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July Newsletter Ideas for 2023

Written by Vira Sadlak
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    July’s monthly theme – National Ice Cream Month

    July’s monthly theme is actually National Ice Cream Month. Which is not too bad ’cause I’m here in South Florida and it’s like 96 degrees outside and it’s only predicted to get hotter. So I could definitely do with some ice cream.

    No major events are included on this calendar. But as things start to kind of open back up and regulate and get back to normal, we’ll start including events.

    So I’m just gonna kind of run through, and give a couple of examples of what you can do with this calendar. But yeah, this is just really to kind of spark some creativity and some inspiration in you all so that you can start sending more relevant and fun campaigns to your audience of subscribers.


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    July 1 – International Joke Day

    So let’s start with International Joke Day on July 1. So this is a really good one where if you have a brand that’s more witty or kind of quirky, and sort of into the whole joke scene and not in your tone and your kind of brand language isn’t very serious or not even uptight but just not as business like this is a really great one to take advantage of.

    You could send a campaign that morning that says, “Hey, guys, did you know it’s International Joke Day? Here are a couple jokes for you. Send us your best jokes, and we’ll pick a winner and give them a $10 gift card or something like that.”

    So you’re providing a way for your subscribers to connect with you and your brand. You’re providing a way for them to engage and kind of have a good time while they’re doing it. And then also an incentive to engage.

    This is great because over time, this is just gonna kind of create more brand loyalty, which is really what you want. You want your customers to feel like they’re not only just buying from you, but they’re also part of your brand and your culture, which is huge connection is literally everything.

    Relationships are everything. And if you’re really building those relationships, you’re gonna go super far.

    July 1 – National Postal Workers Day

    National Postal Workers Day is marked in the United States on July 1. It is a day to honor and thank postal workers for their hard work. It gives brands a great chance to show their appreciation and run creative marketing campaigns to raise brand recognition and boost sales. Some ideas for campaigns are thank-you campaigns on social media, special deals for mail workers, giveaways, and takeovers of social media. Businesses can show their support for mail workers and get people interested in their brand by combining appreciation and marketing.

    July 2 – World UFO Day

    World UFO Day is on July 2, and it is a day set aside to acknowledge that UFOs exist and stress how important it is to learn more about them. Even though it’s an unusual subject for marketing efforts, it gives brands a chance to connect with their audience in a creative way. Brands can use this day to their advantage by running themed email campaigns with UFO-related content like sighting stories and conspiracy theories and giving discounts or special deals to get people interested. You can use social media to get people talking about UFOs and even create a custom brand term. Also, companies that sell UFO-related goods can run promotions with an alien theme, like advertising telescopes as ways to spot UFOs or releasing limited-edition clothing with an alien theme. World UFO Day is a fun way for brands to connect with their audience in fun and engaging ways. They can do this by coming up with creative ways to market.

    July 2 – World Sports Journalists Day

    On July 2, we celebrate World Sports writers Day to show how important it is that sports writers get news about sports to fans all over the world. If your business is related to sports, this day is a great chance to connect with your audience in new ways. To mark World Sports writers Day, you could make a newsletter about sports with news, interviews with athletes, stories about sports writers, and features on different sports. A fun idea is to have a Q&A session with a well-known sports writer, where people can send in questions ahead of time. Also, having a deal that has something to do with sports, like discounts on sports equipment, clothing, or tickets to sporting events, can help you connect with your audience and build a stronger relationship with them. World Sports Journalists Day is a great time to make links and get the most out of what it has to offer.

    July 2 – National Anisette Day

    On July 2, people celebrate National Anisette Day, which is all about the famous liqueur with an anise flavor. If your brand is in the food and drink business, this day is a great chance to make marketing efforts that are fun and interesting. You could hold a contest where people enter their favorite anisette cocktail recipes and the winner gets a prize and their recipe is featured on your blog or social media. Share recipe ideas that use anisette and work with food blogs or influencers to get your content seen by more people. Offer special deals on food or drinks that go well with anisette, like sweets or mixers for cocktails. Also, make an email campaign about anisette with material like cocktail recipes or fun facts, as well as special deals for subscribers. National Anisette Day gives your brand a chance to connect with its audience, improve relationships, and build brand loyalty by using the popularity of anisette and offering interesting content and promotions.

    July 2 – I Forgot Day

    “I Forgot Day” is a funny event that takes place on July 2 and is all about forgetfulness. Even though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind for marketing efforts, there are still ways for brands to connect with their audience. Marketing ideas for “I Forgot Day” include sending reminder emails or social media posts about upcoming sales, promoting last-minute gift options, sharing funny content about forgetfulness, hosting giveaways for funny forgetfulness stories, and partnering with a charity to help people with memory disorders or mental health. By adding humor and creativity to their ads, brands can get closer to their customers and stand out in the market.

    July 3 – International Plastic Bag Free Day

    International Plastic Bag Free Day is on July 3, and it is a world effort to bring attention to the damage that plastic bags do to the environment. This day is a chance for companies that care about the environment to make powerful marketing efforts. To get people to do things that are good for the environment, you could host a giveaway of reusable bags or offer discounts or free bags with sales. Customers who care about the environment will be more likely to trust and stick with your brand if they know about its green story and efforts. Running a social media campaign about the effects of plastic bags and asking people to take part can bring attention to your brand’s beliefs and build a community around them. Using email marketing to share tips on how to cut down on plastic waste and offer special deals on eco-friendly goods can also encourage people to buy. By using sustainable practices and showing they care about the environment, brands can attract customers who share their values, stand out from rivals, and do good for the world on International Plastic Bag Free Day.

