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eCommerce Conversion: Definition and Advice

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    No matter the type of product you sell, you should be aware of the ecommerce conversion definition and what this figure means. Learn more about the ecommerce and email marketing conversion rate as well as how to improve it.

    What Is the Ecommerce Conversion Definition?

    The definition of ecommerce conversion is incredibly simple. This figure measures the percentage of website visitors who “convert” or make a purchase.

    It is an important figure in marketing, as it helps you gauge the effectiveness of your website marketing and see if you need to make improvements.

    How to Calculate Ecommerce Conversion

    You only need two figures to calculate your ecommerce conversion:

    • The total number of website visitors
    • The number of visitors who purchased.

    Divide the number of visitors who completed a purchase by the total number of visitors. Multiply the result by 100, and you will have the percent conversion rate.

    As an example, assume an ecommerce website has 100 visitors in a day and makes 10 sales. They would find their daily conversion rate by dividing 10/100 to get 0.10. Then, they would multiply that by 100 and get 10%.

    You can calculate your conversion rate over any period of time you choose, such as a week or a month.

    What Is the Average Conversion Rate? What Does It Mean?

    If you want to calculate your average conversion rate, you could just expand the time frame that you gather data in.

    So instead of using the figures for purchases and website visitors within a month, you could look at the figures over an entire year. This would give you the average conversion rate over the course of one year.

    For those interested in the conversion rates of other ecommerce companies, you can look at global figures. In 2020, the United States had an average conversion rate of 2.63% for ecommerce. The global figure stood at 4.31%.

    The average will also vary based on your industry. You can look at your industry’s average conversion rate

    • To get an idea of how well you are doing
    • To know how much room for improvement you still have.

    How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

    With your new knowledge of the ecommerce conversion definition, you will also want to know how to improve it. The following techniques can help you do so.

    A/B Testing

    One excellent option is to do some A/B testing to see what version of your website delivers the better conversion rate.

    For this to work, make small changes to the website, such as a different styling or headline. Compare the data from each to see what works better. You want to continuously A/B test your website to keep optimizing it.

    Build Trust

    A great way to boost your conversion rate is to ensure that your brand and website are trusted. You can build trust using numerous methods, including featuring client reviews and social proof.

    You can also build trust by offering a warranty or mentioning the various quality controls you use when creating your products.

    Make Purchasing Easy

    You should also take the time to ensure potential shoppers can easily buy from you.

    Offer enough payment options, make the shopping cart easy to find and adjust, and ask for as little information as you can during the ordering process.

    How to Use Email Marketing to Increase the Conversion Rate

    A good example of email campaign to increase your conversion rate.

    In addition to the previous advice, email marketing is an effective tool to increase your conversion rate.

    Link Emails to Landing Pages

    As you craft your emails, make sure that the links take readers to a landing page instead of your homepage.

    This lets you align the content and phrasing of the landing page with what was said in the email. That, in turn, should reduce the bounce rate as the page will display exactly what visitors expect.

    Include Visuals in Your Emails

    Make sure that your emails do not just include plain text. You also want to include visuals to keep readers engaged.

    This will dramatically increase the chances that they read the entire email and click on your CTA.

    Craft the CTA Carefully

    Speaking of the CTA, this is another important part of your email marketing strategy. You want it to be actionable, clear, and short. If you can customize the CTA, that is even better. Consider including highly visible buttons instead of hidden links in your CTA.

    Personalize the Emails

    Personalize more than the CTA in the email. Include as much personalization in marketing emails as is practical. At the very least, have the emails addressed to subscribers by name. Ideally, you will add extra personalization by segmenting your email list.

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