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What is a Hiring Funnel | Finding Employees for Your Business

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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In this video, I am going to be discussing what is a hiring funnel and how having one can help grow your business. Business development and progression is key. It takes time to build a business and have a perfect website, but it is important you have a page for new team members and open positions.

A career page will allow your potential employee to know exactly why they should join your business and the value they will get. It is important you ask the right questions, and that people respond in video form, so you get to see and hear them.



– Let’s talk about the hiring funnel. And yes, you do need it, doesn’t matter how small or big you are. Hi this is Andriy, founder of Flowium email marketing agency, as well as this YouTube channel. And today I would like to discuss a hiring funnel. And doesn’t matter if you have only one employee or maybe you are a company owned one, or you have hundreds of employees, these things will apply for any kind of business. And you can start from scratch, like from something basic and you can maybe implement only one stage of the funnel that I will about to show you. But as you grow, implementing all those pieces that I’m about to show you is crucial for finding the right talent. Before we continue with the video, I have a short announcement to make. We are growing and we have a few spots available for new clients. And I would like to tell you about our partner program, give $1000 get $1000. How does it work? If you know anybody in your network who are eCommerce brand online retailers, please refer them to us. And if they sign up with us, you will get $1000 and they will get a $1000 discount toward their credit. Or if you are eCommerce brand and you would like to work with us, we will give you $2,000 towards your first month of the retainer. Just visit flowium.com/partner and see the details of our partner program and we have a template there, email templates, which you can send it to your friend or somebody you know in eCommerce space. So, let’s start. First, you need to have a career page, career page on your website. It can be simple, you didn’t have to design crazy things. I will show you how our looks like, but this kind of page, we developed after four year in the business. It can be a simple page, or it can be even like simple Google doc that you will provide the link and person will go there and read about your company. So, let’s go. So as you can see here, like you can go to Flowium/career and look what we have here. So as you can see, it’s a picture of some of our team members. We have view or call to action, view open positions and description about our company. How many clients we have, the success rate and so forth. And also we have our values. It’s very important for you to have a company values. Again, you don’t have to do it like, at the beginning, maybe you do it later. Again, I did it after four years in my business. I define my values, but it’s important to have one point or another. But the career page must be, can be very simple. Again, let’s continue. So then we have team happiness number, again, it’s optional for you if you starting out. The benefit is important because you want to be upfront with your candidate if you have any benefits. If you don’t have any benefits it’s fine as well. Maybe you just starting out and you hardly making money, but you don’t have money to provide benefits so it’s totally fine. In our case, we just, we have our main four groups of team members that we always looking for. So that’s why we describe each position here in details. Then we define like, where are our team is located and how we work together. There are some testimonials from our team members and here’s our open positions that we currently have. So this is number one. You should have career page and you should drive all your traffic to the career page. If anybody’s asking like, do you have a job opening? Drive them there. You want to hire somebody and like you send them the career page. So all your traffic should go there. And also you will get organic traffic sooner or later when you have that page. So page number two is dedicated page for specific position. In my example, let’s use copywriter. So here is a copywriter, the position. So we describe what we need the position or review the responsibility, like how the time will be divided, required skills and experience, nice to have. And here we are outlining next steps. We want to be as much transparent with a potential candidate as possible. In our company, we have a very strict procedure and it takes a lot of time to approve somebody. So we do not want person to waste his or her time. If they want quick result, they should not apply with us. That’s why we want to describe that application takes time. Then you have to do the, one interview, the second interview, then test, then we’ll consider duration and so forth. So it’s like takes a long time and if somebody is looking job today or yesterday, we are not good fit. So we want to be upfront and I highly recommend for you to be upfront as well. Maybe you do not have those kinds of criteria, feel free to, not copy, but at least copy the structure and modify it to your needs. And as you can see, we have like call to action apply. And when they click apply, the redirector we use type form, you can use whatever form you want to use for application, and they start applying. I will not walk you through through all the questions, but there’s only one question which is so crucial that you have to have it. And the question is the task for the applicants is the following. You should record Loom video, Loom, it’s a free software to record your screen and your face. Right here, you see? This is Loom. I’m recording my screen by using Loom. Loom is free, I use pro version, but for everybody else it’s free up to five minutes. The requirement you should put in your application, please record one to two minutes introduction, who you are, introducing yourself, why you want to work with us and why you think you’re a good candidate for us. And very important, specify something like, video longer than two minutes or video longer than three minutes will be disqualified because you said record the video between one to two minutes. You cannot imagine how many people applied and they were good candidate and we had to decline them because they recorded five minutes video, seven minutes video. We were very specific and we warn them, if they recorded longer than three minutes, we will disqualify them. Why do we do this? A lot of candidates do not want to apply for a job because of the video, because it’s like privacy and all of that thing. However, just to save our time and their time, not to schedule interviews and blah, blah, blah, like you from the first loop, you will understand if you want to work with that person, if the person can present himself or herself correctly. So this is like very, very crucial and I highly recommended for you to use it. And the last piece of the puzzle as where those application will go. In our case, we use Asana. So in our case, it goes to Asana was all answers. And from there, we go from stage to stage to stage. So we have incoming saved, invited shortlist, taking test, hired, not qualified, of boarded. It’s meaning that like everybody who applied will go to incoming. Then we will review and we save them and if we want to interview them then we put them in invited tab. Meaning we invited them for the interview. Then after the interview, if we don’t like them, we let them know. And we put them not qualified column. If we like them, we will go to short list and there will be another interview. After another interview, they will take a test and then we’ll decide again. If they are not qualified, we put not qualified. If we hire them, we put them in a hired tab. This kind of process, career page, dedicated page, application, Loom video, Asana, might sounds crazy and overwhelming for you and I do understand you because it was for me as well. But in September, November of 2020, we need to hire a lot of people, team members like to add to our team. And I spend 60 to 80% of my time hiring, like reviewing all of that. And if I would not have this kind of system, I will probably kill myself because I would not never were able to achieve what I achieved in Q four of 2020. Let me know what you think about this process. Let me know if you have any additional questions and please share if you have better process or maybe something that you think we can improve, I will love to hear it. Also, I like to share this video with other business owners, and if you’re not subscriber, please subscribe it help our channel growth.


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