    July 3 – National Chocolate Wafer Day

    National Chocolate Wafer Day is a fun holiday that takes place on July 3. It gives brands a chance to connect with their audience and increase customer interaction. To celebrate, you could make a blog post or social media campaign with recipes for chocolate wafers to get people involved. Offering discounts on chocolate wafer products for a short time or making special bundles can encourage people to buy and get them to try out more products. Sending a tempting text with a special offer or a free gift with a purchase can also help boost sales. Brand reach can be increased by giving away chocolate wafer goods on social media and getting people to interact with the brand through likes, shares, and tags. By putting National Chocolate Wafer Day into marketing efforts, companies can get people excited, get them more involved with the brand, and make sure they remember the brand.

    July 3 – Disobedience day

    The 3rd of July is Disobedience Day, which is a fun holiday that can help you come up with fun marketing efforts for your brand. You could hold a contest on social media where people share clever and safe ways to “disobey” in order to win a prize. Send an email campaign with a funny subject line and a special deal or free gift with each buy. Create a feeling of urgency by giving a discount on a product or service for a limited time. This will encourage customers to enjoy a rebellious treat. Also, make a funny video that shows off your business and encourages harmless “disobedience.” By using Disobedience Day in your marketing, you can add fun and get people interested in your brand while staying true to your values and message.

    July 3 – National Eat Beans Day

    On July 3, it’s National Eat Beans Day, which gives brands a chance to make interesting marketing efforts that promote healthy eating and the environment. Encourage fans on social media to come up with creative ways to eat beans and offer a prize for the most creative dish. Send out an email campaign about the health benefits of beans and some bean recipes, along with a special deal or free gift. Work with food bloggers and people who have a lot of impact to share recipes that use beans. Offer discounts for a limited time or bundles of goods made from beans to get people to buy them. By celebrating National Eat Beans Day, brands can support health, sustainability, and creative engagement with their audience while staying true to their brand values.

    July 4 – Independence Day

    Independence Day, which is on July 4, is a great time for brands to connect with their customers and make more money. Make a collection of products with a national theme and advertise it through email and social media campaigns. Run a game on social media where people can share how they spent Independence Day for a chance to win a prize. Send a number of interesting email campaigns with themed products and deals leading up to the holiday. Offer savings or special deals that can only be used on the Fourth of July. By putting Independence Day into marketing efforts, companies can tap into the patriotic spirit and get more people interested in them, which can lead to more sales.

    July 4 – National Barbecued Spareribs Day

    On July 4, National Barbecued Spareribs Day, food and BBQ brands have a great chance to connect with their audience and promote their goods. You could hold a recipe contest and ask people to send in their best BBQ sparerib recipes. Use the phrase #NationalBarbecuedSpareribsDay in a social media campaign to get people to share pictures of their favorite ribs and interact with your audience. Use email marketing to get the word out about your BBQ spareribs and offer discounts or special deals. Work with influencers or food writers to make videos of how to cook or make recipes with your BBQ spareribs. You could also throw a virtual BBQ party on social media or through live streaming to show how the food is prepared and cooked and to promote your goods.

    July 5 – National Apple Turnover Day

    National Apple Turnover Day on July 5th is an excellent opportunity for bakeries and dessert businesses to boost sales and promote their apple turnover offerings. You could offer special deals on apple turnovers, like buy one get one free or a certain percentage off a dozen turnovers. Make a blog post with a recipe for apple turnovers and tips for serving and other options. Engage with your audience by having a contest on social media where people share pictures of their favorite apple turnovers using a certain hashtag. Make your apple turnovers more special by putting them in special packaging that is only available for a limited time. Utilize email marketing to send newsletters or blasts to subscribers, showcasing images of apple turnovers and offering discount codes for their next purchase.

    July 5 – National Bikini Day

    National Bikini Day on July 5th is a prime occasion for retailers and marketers to promote their brand and engage with their audience. Consider running a social media contest where followers can post bikini photos for a chance to win a prize. Offer a limited-time discount or promotion on swimwear products. Collaborate with influencers in the fashion industry to showcase your brand. Launch a new bikini collection and promote it through various channels. Also, make a DIY bikini tutorial using your goods to encourage people to get creative. Remember to track campaign success using metrics like engagement, traffic, and sales to improve your strategy. National Bikini Day presents a fun and profitable opportunity to connect with your audience and increase sales.

    July 5 – National Hawaii Day

    On July 5, which is National Hawaii Day, retailers and marketers can celebrate the Hawaiian culture and connect with their customers. Think about putting out a line of products inspired by Hawaii and pushing them in different ways. Use a social media takeover with a Hawaiian influencer to show off your brand and connect with your audience. Host a virtual Hawaiian luau and give people who come a special deal. Give away a trip to Hawaii or a gift basket with Hawaiian-themed items as the prize. Make material that teaches people about Hawaiian culture to connect with them and show what your brand stands for. National Hawaii Day is a chance to promote your brand, honor Hawaiian traditions, and connect with your audience.

