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How to Export Email Subscribers From Bronto Tutorial

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, I am going to be showing you exactly how to export current subscribers from Bronto to a new platform. This will be an easy to follow tutorial. I will show you how to check who is active and best subscribers to export across.  The key thing is to make sure no one is lost and you keep all your returning buyers and loyal subscribers. You can check The Step by Step Guide How to Migrate from Bronto to Another Email Marketing Platform here.
    – How to export email subscribers from Bronto. So you can migrate to different platforms since Bronto is closing down by end of May, 2021. Hi, this is Andrew, the founder of Flowium Email Marketing Agency, as well as this YouTube channel. In this video I will show you how to export your email subscribers. All of them, active and unsubscribed from Bronto, and you can input later to any platform that you want. So first of all, you log into bronto.com. So let’s do sign in. So we sign in. Okay. Now you logged in. The next step is you click on the context. You click on manage. And here are access to all of your data and you click on special reports. And now you need to select what you want to export. So first I will highly recommend to export all as is. As everything is preset here. You just need to type in all subscribers and it will work on it. It will generate the report and it will send it to your email. And then I would highly recommend to do it one by one. Because you want to understand who is active, who is bounced, who’s unconfirmed, onboarding and so forth. So let’s do all active subscribers. Then you can pick any of those options. I’ll leave it as a default. Click next. And now you need to pick your emails, as this is my email. Generate. And it takes some time. In the past it took me somewhere between like five minutes to half an hour. Depends how big is your list. As well as I want to tell you about this article, because we trying to improve this article, how to step by step, how to migrate to different platforms. So I highly recommend for you to check it out. I will leave it under this video. It’s a full guide. I put it together to help people out, either your e-commerce brand or you helping e-commerce brand. I put this guide for you to use it so you can do it yourself, or if you need help, please contact us and we can migrate you to a different platform as well. In case you have any different questions, please leave them under this video and I’ll do my best to answer all of them. Thank you.
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