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FOMO Email Marketing Strategy To Boost Your Holiday Sales

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Adding urgency to your offers is key to the success of your promotions. But is there a way to make your time-sensitive offers even more effective?

    In this video, we share one simple yet powerful strategy that’s proven to not only increase conversions, but also minimize the number of customer support requests about your promotions.

    In today’s video, I would like to share with you one strategy that we start using and it works like a charm. We started to add time counter to our time since the offer. So we split tested. We sent it to customers and say like, “Hey, your offer ends at 48 hours.” And, just in words, and the few follow ups. Or we send it with a timer.

    I cannot explain. It’s probably our like mind, but when we see timer clicking back, it’s add real urgency versus like, “Oh, 48 hours left. “Oh, okay. I still have time.” when you see that time clicking back, clicking, and like there’s less, less time. It’s just like the fear of missing out, the FOMO, the famous FOMO. Some brands do not like to use it, but we are marketers.

    So if you use it wisely, why not? Also, if your offers are really time sensitive, trust me, this is better strategy, versus telling them when it’s end. Why? Because it will remove customer support questions.

    Our clients receive million of emails after we send those kinds of offers where we said like, “Hey, this is the offer, but it will end in 24 hours.” There are some people emailed support weeks later and said like, “Hey, this code is not working.” Yes, it’s not working because offer expire. You understand this, I understand that. But customers like sometimes they maybe did not treat the entire text or so forth. So that’s why when you do the countdown timer, at the end when it’s round out. It says like, “This offer is not available anymore,” or any other text you can put it.

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    So we highly recommend for you to use it. And, trust me, you can split test it and the conversion from emails will be much higher. Which tool you can use, there is like free one and there is headache-free one. So the first one is called Sendtric.

    You can have it for free, so you can create account, start using for free, but there’s some limitation. And also their branding. You can upgrade to a paid plan. However, we like to use, and what we use in our company, it’s called Promo Features. We did not compare apples to apples, but we start using Promo Features and we love it. It works in Automations as well as in Campaigns. It works well for our clients.

    We see a lot of results. So you can use any of those. We are not affiliated with them. We just using in our company. In case you have any additional strategies about this topic, please leave them under this video. As well, if you have any additional questions, again, comment under this video. If you you’re not subscriber, please subscribe to this YouTube channel. Click on the bell to be notified like every time new video comes out and like this video, or don’t like it, if you don’t like it. Thank you.

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