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Leverage your loyalty program

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    The benefits of your loyalty program can be the decisive factor when your customers are choosing between you and your competitors on Black Friday.

    In this tutorial, we share a creative strategy you can use to leverage your loyalty program for more sales this Black Friday.

    Black Friday is the single most important sale for any eCommerce brand. Check out our Black Friday checklist to make sure you have everything ready for the big day.

    For more info on loyalty programs, check out the resources section below.

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    How to leverage your loyalty program during holiday season. Hi, this is Andrew from Flowium email marketing agency, as well as the founder of this YouTube channel, where every week we are releasing new video about email marketing, all the marketing channels and other technical things to help you out with the technology.

    This is our third video about strategies, how to increase sales, and capitalize on the holiday season. And today we’ll be talking about a loyalty program, how to use your loyalty program to increase sales and attract more subscribers to your store.

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    So let’s start. The first strategy is to offer more points when person sign up during holiday season. I will show you on my screen one of our client’s landing page. Okay. So here’s the landing page for a rewards loyalty program.

    They explains terms of the program and here, as you can see, they have a hundred RSVLTS points for signup. I recommend in my strategy is to cross it out and show it, and put maybe like 200 RSVLTS points during holiday season. So, and promote it to your subscribers.

    This way, there’s more incentive for them to sign up or maybe a lot of your current subscribers in your database, but they are not part of your loyalty program. So this is the way how you can convert them from just email subscribers to loyalty program subscriber.

    This is how you can attract new traffic and promote this. Like, hey, during holiday season, we increase our sign-up from hundred points to 200 points or whatever you have, two X, or whatever you want to use, maybe five X.

    Another strategy is to use two X points during holiday season, or during specific holiday maybe from, let’s say, from Black Friday day to Cyber Monday, anybody who buys from you, they will receive two X points for the every dollar they spend. So typically it’s one X, for example, in your store.

    But if they buy during that period of time, you will increase it to two X. So there’s no discount, but there are some more points and those points they can use toward the next purchase.

    So this is the example, enso rings. This is their program as you can see, two X the points, 20 points, earn 20 points all purchases for the next 24 hours. So they are promoting their loyalty program.

    Strategy number three is remind how many points they already have. We already created the video called quick win, a loyalty program where I showed how to automate that rewards reminder to your customer monthly.

    But in this strategy, what I’m explaining to you right now, we want to send another campaign, maybe one week before, or two days before. So just to remind them about like, hey, you will have this kind of points, like spend them toward buying gifts for your family, friends, and so forth.

    And I recommend to segment out those people who meet the, at least the minimum requirement to redeem their points and send it only to them or somebody who has more points. Do not send it to people who just have few points and they have nothing, like there’s no use of them at this moment.

    And strategy number four is to increase dollar amount or percentage amount for referrals. As you know, and we already recorded the video about our predictions about 2020 holiday season.

    But that at spans will be much, much, much higher than last year or the year before because everybody will advertise, since a physical location will be closed and everybody will sell their products only online. So we highly recommend to increase your referral incentives.

    If in the past you said, like send 10 dollars to your friend and receive 10 dollars, maybe it’s a good strategy for you to increase it to 15, 20, 30 dollars. One of our client, they increased their referral from 25 dollars to 50 dollars.

    It sounds crazy. 50 dollars if somebody buys, but long-term, they saw very high ROI. That’s why they did it. I do not recommend to do it like all the time, but just do it for a specific period of time. So maybe in the first week of November, advertise it heavily and say like, hey, for only this week, if you refer somebody and they buy, you will get two X of what we normally offer.

    Yeah. So those four strategies I highly recommend for you too, you can implement all of them or some of them, but this is how you can leverage your loyalty program during the holiday season. If you did not check our previous video on this series of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday strategies, please check them out.

    This is video number three. Also, if you’re not subscribers, please subscribe, like this video, and leave your comments below in case you have any questions, or if you have additional strategies, ideas, please leave them below as well so we can learn from each other.

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