In this video or post, you will learn how to create Abandoned Cart Flow in Klaviyo. This type of flow is one of the most popular requests from from our clients, it’s the basics of your email marketing.

Abandoned Cart automation has proved to be the most important and the most profitable email series. When it come to the ecommerce, it’s an absolute must for every business.

With these simple steps you’ll learn how to create Abandoned Cart Flow in Klaviyo without any stress! Feel free to watch my video at the end of this page (with an accent 🙂 ) or simply check the How-to instructions below.

Before You Start

First of all you will need to have your Shopify / Magento / Woocommerce, etc. integrated with Klaviyo. I prefer Shopify because it has the best integration with Klaviyo.

Create the Abandoned Cart flow in Klaviyo

To create the abandoned cart series, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Flows.
  2. Create the Flow called Abandonment Cart.
  3. Click on Take Action button and choose Checkout Started.

  4. Then you go to Flow Filters and you need to Add – Ordered Product. Choose details like zero times, since starting this flow and click Save.

Now Klaviyo will trigger this automation every time somebody starts the checkout, but it will continue only for those who not make any purchases.

Add Time Delay

Click on Time delay. I recommend to put a delay between 2 or 4 hours. Press Save.

Add and Edit Email

  1. To send the first email, drug the email to your chain. Smart feature is not so smart. So cut it off.
  2. Edit email in the Configure Content.
  3. Put a subject line.
  4. Choose a template.
  5. To insert an image, click on Preview, where you can find all your information from Abandoned Cart, and copy the url of your image. Then drug Image block to the place you want it in the email. Find Placeholder and put there your copied URL. Edit size and details and click Save. If you go to the Preview you’ll find your image on the right place!

  6. To insert text, do the same with each text block.

This is how you can create Cart Abandonment Flow in Klaviyo.

You can also watch a video with the same information below:

Thank you and good luck with selling!