    July 6 – International Kissing Day

    International Kissing Day on July 6th is an opportunity for brands to promote their products with a playful touch. Consider creating a “Kiss Cam” video or post and encourage followers to share their own moments using a branded hashtag. Set up a kissing booth or pop-up store for a promotional event. Host a romantic giveaway with prizes like weekend getaways or date night packages. Share a love story that relates to your brand. Launch a Kissing Day collection and promote it through various channels. International Kissing Day provides a fun and engaging way to connect with your audience and promote your brand and products.

    July 6 – National Fried Chicken Day

    On July 6, which is National Fried Chicken Day, stores and marketers have a great chance to promote their brands and connect with their customers. Consider sharing recipe ideas, offering limited-time discounts, showcasing your restaurant in email campaigns, running social media contests, and cross-promoting with local businesses. These strategies, when incorporated into your email marketing, can improve engagement and boost sales. Make sure your emails have appealing images and strong calls to action to get people to act. By providing value and relevance, you can keep your audience engaged and returning for more.

    July 7 – World Chocolate Day

    World Chocolate Day on July 7 presents a valuable opportunity for eCommerce brands to connect with their audience and promote their products. Consider offering limited-time discounts, sharing chocolate dessert recipes, showcasing your products in email campaigns, running social media contests, and creating a gift guide. By providing valuable content and appealing visuals in your email marketing, you can engage your subscribers and drive sales. Remember to make your campaigns relevant and include clear calls-to-action to encourage action from your audience.

    July 7 – Global Forgiveness Day

    On July 7, Global Forgiveness Day, brands can support forgiveness and positivity while staying true to their own values. Think about working with a charity that focuses on forgiveness, sharing inspiring quotes and stories, and having a social media campaign to get people to share their own forgiveness stories. These ideas for email marketing can help your audience and reinforce what your brand stands for. Make your campaigns fit your audience and keep your brand’s style consistent while giving your subscribers something of value and interest.

    July 7 – National Strawberry Sundae Day

    National Strawberry Sundae Day on July 7th presents a delectable opportunity for brands to connect with their audience and promote their products. Consider sharing strawberry sundae recipes, offering limited-time discounts, highlighting sundae toppings, running a social media contest, and collaborating with local businesses for cross-promotion. These email marketing ideas can enhance engagement and boost sales. Remember to include visually appealing graphics and compelling calls-to-action in your emails while providing value and relevance to your subscribers’ interests.

    July 8 – National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day

    On July 8, which is National Milk Chocolate with Almonds Day, you can get creative with your brand’s marketing. Think about using social media with posts that are visually appealing, gifts, and content made by users. Target your email marketing and offer special deals. Working with chocolate influencers on paid posts is a good idea. Put out a limited-edition product and work with a charity to get the word out about it. Make sure your campaigns match the message and ideals of your brand.

    July 8 – Be a Kid Again Day

    The 8th of July is Be a Kid Again Day, which is a fun time for creative business campaigns. Use social media to advertise nostalgic goods, get user-generated content, and run a contest. Make targeted email marketing with special discounts and stories from your past. Working with nostalgic influencers on paid posts is a great idea. Bring out limited-edition goods that remind you of your childhood. For a meaningful effort, work with charities that help children. Make sure your ads match the message and values of your brand and try to make people feel nostalgic and connected to you.

    July 8 – National Love Your Skin Day

    National Love Your Skin Day is a great time for skin care companies to promote their goods and tell people to take care of their skin. Run a social media campaign that includes product showcases, tips for skin care, giveaways, and partnerships with influencers. Use email marketing to stress how important skin care is and offer special deals. Hold a virtual event with experts and leaders in the skin care industry. Run a giveaway effort to get people to share their skincare routines. Put out products that are only available for a short time. Make sure you have ads that show the benefits of skincare, promote your brand, and are interesting, informative, and visually appealing.

    July 9  – National Barn Day

    On National Barn Day, brands with a country style can show off their rustic charm. Run a social media promotion that shows off products with a barn theme, gives discounts, and works with influencers. Use email marketing to get the word out about your goods and offer special deals. You could offer video tours of rustic homes or write blog posts about them. Hold neighborhood events to get people interested. Make sure that your ads are interesting, informative, and good-looking to connect with customers who like the country lifestyle.

    July 10 – Global Energy Independence Day

    Global Energy Independence Day is a chance for brands that care about the environment to enjoy being green. Use social media to show off green goods and encourage people to reduce their carbon footprints. Make an email campaign with special discounts for orders that are good for the environment. Make educational material about renewable energy and ways to live in a sustainable way. Host a giveaway with items that are good for the earth and think about working with environmental groups. By talking about how sustainable your business is, you can connect with customers who care about the environment.

    July 10 – National Piña Colada Day

    National Pia Colada Day is on July 10 is a chance for food and drink companies to connect with their customers and sell products with a pia colada theme. Use social media to show off your goods, run an email campaign with discounts and recipes, hold a recipe contest, work with influencers, and make products that are themed around the pia colada. To get people’s attention and boost sales, make the ads fun and good-looking.

