Privy is designed for small and medium-sized e-commerce shops and publications that want to build their list and increase online sales. Entrepreneurs may now benefit from the strength of business marketing solutions. 


    Klaviyo vs. Privy:  Abandoned Carts


    Klaviyo: Increase your sales. 

    You can now make more money from social media marketing by engaging your consumers with tried-and-true growth strategies. With product-specific, customized advertisements, you may automatically target updated groups of cart abandoners, browse abandoners, or win back lost consumers. 


    Privy: With automated emails, you may save 10-20% of abandoned carts.  

    Most retailers see a 10-20% increase in cart abandonment rates when using Privy’s cart abandonment emails. Set them up once and start thinking about what you’ll do with all that extra money. 


    Klaviyo vs. Privy:  SMS

    Personalized, targeted communications produce great outcomes. 

    Klaviyo integrates with over 200 e-commerce systems and tools, ensuring that you have access to all of your data when producing content. You can greet customers by name. When orders have been dispatched, or goods have been restocked, you can send notifications. You can also send out reminders for products left in shopping carts. 

    And there’s more—since using separate email and text solutions are inconvenient, Klaviyo provides precise reporting and analytics for your owned marketing, allowing you to see precisely what is driving sales. 

    Privy’s SMS plan starts at just $10 per month. No annual contracts, and here are the features: 


    • Messages Sent After Signing Up: When consumers opt to receive texts from you, send triggered text messages to confirm their sign-up and delivery coupons.  
    • Abandoned Cart Messages: Recover more lost purchases by sending automatic text messages to anybody on your SMS list who did not finish the checkout process.  
    • Coupon for Shopify Integration: You can include master coupon codes in your SMS messages that sync with your Shopify store automatically. 
    • Shopify Cart Integration: You can provide a cart link in abandoned cart messages to redirect customers to their loaded carts. 
    • Begin with a Simple Setup: In just a few minutes, you can create and configure your automatic text messages, then add phone fields to your pop-ups and other displays to begin expanding your SMS list. 
    • SMS integration List Building Tools: You can customize popups, banners, bars, basic landing pages, and other tools to help you swiftly develop your SMS list. 


    Klaviyo vs. Privy:  Segmentation

    Your consumers are entitled to communication and advertising that is as unique as they are. Luckily with Klaviyo, you can now target customers based on what they actually purchased, what they browsed at on your website, where they engage with your emails, and how much they spend, allowing you to deliver marketing that they’d like to receive. 


    • Segment on behaviors: Create segments based on behavioral and transactional data to more accurately target campaigns.  
    • Based on occurrences, set a goal: Target flows depending on specific events and conditions, such as a purchase or list subscription. 


    Similarly, using Privy, you will never irritate visitors as you use advanced targeting. You won’t have to spam every visitor with the same generic offer. You can maintain the relevance of your popups by activating them depending on the URL, the number of visits, cart value, and other factors. 


    So, which one to choose?

    Privy clients may construct an onsite path geared to convert new visitors and boost average order value by using various display types such as popups, banners, bars, embedded forms, landing pages, and spin-to-win campaigns. 

    Klaviyo clients may utilize Privy to A/B test displays, employ custom HTML for greater brand flexibility, target upsell, and cross-sell campaigns based on cart behavior. That is why hundreds of Klaviyo customers combine Privy and Klaviyo. 


    “At its core, successful email marketing requires effectively growing the email list and then messaging the subscribers well. Privy and Klaviyo are a potent combination — Privy excels in driving maximum list growth with its onsite email capture capabilities. At the same time, Klaviyo does a wonderful job in empowering marketers to craft targeted email messages.” 

    “Both platforms make it easy for users to create campaigns, set up targeting/segmentation logic, and analyze data reports. They also integrate well out-of-the-box with each other.” 

    Xiaohui “X” Wang 

    Founder @ Essence of Email 


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