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Check which ones of your subscribers are spambots

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    If you have any email marketing automations set up, identifying spambots in your email list is crucial.

    When your automations are triggered and emails are sent to those spambots, that slashes your deliverability and you have to act fast to not let the situation snowball.

    Sadly, that’s not an uncommon occurrence. That’s why in this video, we cover how to check if you have any spambots on your email list and show you step by step what to do with them.

    If you do not sell internationally or if you do not sell to China and Asian countries, you should continue watching this video, and I’ll explain you how many of your subscribers can be spambots.

    Hi, this is Andriy, the founder of Flowium, email-marketing agency as well as this YouTube channel.

    Recently, one of our clients got 30,000 email subscribers, I believe in one day or so. And it was not through opt-in but it was through Smile.io integration. They have Smile.io integration integrated with their Klaviyo account. And for some reason, all those subscribers from Smile.io were passed to Klaviyo and we start emailing them because we have automatic emails and it hurts their deliverability. It hurts sender’s reputation and we have to act fast to resolve this issue.

    So in any case, I highly recommend for you to create this segment, so it will check automatically if you have those kind of domain with the qq.com.

    So first, we’ll go to Klaviyo and then click Lists & Segments and we’ll create segment. And now we create segment. We like to call it EXCLUDE. EXCLUDE and… SUPPRESS.

    Why do we do this? Because it’s easier. When we send campaign, we put all exclude segments into campaign and it’s much easier to find when you just type in exclude versus remembering the name of each segment. qq.com domain. And suppress on monthly basis, we’re suppressing.

    There’s another video on our YouTube channel, how to suppress bunch of contacts.

    So now we go to properties about someone. Let’s do email and let’s do contains and put qq.com and then other thing put, is not suppressed email. Click Create Segment. Even if you believe you do not have those emails, please still create it.

    So in case when it happens, somebody attacks you, at least you will see that, oh, I had zero subscribers in that list and now I have like 500.

    So now you know that you have issue and you have to deal with it. So it takes time. Okay. So as you can see, we have 2,232 members. So now what we should do is to suppress it.

    As I said before, under this video, there will be another video, how to suppress contacts.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions under this video and I’ll respond to all of them. Thank you.

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