    July 10 – National Kitten Day

    On July 10, which is National Kitten Day, pet brands have a great chance to connect with their customers and promote kitten-related goods. Use social media to show off goods with photos and videos of cute kittens, run an email campaign with discounts and free guides, hold adoption events or work with local shelters, make products with a kitten theme, and work with pet influencers. Make sure your ads are fun, interesting, and cute to get people’s attention and boost sales for your brand.

    July 11 – National Blueberry Muffin Day

    The 11th of July is National Blueberry Muffin Day, which is a great chance for food brands. Offer discounts on your tasty blueberry muffins for a short time, send out recipes via email or social media, post photos of your muffins that make people hungry, hold a giveaway to get people interested, and work with food influencers. Use these tactics to make people talk about your brand, get more people involved, and boost sales on this special day.

    July 11 – All American Pet Photo Day

    On July 11, All American Pet Photo Day, brands can connect with pet lovers by running a picture contest on social media, offer discounts on pet products, set up a virtual pet photo booth, and send out themed email campaigns with customer photos of their pets. Encourage customers to share pictures and stories about their pets to build a sense of community and make people feel closer to your brand. Use this fun holiday to get people interested and show how much you love pets.

    July 11 – Free Slurpee Day

    Okay. 711, which is National Free Slurpee Day. So, this is a really good one for a brand like 711 of course, but for other brands who are a little more informational or if you’re sending out a newsletter or something like that.

    For your clients, what you could include for that newsletter for the week is, “Hey, here are some fun things to do or some things that you can do to keep cool in the hot summer days of July.” And you can include that information about National Free Slurpee Day.

    Now, what I would recommend doing is getting information directly from 711 to ensure that you’re putting out the correct information but to include that in there and just make it something so that your subscribers are aware is a great way to give them some extra activities to do.

    July 12 – National Simplicity Day

    On National Simplicity Day, brands can talk about simplicity and connect with their customers. Encourage people to get rid of clutter, make tasks easier, show off minimalist design, hold a giveaway of products that promote simplicity, and put an emphasis on being thankful. Use simple style to stand out and make a strong impression. Streamline your marketing and focus on your brand’s main message and worth. Use this day to make a memorable ad that celebrates the beauty of living a simple life and sticks with your audience.

    July 12 – National Hair Creator’s Day

    On July 12, National Hair Creator’s Day, beauty brands can honor hairstylists and barbers while interacting with their customers. Share hair creators’ pictures and stories on social media and encourage user-generated content as a way to show your appreciation. Offer discounts or free hair goods or services to people who make appointments on July 12. Work with a hair creator on events or virtual workshops to show off goods and give people something of value. By taking advantage of this day, makeup brands can boost sales and reach more people with their brand.

    July 12 – Etch A Sketch Day

    On July 12, people all over the world celebrate Etch A Sketch, a drawing toy that has been famous for many years. To get customers interested, you could hold a contest on social media to see who can draw the best Etch A Sketch, hold events in stores where customers can make their own masterpieces, work with influencers to show off your goods, or make a limited-edition version of the toy. By taking advantage of this holiday, you can play on people’s sense of nostalgia and give them a fun and interesting experience.

    July 13 – National French Fries Day

    On July 13, which is National French Fries Day, food brands can use the day to promote their French fries and connect with customers. Some ideas for marketing campaigns are to offer discounts, hold events on social media, make limited-time flavors, work with other brands, and use email marketing. By playing off of customers’ love for this classic comfort food, brands can attract and connect their audience while promoting their own unique products. Plan your projects and get ready to fry up some excitement to make the most of this tasty holiday.

    July 13 – Embrace Your Geekness Day

    On July 13, Embrace Your Geekness Day, you can connect with people who are into tech and pop culture. Some ideas for marketing campaigns are holding contests on social media, making themed packages of products, sending email newsletters about geek culture, and holding virtual events. By highlighting the uniqueness of your audience and catering to their geeky hobbies, you can increase engagement, build a sense of community, and get closer to your customers.

    July 14 – World Kebab Day

    On July 14, which is World Kebab Day, your food business has a great chance to show off and promote tasty kebabs. To mark this international food holiday, you can run interesting marketing efforts. Ideas include social media contests where followers can share their favorite kebab dishes or unique recipes, special promotions like discounts or free sides with kebab purchases, sharing recipes to encourage customers to try making kebabs at home, and hosting a food truck event with a variety of kebab options. By using these methods, you can bring people to your site and keep them interested while enjoying the popularity of this tasty dish around the world.

    July 14 – National Grand Marnier Day

    On July 14, which is National Grand Marnier Day, marketers and stores can sell this famous orange-flavored liqueur. A recipe contest, a social media campaign with drinks and desserts, a Grand Marnier pairing guide, and limited edition packaging are all ideas for marketing campaigns. Brands can connect with their audience and boost sales by asking customers to share recipes, running contests on social media, making pairing ideas, and making special packaging. Make sure to be creative and make sure your campaigns match your brand and the hobbies of your audience to get the most out of this holiday.

