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Old-fashioned approach to modern discounts

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    When you’re well into the November rush, Black Friday ads and promotions quickly pile up in your customers’ cluttered inboxes.

    At this point, online shoppers are so used to flashy discount offers that they stop noticing the standard “get 30% off”.

    That’s why, to be able to sell on Black Friday, you need to innovate and send offers that are hard to ignore.

    And sometimes new is just well-forgotten old. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to turn a proven offline Black Friday discount strategy into a powerful offer for your online store.

    This is Andrew from Flowium, the founder of Flowium email marketing agency, as well as Flowium YouTube channel. And in this video, I’ll share one offer idea, You want to test for your company during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Why one, you didn’t need too many. And this one is very powerful, but there will be two options.

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    Before I start, question for you, do you remember those times before internet or even during internet when people were standing in a line like 3:00 AM, 2:00 AM, 5:00 AM in big lines by Apple, Best Buy, Circus City and other stores? To be the first one to get in when they opened their door on Black Friday? To get what, to get the best deal ever.

    However, all people know that only few items were on extreme sale. Then there, another items were like, on like medium sale. And the rest would be little bit better sale than everyday, but the discount was not so extreme. So I’m about to share with you the same strategy you can use, however, online.

    So there’s two options, you can offer discounts by time limit, or quantity limit. And I explain you the difference. So in the time limit, you can set the thresholds when the discount will start working and end working, for example, on Black Friday, let’s say you start your sale at 8:00 AM. And everybody who buys from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, they would be able to use 75% discount code. However, if they slept or forget about your sales and want to buy something at, let’s say at 11:00 AM, they don’t have option to use 75% discount code, and they have to use 50% off discount code. However, if they are like at 5:00 PM and they missed all those big sales, you can offer them like whole day, 15% off. So this is like option number one.

    Option number two, which might be a little bit complicated and you might get little bit more complaints from your customers, but still if you want, you can test, to get, have limits. So for 75% off could just create 100 coupons, for 50% off create like 250 coupons.

    So for example, when a person logs, go to your store at 1:00 PM and everybody used up all 75% codes, they will try the next code. And if it’s not available, they will use the next code. It’s a little bit more work for your customer because they have to copy and paste those codes. But still, it’s a great option for you as well.

    Why do I like this kind of strategy? Because it adds scarcity, and gives everybody the same opportunity. Is there a time limit or quantity limit? You tell them like, hey, you can even tell them in advance, maybe on Thursday or Wednesday before Black Friday, say it like, hey, we’ll have sale, here’s the, here’s what we’ll have, but you have to be on time to be the first one to get 75% off. So I call this strategy old fashioned Black Friday strategy.

    This way, you don’t have to compete with all other competitors who just doing like 10% off, because there is no scarcity. People know, okay. I have the whole day to use that 50%, 10%, in that store, however, for X, Y and Z store, I have to be on time to get the best deal.

    Same thing, what we did or people long time ago when we were standing in a line at night to be the first one, walking in physical store and got the best deal that store can offer.

    In case you have any questions about this strategy, or you have any suggestions, please leave them under this video, also, please subscribe to this YouTube channel, and good luck during the holiday season.

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