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How to suppress contacts in Klaviyo

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Klaviyo doesn’t charge you for suppressed profiles. If you aren’t sending any marketing emails to those contacts, it’s better to suppress them instead of deleting them.

    In this video, we explain step by step how to suppress multiple contacts in Klaviyo, so you don’t have to continue paying for the contacts that aren’t bringing you money.

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    Hi, in this video I’ll show you how to suppress multiple contacts in Klaviyo. First thing you need to know, the difference between active and suppressed profile. Active, those are actively subscribed and you are able to send them market emails and you are paying for active subscribers. For suppressed subscribers you are not paying, so Klaviyo does not charge you for suppress profiles. And however, you are not able to send them market emails, but you are still collecting their data. If they buying something from you, if they engaging with your website, even if they suppress in Klaviyo, you’re still able to collect that information. So now I’ll show you how to suppress multiple profiles from your account. So let’s go to Klaviyo first and then go to lists and segments. We have a Klaviyo checklist and you can find it by, I forgot the link. Under this video, there will be link to our Klaviyo checklist. And in that checklist, there will be list of segments we create for all our clients. And one of them is called spam, I believe, yeah. You see, we call it exclude suppress and spam. So click here on spam. So, on monthly basis we go here. We suppress all those contacts. How we do it, we click manage segments click export to CSV, and don’t don’t check anything else just emails, click start export. It might take you a second, it might take you few minutes, depends how busy Klaviyo is and how many subscribers you have, and it will be in your download folder. Okay, so it’s completed as you can see a list export, and this is the latest file. So now we go to profiles, now click on suppress profiles. Then you click upload profiles, choose a file and in this case this is download, and this is the list that we just exported it. And upload suppress. And now those thousand will be suppressed. Meaning they still live in your system. You will still collect a data, their behavior data, their purchased data and so forth, but they will be unsubscribed. As you can see, all those emails are suppressed profiles. And why do we suppress qq.com? There’s another video on this topic. Those are spam bots, and if you continue emailing them, you will hurt your center’s reputation. Also, we have another video called email marketing spam bots, check it out. There’s another domain you have to include and clean up on monthly basis. In case you have any additional questions, please let me know and I will respond to all of them. And also if you have any other suggestion or video requests, leave them under this video. Thank you for watching. Bye.

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