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Live, Manual and Draft Mode Klaviyo Flow Difference

Written by Andriy Boychuk
3 min read

– Hi, this is Andriy from Email Marketing NYC. And in this video, I’ll answer one of your question. What’s the difference between live and manual mode in flows? So as you know, flows are the automatic emails in Klaviyo or also in different software, it’s called sequences. If you click on, if you open any of those flows in the bottom left corner, you have status for that specific email. You can have a live, you can have manual, or you can have draft. So draft is easy. You’re still working with that email and nobody can receive it and they are not, yeah, so nobody can receive. Live, is also easy as well. Basically, everybody who gets triggered by this action and pass through all filters, they will receive this email after four hours. Manual. This is something between draft and live. So basically people are queued in, as you can see, review, but they will not receive this email until you manually approve it. So let’s go, click on this email, view analytics . So Recipient Activity, Needs Review. So this is, Needs Review, and you can send now or cancel. So basically you have to manually do it like for each subscriber. So what will happen, let’s say if I click from manual to live. So for somebody who’s still waiting or for future subscriber, they will receive this email, but somebody who is in review, they always will be in review until you go there and click Send Now or Cancel. I hope it helps. If you have any additional questions, please let me know under this video. Thank you.


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