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Klaviyo Shopify Integration

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    Learn how to integrate Klaviyo and Shopify – the power match for any eCommerce business. Klaviyo allows for seamless integration with Shopify. In this video, you’ll learn how to integrate them in a matter of minutes.

    – Hi, so how to integrate Shopify with Klaviyo. Shopify, one of the best e-commerce platforms and Klaviyo, is one of the best e-commerce email marketing software on the market. So how to integrate them together? So I have my Shopify open, my test Shopify trial open, and my Klaviyo account open. So let’s click on login to Klaviyo, click on integrations and look for Shopify. So add integration, Shopify URL. How do I find it? So my Shopify, I think this one. Yeah, so my Shopify subscribe Automatically add Klaviyo online, JavaScript recommended, yes. Update Shopify profiles with Klaviyo data . Okay, yes. Connect to Shopify. Oh actually I do not sell, so connect to Shopify. You’re about to integrate, integrate my Shopify. So let’s see. Install app, okay, cool. So, this is installed and let’s test something! Let’s go, let’s see if it’s working actually. Yeah, so it’s working because I can see, sign up, the form is popping, cool. So it’s, it’s working. Let’s go back to my profiles. Yeah, and this is, I just enter it and this is my information. So active on the website. Yeah, so it’s working. So this is how we integrate Klaviyo with Shopify. In case you have any additional questions about conversational marketing or Klaviyo specific, please ask them below this video, thank you.
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