    July 15 – World Youth Skills Day

    On July 15, World Youth Skills Day, brands can show off goods or services that are geared toward young people. Ideas for a campaign include skill-building webinars, promoting jobs for young people, starting a youth entrepreneurship contest, and putting together a give-back program with a charity that works with young people. In marketing efforts, it’s important to offer value and stress how important it is for young people to learn new skills. Brands can make a positive difference and inspire the next generation by giving young people the tools they need to improve their skills and reach their goals.

    July 15 – National Give Something Away Day

    National Give Something Away Day is a chance for brands to connect with their audience through giving. Some ideas for marketing campaigns are hosting a giveaway on social media, doing a “buy one, give one” deal, giving a part of the profits to a good cause, and surprising customers with free gifts. It’s important to stress that giving things away doesn’t have to be expensive. Even small things can make a big difference. Use this day to show your audience how much you appreciate them and build relationships with them.

    July 15 – National Clean Beauty Day

    On National Clean Beauty Day, beauty brands can promote clean and eco-friendly goods and teach their customers about them. Ideas for marketing campaigns include making a guide to clean beauty, selling discounted bundles of clean beauty goods, holding events to teach customers, and putting clean beauty in the spotlight on social media. Brands can attract customers who care about transparency and sustainability by joining the “clean beauty” trend and putting an emphasis on these things. National Clean Beauty Day is a chance to connect with your audience, teach them about clean beauty, and show how committed your brand is to making better, healthier beauty products.

    July 16 – National Corn Fritter Day 

    On July 16, which is National Corn Fritter Day, you can run creative marketing efforts to sell things that go with corn fritters. Some ideas are to hold a recipe contest, offer discounts on items related to corn fritters, hold virtual cooking classes, or work with food blogs or influencers. By taking advantage of this holiday, brands can create buzz, boost sales, and connect with their audience in a fun and unique way. National Corn Fritter Day is a chance to show off your brand’s corn fritters and meet with people who like this tasty fried snack.

    July 16 – National Personal Chef Day

    On July 16, which is National Personal Chef Day, you can promote your brand in the food field. Some campaign ideas include a social media contest to “Win a Personal Chef Experience,” offering customized meal plans with a special discount, working with a local chef to create a unique menu item, and making a downloadable recipe eBook with recipes from personal chefs. By celebrating this day, your brand can show off its goods, interact with the audience, and boost sales and awareness of the brand. National Personal Chef Day is a great time to show appreciation for personal chefs and get the word out about your brand’s food options.

    July 17 – World Day for International Justice

    When your e-commerce company takes part in World Day for International Justice, it can promote justice, peace, and security. Some ideas are to work with a charity and donate a piece of sales, make a limited-edition product with the proceeds going to a good cause, give discounts to customers who donate, and spread the word on social media. By taking part in these campaigns, your brand shows that it cares about social problems and makes a good difference. World Day for International Justice is a chance to show your customers that you care about a fair and peaceful world and align your business with those values.

    July 17 – World Emoji Day

    World Emoji Day is a chance for your business to have fun with its customers. You could make goods with emojis as the theme, host an emoji scavenger hunt, hold an emoji contest, or give an emoji quiz. By adding emojis to your marketing strategy, you can give your audience something fun and interactive to do. Keep the campaign relevant to your business and your audience, and don’t forget to have fun! It’s International Emoji Day!

    July 17 – Global Hug Your Kids Day

    Global Hug Your Kids Day is a chance for your brand to promote goods and services that celebrate family and being together. Some ideas are to offer discounts for families, run a social media campaign where fans can share photos of themselves hugging, host a virtual family event, or send an email campaign with tips and special offers. By tying your marketing campaigns to the values of this day, you can make a link with your customers on an emotional level and stress how important it is to enjoy time with family. Show your customers that you care about family values and the bond between parents and children.

    July 18 – Nelson Mandela International Day

    On July 18, which is Nelson Mandela International Day, ecommerce brands can honor Mandela’s heritage and work for social justice. Some campaign ideas include getting customers to understand different points of view, forming relationships with local businesses, making a collection that celebrates freedom and equality, and getting customers involved in community service. By using Mandela’s values in marketing efforts, brands can get closer to their customers and make a positive difference. Use this day to show that you care about social change and to motivate your customers to do something.

    July 18 – National Caviar Day

    On July 18, which is National Caviar Day, food and drink brands can enjoy and market this expensive treat. Some ideas for campaigns are to give exclusive caviar tastings, run contests on social media, make limited-edition caviar collections, and work with influencers. These efforts can get customers interested, increase sales, and give them a unique and memorable experience. Use the fact that caviar is expensive and hard to get to show off your brand and make your customers happy with this treat.

    July 19 – National Daiquiri Day 

    On July 19, which is National Daiquiri Day, food and drink companies have a great chance to boost sales and connect with customers. Some ideas for campaigns are virtual happy hours, limited-edition flavors, working with social media stars, and virtual tastings. Use social media to spread the word about these efforts. Use relevant hashtags and eye-catching images. Think about working with other brands or influential people to reach more people and get the most out of your marketing. Use this holiday as a chance to show off your business and get people to try delicious daiquiris.

    July 19  – International Retainer Day

    International Retainer Day gives ecommerce brands a special chance to celebrate and connect with their customers. Some ideas are to give away retainers, share orthodontic tips and tricks, work with leaders, or give money to a charity. By getting the word out about how important it is to wear retainers and by providing useful content and events, your brand can show that it cares about oral health and the community. Use the right words to join the conversation and get more people involved.

