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July Email Marketing Ideas for 2023

Written by Vira Sadlak
email marketing
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    July’s monthly theme – National Ice Cream Month

    July’s monthly theme is actually National Ice Cream Month. Which is not too bad ’cause I’m here in South Florida and it’s like 96 degrees outside and it’s only predicted to get hotter. So I could definitely do with some ice cream.

    No major events are included on this calendar. But as things start to kind of open back up and regulate and get back to normal, we’ll start including events.

    So I’m just gonna kind of run through, and give a couple of examples of what you can do with this calendar. But yeah, this is just really to kind of spark some creativity and some inspiration in you all so that you can start sending more relevant and fun campaigns to your audience of subscribers.


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    July 1 – International Joke Day

    So let’s start with International Joke Day on July 1. So this is a really good one where if you have a brand that’s more witty or kind of quirky, and sort of into the whole joke scene and not in your tone and your kind of brand language isn’t very serious or not even uptight but just not as business like this is a really great one to take advantage of.

    You could send a campaign that morning that says, “Hey, guys, did you know it’s International Joke Day? Here are a couple jokes for you. Send us your best jokes, and we’ll pick a winner and give them a $10 gift card or something like that.”

    So you’re providing a way for your subscribers to connect with you and your brand. You’re providing a way for them to engage and kind of have a good time while they’re doing it. And then also an incentive to engage.

    This is great because over time, this is just gonna kind of create more brand loyalty, which is really what you want. You want your customers to feel like they’re not only just buying from you, but they’re also part of your brand and your culture, which is huge connection is literally everything.

    Relationships are everything. And if you’re really building those relationships, you’re gonna go super far.

    July 11 – Free Slurpee Day

    Okay. 711, which is National Free Slurpee Day. So, this is a really good one for a brand like 711 of course, but for other brands who are a little more informational or if you’re sending out a newsletter or something like that.

    For your clients, what you could include for that newsletter for the week is, “Hey, here are some fun things to do or some things that you can do to keep cool in the hot summer days of July.” And you can include that information about National Free Slurpee Day.

    Now, what I would recommend doing is getting information directly from 711 to ensure that you’re putting out the correct information but to include that in there and just make it something so that your subscribers are aware is a great way to give them some extra activities to do.

    July 31 – Harry Potter’s Birthday

    And then, if your brand is particularly aligned with the world of wizardry and magic, you could send out a bit of a shout-out on July 31, about the fact that it’s Harry Potter’s birthday. Harry Potter has a huge, huge following. And this is a really great way to engage with your subscribers that may be really into that stuff.

    So these are just a few ideas kind of thrown around about what you can do for July. Just as a note, usually July is one of those months in the eCommerce world where sales dip so dramatically like some statistics even show by 30% in comparison to Crazy holiday months like November and December.

    So July is definitely a time when you wanna get really creative with how you engage with your subscribers. And make sure that you’re just regularly connecting with them, making sure that they’re still engaging with you and your brand.

    And even if they’re not necessarily purchasing their product, they’re continuing to plan on purchasing with you. Because you made the effort to make sure that they were seen, they were heard and that you made sure you were seen and heard.

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