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The Biggest Problem E-Commerce & Retail Sellers Face

Written by Andriy Boychuk
1 min read

In this video, Andriy is going to be discussing the biggest problem e-commerce sellers face. It is so hard to attract customers and especially your target audience. It is so important to get returning buyers and keep them.

Big businesses and brands always have returning buyers because they have a huge budget for marketing and especially email marketing, with lots of offers and exclusives.

It is important that you are offering incentives for them to return, this could be a loyalty card or a discount code. Another great way is referrals to their friends and families.

You will learn about the bounce back strategy in this video and how you can start implementing this for your business. When is the right time to send the first email and offer discounts? All of that and more answered in this video, stayed tuned till the end 🙂

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