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All You Need to Know about Malomo and their Pricing Plans

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You’ve invested a lot of time and money attracting consumers and developing your brand, so now you’re taking them to a carrier monitoring experience as they eagerly review their tracking 4.6 times per order. Suppose you ship 10,000 packages, which equates to 46k brand impressions. Well, your customers deserve better. 

With Malomo, you can give your customers a better shipping experience and more! With each shipment, you will strengthen your brand. 


What is Malomo?

Malomo is a shipment monitoring tool for eCommerce brands that aim to maximize repeat sales while decreasing their customer service tickets. To have a reliable brand experience, transform order monitoring into an owned marketing platform. Take ownership of distribution monitoring information and share it with consumers on a network controlled by your brand. 

With branded package monitoring pages, you can create and validate one-of-a-kind post-purchase experiences and marketing strategies. Create confidence, cultivate brand loyalty, and entertain the consumers when they are most involved. Reduce the number of shipping-related support tickets and encourage repeat sales. 


What is the Structure of Malomo pricing?


Basic Pricing Model:  Pricing is calculated “Per Feature.” 


Malomo pricing per feature, per month:


  • Malomo pricing starts at $39.00 per feature per month. 
  • That implies, higher the number of features, the higher will be the cost per month. 


The company’s monthly shipment volume determines to price, and plans begin at $199 a month. 

Are you interested in learning more about how Malomo will help you improve your consumer shipping experience? Are you looking for an enterprise-level approach for your company? You can also contact the Malomo team to find out which schedule will best fit your company’s shipping volume and scenario. 


What feathers will you get out of these pricing plans?

You will be able to: 


  • monitor and manage delivery details through orders, 
  • submit planned shipment alerts to customers, and 
  • build and validate post-purchase experiences across personalized sites. 


How many features does Malomo offer to its customers?

Total features of Malomo are 30, as listed below: 


  1. API 
  2. Alerts/Notifications 
  3. Behaviour Tracking 
  4. Communication Management 
  5. Customer Experience Management 
  6. Customer Profiles 
  7. Customizable Branding 
  8. Customizable Reports 
  9. Customizable Templates 
  10. Customization 
  11. Delivery Estimate 
  12. Delivery Record 
  13. Delivery Tracking 
  14. Design Management 
  15. Email Alerts 
  16. Email Marketing 
  17. For eCommerce 
  18. Interactive Content 
  19. Labeling 
  20. Package Tracking 
  21. Real Time Notifications 
  22. Recurring Tasks 
  23. Retention Management 
  24. Shipping Management 
  25. Status Tracking 
  26. Support Ticket Management 
  27. Third Party Integrations 
  28. Trend Analysis 
  29. Website Integration 
  30. eCommerce Management 


Now let’s go through a few of these significant features to help you know what you’ll be getting from the price you’re willing to pay: 



Inside your email marketing network, customize your transactional shipping emails. Malomo provides: 


  • Customizable Branding 
  • Customizable Reports 
  • Customizable Templates 


eCommerce Management

eCommerce advertisers may use the app to automate customer service processes such as touch-point transactions, assistance tickets, recurring orders, and other activities. Businesses can also alert customers of possible problems that can arise during the delivery process. 


Third party integrations

Malomo connects to the carriers as well as your eCommerce, marketing, and customer service channels using API (Application Programming Interface). They work with a variety of third-party sites, including Nosto, Zendesk, Justuno, Olark, Yotpo, and Pixlee, among others. 


Malomo is compatible with which platforms?

Malomo is compatible with the two of the most used e-commerce platforms: 


  1. Shopify and Shopify Plus  
  2. Klaviyo 


Shopify + Malomo

Convert your Shopify order tracking page into a custom-branded tracking page that matches the look and feel of your website. Add product recommendations, social media, photographs, marketing material, and more without writing a single line of code. 


Klaviyo + Malomo

Businesses can use Klaviyo integration to improve consumer shipping experiences by submitting custom-built emails, increasing click-through rates and sales across processes. 

Send delivery and order notifications to your customers directly from Klaviyo. Utilize the power of Klaviyo’s personalization, drag-and-drop editor, analytics, and more with Malomo + Klaviyo to plan, submit, monitor, and customize your post-purchase notification emails. 


Package Tracking

You can create personalized tracking pages to boost purchases, quality education, referrals, and more. 


Real Time Notifications

Add a real-time notification system on the website so that visitors can get alerts and reminders when they happen. This increases customer experience and keeps visitors to your web. 


Does Malomo provide any free package?

On a rather sad note, though, it turns out that there is no free plan on the Malomo pricing plans. It additionally doesn’t offer a 30-day free trial for any of the packages. If you wish to use Malomo, you can request a demo on their website to see how it works, and then you can contact them directly to get your price quote. 


Does Malomo have manuals, tutorials, or customer service?

Yes, each Malomo consumer gets deployment assistance as well as ongoing support for post-purchase marketing optimization.


How good is this app?

Malomo earned an 80/100 rating in the eCommerce Solutions division. This is based on press chatter (31/100), current consumer dynamics (rising), and other related Malomo knowledge gathered from various sources on the internet. 


Conclusion: Value for Money

Malomo offers excellent packages that are very well-rated by its customers. By opting Malomo for your shipment tracking services, you can: 


  • Choose when to send shipment alerts to your clients. 
  • When something goes wrong with packaging, contact consumers right away. 
  • Send your consumers to the world’s most stunning, custom-branded tracking website. 
  • Build more detailed, customized shipping emails by using customer, shipment, and carrier details. 
  • Incorporate promotional notices and material into your delivery newsletters and tracking page. 
  • Analyze post-purchase consumer actions and make data-driven decisions. 


So, if you want to up your marketing game, you now know the basics of Malomo pricing. All you need to do is request your demo and more pricing details directly from Malomo’s official website! 


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