    July 20 – International Chess Day

    On July 20, which is International Chess Day, marketers and ecommerce brands can use creative strategies to connect with their audiences. Ideas include having virtual chess tournaments with prizes, promoting chess-themed products with special discounts, sharing chess trivia to get people interested, and making and promoting chess tutorials to offer value and show expertise. Getting chess influencers to work with you can help your efforts reach more people. By taking advantage of how popular chess is, your business can reach and connect with a wide range of people.

    July 21 – National Junk Food Day

    On July 21, which is National Junk Food Day, brands can promote their sweet treats in a fun and interesting way. Ideas for campaigns include sending a special email newsletter with popular junk food items and a limited-time discount code, running a social media campaign with mouth-watering product photos and contests, making a branded hashtag or challenge for followers to share their favorite junk food items, and releasing a limited-edition product or bundle with unique flavors or packaging. By taking advantage of this day, brands can raise brand recognition, get customers more involved, and boost sales.

    July 22 – Legal Drinking Age Day in US

    On July 22, Legal Drinking Age Day, eCommerce brands in the alcohol business can connect with customers and promote their goods in a responsible way. Ideas include having virtual happy hours or tasting events, making limited-edition products or bundles, sharing content on social media that encourages responsible drinking, and partnering with designated driver services or rideshare companies to encourage safe transportation. To keep a positive and safe atmosphere for customers, it’s important to put an emphasis on responsible drinking and avoid marketing to people under 21.

    July 22 – World Brain Day

    On July 22, World Brain Day, health and fitness brands can connect with customers and talk about brain health. Ideas include sharing educational content on social media, making limited-edition products or bundles that support brain health, working with non-profits to support research and treatment for neurological disorders, and holding virtual events or webinars with experts in the field. It’s important to handle the day with sensitivity and compassion, putting the focus on how the day can help and support people with neurological disorders.

    July 22 – National Hammock Day

    On July 22, which is National Hammock Day, brands can support relaxation and fun in the great outdoors. Some ideas for a marketing strategy are to make a “Hammock Day Essentials” guide, offer discounts or freebies on orders made on Hammock Day, work with micro-influencers, make a video showing how to set up a hammock, or host a virtual event or webinar. To keep customers interested, it’s important to stay true to your brand’s tone and style while focusing on the fun and relaxation of hammock lounging.

    July 22 – National Day of the Cowboy

    On July 22, which is National Day of the Cowboy, brands can enjoy cowboy culture and connect with customers. As part of a marketing effort, you could offer discounts on products with a western theme, hold a contest for user-generated content with a western theme, or make a gift guide with cowboy-inspired items. It’s important that your campaigns reflect the voice and ideals of your brand if you want them to be effective. By promoting goods with western themes and appealing to people who like cowboy culture, your brand can get more attention and gain new customers.

    July 23 – National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

    National Vanilla Ice Cream Day is on July 23. This is a great time to sell ice cream and meet with people who like vanilla ice cream. Marketing campaigns can include discounts that are only good for a short time, contests on social media that customers can join, virtual ice cream socials, and recipe books that show different ways to use vanilla ice cream. By focusing on the quality and uniqueness of your goods, you can set them apart from those of your competitors. By taking advantage of this special day, your brand can get more attention and bring in new users.

    July 23 – National Gorgeous Grandma Day

    On July 23, which is National Gorgeous Grandma Day, you can honor grandmothers and promote your goods. Marketing campaigns can include a contest on Instagram that shows how close grandmothers and grandkids are, personalized gifts made just for grandmothers, ads that make people feel nostalgic and focus on special moments, and an email campaign that offers discounts or specials. Being creative and unique about how you treat grandmothers and how you make your goods fit their needs will help you keep customers and make more money.

    July 24 – International Self Care Day

    On July 24, which is International Self-Care Day, people can talk about self-care and give products and services that help people feel better. Wellness bundles with essential oils, yoga mats, and meditation apps can be used in marketing campaigns. So can self-care challenges that encourage customers to do healthy things, virtual workshops on self-care themes, and self-care gift cards. To show how important self-care is, you need to be creative and get people involved. By putting the health and happiness of their customers first, brands can build better relationships with them and make more money.

    July 24 – National Tequila Day

    On July 24, which is National Tequila Day, ecommerce brands can promote their tequila goods and offer deals. Some creative ways to market tequila are through tequila tasting kits, margarita mixers, pairings of tequila and food, and tequila-themed products. These programs can be advertised to people who like tequila through email marketing and social media ads. By using these tactics, brands can connect with customers, bring in new ones, and strengthen relationships with those they already have. National Tequila Day campaigns will have a bigger reach and more of an effect if they use different marketing channels and work with influential people.

    July 24 – National Cousins Day

    On July 24, which is National Cousins Day, brands have a unique chance to get to know their customers on a more personal level. Creative ways to market on this day include giving deals on bundles of cousins, holding a social media contest where people share memories of their cousins, making products inspired by cousins, and asking customers to share family recipes. It’s important to use hashtags like #NationalCousinsDay and #FamilyFirst to spread the word about these efforts on social media and connect more deeply with customers. By using the close relationship between cousins, brands can make more important connections with customers and get them more involved.

