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All You Need to Know About Mailchimp Pricing

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    That’s right!

    Email marketing outclasses all other types of internet marketing!

    An email marketing policy is a critical component of just about any business model. Email is the most cost-effective approach to market your goods, engage with consumers, and achieve your business objectives.

    For each dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return of multiple times that dollar spent.

    Isn’t that great?

    So, if you are an entrepreneur looking to achieve big things. No need to surf the internet anymore. We have got the best platform to help you out! Mailchimp empowers small businesses by providing them with the right resources and feedback each inch of the process.

    Wondering how to get started? Let’s dive deep into the pricing plan that Mailchimp offers its customers!


    Overview of the Mailchimp’s Pricing Plan

    Mailchimp offers a forever free package with a limit of 2,000 subscribers. That being said, if you wish to use autoresponders or other powerful features, you must upgrade to a paid package. Paid plans begin at $10 a month and will reach $299 for 200,000+ contacts. The longer your list, the more you’ll have to pay. Mailchimp offers four different price options to choose from. Let’s go through it all one by one.

    Free Package

    This package is ideal for emerging marketers with bold ideas who need to get online right away, create an audience, and start expanding.

    • Up to 2,000 contacts
    • 1 audience included

    An up-to-date audience and up to 2000 contacts are included in this free version. The audience’s critical details, such as who has connected with your webshop and when they subscribed to your newsletters, are the backbone of smart advertising.

    Opting for this package will provide you versatile and adaptable tools to help you handle this knowledge and develop tailored campaigns for a large number of contacts, where one contact implies one email address. So that’s a huge benefit.

    Other features you get with the Free package:

    • Marketing CRM
    • Creative Assistant
    • Website Builder
    • Mailchimp Domain
    • Forms & Landing Pages

    Other platforms do not provide such kind of facility. To get these types of benefits, you must change your account to a paying one.

    How to get started with the free version?

    You might be wondering how to initiate your marketing game in case you don’t have any contacts. Don’t worry! The free version is equipped with the features of “forms and landing pages.” Mailchimp employs a landing page to allow your users to sign up for your ads. Easy, right?


    This package is designed for more email sends, personalized branding and 24/7 assistance for advertisers looking to create partnerships and increase revenue.

    • Up to 50,000 contacts
    • 3 audiences included

    Now the best upgrade is the increased number of contacts and the increased number of audiences.

    You’ll get everything in the Free plan, plus: 

    • All Email Templates
    • Multi-Step Journeys
    • Custom Branding
    • A/B Testing
    • 24/7 Email & Chat Support

    What do Multi-Step Journeys mentioned in this plan indicate?

    Apart from all the benefits in the free version, you get additional benefits, one of which is multi-step journeys. Using this automation, you can deliver emails as the user triggers unique stimuli. The benefit is that you can create a journey that targets audiences precisely where they are and when they require the information you deliver.

    A/B Testing: Improve your business strategy.

    Mailchimp will select the right post, and machine learning-powered time optimization will ensure your email is sent at the appropriate time with the click of a button! This is an intelligent feature that will take your marketing campaign to the next level!

    If you are not sure what email marketing program to choose, check this blog post to find out.


    The standard package is for seasoned marketers looking to optimize and save time through sophisticated automation functionality and data-driven tools.

    • Up to 100,000 contacts
    • 5 audiences included

    The obvious benefit is the increased number of contacts and audiences. This package focuses on behavioral targeting through the audience dashboard that provides you with actionable, at-a-glance data to help you understand more about your contacts and how to communicate with them.

    The package incorporates everything in Essentials, plus: 

    • Customer Journey Builder + Branching Points
    • Send Time Optimization
    • Behavioral Targeting
    • Custom Templates
    • Dynamic Content

    The Standard package has all the necessary tools needed for your email marketing. Be it automation to increase consumer interactions based on who they are and how they engage with your business, or multichannel tools for promoting and growing your brand, as well as seeking new leads, all in one place.


    As the name suggests, this package is for advanced marketers who need the most advanced innovation tools and premium phone service.

    • 200,000+ contacts
    • Unlimited audiences

    Unlimited audience? We think this is the best feature of this plan, and what makes it premium. Now you can manage unlimited audience information and use it to generate targeted campaigns.

    This plan has everything in Standard, plus: 

    • Advanced Segmentation
    • Multivariate Testing
    • Comparative Reporting
    • Unlimited Seats & Role-Based Access
    • Phone Support

    A unique feature: Prioritized Phone Support

    Customers on the premium package deal closely with Mailchimp’s devoted team of highly recognized experts 24/7 via three different channels: email, live chat, and phone.

    Some Other Things to Think On

    Here are some more features you should be aware of:

    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    Mailchimp helps you manage relationships with current and prospective clients using the CRM framework. It assists businesses in developing customer relationships and streamlining operations in order to maximize revenue, enhance customer experience, and improve productivity.

    • Marketing Campaign Segmentation

    Mailchimp divides your large intended audience into smaller groups or subgroups with comparable desires, interests, tastes, and characteristics. This results in 23% higher open rates and 49% higher clicks.

    Final Verdict

    Mailchimp is a versatile service that is useful for mass email delivery. You can easily arrange e-mail promotions. Furthermore, the company’s free alternative is remarkably generous, making it difficult to compete, with no one on the horizon challenging it just yet. Paid users have access to advanced marketing capabilities such as A/B testing, spam filter diagnostics, advanced segmentation, and different social networking integration tools. All of this adds a tremendous amount of depth to a pretty robust framework.

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