It’s crucial to split test (aka a/b test) your emails to find the winning versions and improve conversions. In this video, we’re explaining step by step how to split test your emails based on your goals.

– Hi, this is Andriy. In this video, I’ll show you the right way how you should do AB testing. I see the common mistake between our customers and another marketers who try to do AB testing. They do AB test, let’s say, we split subject line. We send email and we split that subject line- subject line A, subject line B. We do it for one email, second email, third email and so forth. And we like, “Okay, we have a winning version one, we have winning version two.” But there’s no other steps. They just do it like over and over and over and over again. That’s why I decided to record this video to explain the proper way how we should do it. And by the way, I learned it on one of the seminar, Digital Marketer Seminar in San Diego, California. And after that, we start doing the proper way and generate better results for our clients. This is a snapshot from our reports. Actually, not snapshots, but a slide from our report. So first, when you do split test, any kind of split test or AB test, it’s the same thing just like different version. So for us, like, what are we testing? Let’s say, we are testing open rate for emails. So, we split testing subject line. First of all, split test only one thing per task. Don’t split the subject line and then, the buttons, button color in the email and so forth. First, you have to do the hypothesis. Let’s say, have a subject line A, subject line B, and say that subject line B should have a higher open rate because X, Y, and Z. So, you’re building hypothesis. After you define a hypothesis, and please do not be lazy. Write it down in a bullet points, in a short paragraph, or only one sentence, or some kind of like a notes for yourself, but write it down because you will forget it. I promise you, after a few split tests, you will forget it. So, do hypothesis. Then, as you can see here on, on the right. So, first is hypothesis. Second, have it run for one week, two weeks, one month. Depends what, what are you testing. Pick your own timeline. So, after you have a results, review the results, see which version is like one. Let’s say, we thought that from the subject line B will be, we’ll have higher open rate, but it didn’t. Subject line A have a higher open rate, so let’s create a conclusion of why. Try to understand your audience why the subject line A had a higher open rate. And the next step, next step, like, what will you do next? And next, you should split test again. And repeat this process again and again and again and again. So, this is what’s called optimization. You have to constantly optimize. Like, let’s say you have a good open rate, optimize to have it even better and so forth, so just move on. So, this was quick video explanation of how to do proper split testing. In case you have questions about this video or any other videos, please let us know. And please subscribe to our YouTube channel, it helps our channel grow.