    July 25 – National Hire a Veteran Day

    The 25th of July is National Hire a Veteran Day. This is a chance for brands to celebrate and help veterans who are working. For this day, creative ways to market can include giving veterans special discounts, teaming up with veteran-owned businesses, sharing the success stories of veteran employees on social media, and giving a portion of sales to veteran groups. It’s important to be honest and respectful in these efforts, which are meant to raise awareness, support important causes, and boost sales. By getting involved in National Hire a Veteran Day, brands can make a difference in the lives of veterans and attract people who care about helping veterans.

    July 25 – National Wine and Cheese Day

    On July 25, National Wine and Cheese Day, people celebrate how well wine and cheese go together. Brands can take advantage of this day by giving cheese and wine pairing kits, discounts on gift baskets, virtual tastings, and social media events. By letting customers know about these efforts ahead of time and using eye-catching images, brands can get their customers involved and make a fun party out of wine and cheese. Cheers to a day full of tasty treats!

    July 25 – National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

    On July 25, which is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day, brands can show how much they love this sweet treat. Some ideas are to hold a contest on social media, make a recipe book, sell sundae bar kits that customers can use at home, or make a limited-edition hot fudge sauce. Brands can join in the celebration and make customers want more delicious hot fudge sundaes by giving deals and promotions that are hard to pass up and that use social media.

    July 25  – Carousel Day / Merry-Go-Round Day

    On July 25, people have fun remembering the first modern carousel invention. This is called Carousel Day. To take part in the party, your brand can run marketing campaigns like a social media contest where followers share their favorite carousel memories, release carousel-themed merchandise, offer discounts on carousel rides, and write a blog post about carousels. Use the fun and silly nature of carousels in your campaigns to give your customers a fun and memorable experience.

    July 26 – National All or Nothing Day

    On July 26, National All or Nothing Day, you can encourage your customers to take chances and follow their dreams. Consider an All or Nothing Flash Sale with limited-time discounts, an All or Nothing Giveaway to encourage participation and share inspiring stories, an All or Nothing Challenge to get customers out of their comfort zones, or an All or Nothing Charity Drive to make a difference through donations. Celebrate National All or Nothing Day with your brand and talk about how important it is to take a chance.

    July 26 – One Voice Day

    On July 26, people all over the world come together to celebrate One Voice Day. To celebrate this day, your brand can hold a singing contest, make limited-edition products with a message of unity and give to a relevant charity, offer discounts to choir groups, share inspiring stories on social media, and send an email newsletter about unity and community. Getting into the spirit of One Voice Day can help build a sense of community, motivate people, and make the world a better place. Join the party and use your brand to make a big difference.

    July 26 – Aunts and Uncles Day

    On July 26, we celebrate Aunts and Uncles Day to show how important aunts and uncles are in our lives. To celebrate, your brand can make a “Auntie/Uncle Approved” collection, encourage customers to share stories on social media, offer a family discount, and host a “Auntie/Uncle Appreciation” prize. These things will show aunts and uncles how much they are appreciated and get customers involved in celebrating this special day. Make sure to highlight goods or experiences that fit with what aunts and uncles care about and what they like.

    July 27 – National Refreshment Day

    On July 27, which is National Refreshment Day, your brand can promote refreshing goods and interact with customers. Think about running a contest on social media, giving bundle deals, sending out email newsletters, and hosting a virtual happy hour with drinks or snacks from your brand. During the summer, you can boost sales and connect with your target audience by putting the spotlight on your most refreshing goods and making campaigns that people can take part in. Take advantage of this chance to connect with people and give them something new to try.

    July 27  – National Scotch Day

    On July 27, which is National Scotch Day, your brand can have a party and connect with customers who like this classic whiskey. You could hold a virtual taste event, make a book of scotch cocktail recipes, run a contest on social media, or release a limited-edition type of scotch. These marketing efforts can teach customers about your brand, show how knowledgeable you are about it, and make them feel special and excited. National Scotch Day is a great time to connect with people who like scotch and show how passionate your brand is about this popular drink.

    July 27 – National Chili Dog Day

    On July 27, which is National Chili Dog Day, your brand can enjoy this beloved American food and connect with customers. Consider having a recipe contest using your brand’s hot dogs and chili, making a special offer with all the chili dog essentials, holding a virtual chili dog eating contest, or working with a local restaurant to offer a discount code. These marketing efforts can spread the word about a brand, boost sales, and take advantage of the excitement around National Chili Dog Day to do all of those things. Use your imagination and make the most of this tasty holiday.

    July 28 – National Waterpark Day

    National Waterpark Day is a great way for online stores to enjoy summer fun and connect with their customers. You could hold a picture contest on social media, give a family discount, make limited-time offers on waterpark necessities, or sponsor a waterpark event. These marketing efforts can get people interested, make people more aware of a brand, and bring in customers. Take advantage of National Waterpark Day to give your customers moments they’ll never forget and build long-term loyalty.

    July 29 – International Tiger Day

    International Tiger Day is on July 29. This gives e-commerce brands a chance to help save tigers and bring attention to the issue. You could run a “Save the Tigers” donation drive, make a line of products inspired by tigers, hold a “Spot the Tiger” photo contest, or give a “Tiger Trivia” quiz with prizes. Customers can get involved, sustainable practices can be spread, and money can be raised for groups that work to protect tigers. Use International Tiger Day to teach your customers about how important it is to protect tigers and teach them to care about the environment.

    July 29 – National Lasagna Day

    On July 29, which is National Lasagna Day, brands can promote lasagna-related goods and interact with customers. Think about giving discounts on lasagna pots, sauces, and other Italian foods. Hold a contest for the best lasagna recipe to show how creative your customers can be, and then share the winning recipe on your platforms. Partner with a chef to offer a virtual cooking class, and give people who take the class a discount on lasagna goods. Make a lasagna bundle with all the ingredients you need and offer free shipping for a short time. With these marketing ideas, your brand will be able to enjoy National Lasagna Day in a way that people will remember.

    July 29 – National Lipstick Day

    National Lipstick Day is a great time for beauty brands to use creative marketing efforts to boost sales and connect with customers. You could hold a contest on social media where people post selfies of themselves wearing lipstick for a chance to win prizes. Offer discounts on all lipsticks for a short time and market them through email marketing. Work with well-known leaders to make unique lipstick colors. Use virtual try-on technology to let customers see how different shades look on their screens. With these tactics, your brand can celebrate National Lipstick Day and get customers more involved.

    July 30 – International Day of Friendship

    On July 30, we celebrate International Day of Friendship, which shows how important friendship is for bringing people together and helping them understand each other. Brands can enjoy this day with creative marketing campaigns, like a program that gives customers rewards for telling their friends about the brand. You can also get results by holding a giveaway on social media where fans can thank their friends and win discounts or gift cards. Another idea is to make and sell friendship bands or necklaces as part of a special collection. Hosting a “virtual friends’ night out” can help build a sense of community and loyalty to your brand. On this special day, honor the spirit of friendship and society.

    July 30 – National Cheesecake Day

    National Cheesecake Day on July 30 is a great chance for e-commerce brands to connect with customers who love this delicious dish. To make the most of this event, you could hold a giveaway on social media where fans can win a free cheesecake and be rewarded for tagging their friends. Make a special cheesecake flavor that’s only available on this day, and offer deals to get more people to buy it. Make a recipe eBook with different kinds of cheesecake and give it away as a free download to people who sign up for your email. Partner with a local charity and donate a portion of your sales to raise notice of a good cause and your brand. Celebrate National Cheesecake Day with marketing efforts that make customers want to try your cheesecake.

    July 30 – Paperback Book Day

    Paperback Book Day is a celebration of the love for reading and the convenience of paperbacks. For brands that sell books, it’s a great opportunity to engage customers. Encourage them to share pictures of their favorite paperbacks on social media using #PaperbackLove, with a chance to win free books or discounts. Host virtual book reading events with popular authors, organize virtual book swap events, and offer personalized recommendations based on customers’ preferences. These creative marketing campaigns allow brands to celebrate Paperback Book Day while connecting with their customers.

    July 31  – National Avocado Day

    On National Avocado Day, the famous and useful superfood is honored. To make money off of this holiday, you could hold a contest for avocado-themed recipes, run a freebie on social media, hold a virtual avocado tasting, or come out with a new avocado-themed product. On National Avocado Day, these creative marketing campaigns will get people excited about your brand’s avocado-related products and reach a bigger audience.

    July 31 – World Ranger Day

    World Ranger Day on July 31 is a time to thank and support the people who protect our natural treasures as park rangers. Brands can help raise money for park ranger groups by donating a part of their sales, starting a social media campaign for outdoor adventures, making merchandise inspired by park rangers, or hosting a virtual hike. On World Ranger Day, these marketing campaigns give people a chance to learn about the important work rangers do to protect our planet’s valuable resources and show their support for them.


    July 31 – National Mutt Day

    On July 31, National Mutt Day, pet stores and animal lovers can enjoy mixed-breed dogs and encourage people to adopt them. Some ideas for marketing efforts are holding events where people can adopt pets, sharing heartwarming rescue stories, making contests on social media, and holding charity drives to get people to give money to shelters. On National Mutt Day, brands can make a positive impact by connecting with their audience through special deals, community-building activities, and social media interaction. This will drive sales and help the cause of mutt adoption.

    July 31 – Harry Potter’s Birthday

    And then, if your brand is particularly aligned with the world of wizardry and magic, you could send out a bit of a shout-out on July 31, about the fact that it’s Harry Potter’s birthday. Harry Potter has a huge, huge following. And this is a really great way to engage with your subscribers that may be really into that stuff.

    So these are just a few ideas kind of thrown around about what you can do for July. Just as a note, usually July is one of those months in the eCommerce world where sales dip so dramatically like some statistics even show by 30% in comparison to Crazy holiday months like November and December.

    So July is definitely a time when you wanna get really creative with how you engage with your subscribers. And make sure that you’re just regularly connecting with them, making sure that they’re still engaging with you and your brand.

    And even if they’re not necessarily purchasing their product, they’re continuing to plan on purchasing with you. Because you made the effort to make sure that they were seen, they were heard and that you made sure you were seen and heard.

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