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How to Design Simple Emails | Learn from Glossier

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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In this video, we’re going to take a look at Glossier’s emails. Glossier is a great company that makes makeup and skincare products for women. But they also make really nice-looking email campaigns! They are simple but powerful.

Watch the video to learn how to design simple emails from scratch using the popular tool Klaviyo.

According to The Business Of Fashion, Glossier’s worth nowadays is 1.8 Billion Dollars and I want to show you their emails.

This is one of the examples of Glossier’s emails. It looks simple, doesn’t it? And actually, this is very powerful because it does the job of telling the person, not about the product, but the products available and spark curiosity for them to click and go to the website and either learn more or purchase.

The goal of the email is to sell or to spark interest. But the biggest goal is for them to take action and click because in the email you, unfortunately, cannot sell. They cannot buy inside of the emails, they have to go to the website. So this is one of the examples of their emails.



And here are other ones, these examples are probably the most complicated email they send. This email has more return in investment than a heavily designed email.


Why? Because in the heavily designed email, you need to pull your designer, you need to pull your copywriter, you need to set it up, you need to make sure everything is tested. And in the end, it might perform the same.

Actually, in one company, we are testing right now is AB testing, the long-form, heavily designed email versus something like this. And we don’t have the results yet, I will announce them later. But my assumption is that there would be almost no result, but they will save a lot of time for their team, which is currently investing a lot of energy and resources to build those emails.

So let’s start and try to recreate the same email inside of Klaviyo. Okay, so let’s open the Klaviyo account. This is our company account, so let’s go to email templates and start from scratch. Create a template, they have a lot of team templates, which you might use, but I personally like to start from scratch. So here we got my templates, import basic. So let’s start from basic and one column, a test template.

So let’s do a test template and let’s start designing. So here’s a structure. So we need a logo, then we need the title, then we need the hero image, then we again need the text and at the bottom we will need, this is actually optional, but a lot of people do it in the header. And by the way, I have another video about the five mistakes, I believe, or three mistakes about email design. So I strongly recommend for you to check. Okay, so we have this and we have a photo which is standard. So right now we have the basic framework and let me just simplify it.

Yeah, it looks good and we need to place some space above and below to make it look better. So let’s do left, right nine-nine. Top, bottom let’s do 18-18. I’m not sure, but increment of nine works the best in Klaviyo or maybe it’s some weird number, around 27. It looks decent.

You can write it here, I typically go to the source because it does not adjust the formatting sometimes. So we have this, I don’t like the space below, it’s too big. I think the bottom is weird, but they look small. So no, it’s good.


Now we need a hero image. Again, you can use any of your pictures you like or just go to camera and go to a banner and use a horizontal, landscape one. And let’s do something like business since we are in business, because we are an email marketing agency.

Let’s use this one, it’s free. Saving them now. Let’s not do too many call to actions. Let’s not make a lot of call to actions. Try to make it simple. Labor Day Sale Starts Today, 50% off sale. So download PDF, no JPEG, PNG might be good too. Let’s try JPEG, we want something light because you don’t want the email load slow. You want the email to load faster. You know what? I don’t like the background because it’s too white. So let’s do this one more time. JPEG.

So we have this, we go upload, upload. This one is here. Upload. You can do it this way, which looks decent or you can do stretch image. It will be from border to border. But for some reason I like this thing better. Also I think personally that the width of the email is too big for my purposes.

One more thing, one more blog that I forgot to add is CTA. So not much to copy. I personally believe it’s a lot. So this is a simple title and let’s remove this because it’s too long. I will not write anything here. I don’t like this, the text is too wide. So I would rather do 36 and 36 or maybe more than… Let’s try to give more space because the email for some reason looks too busy. 36-36.
Now, let’s do the bottom. So this one is 36, it might be too much. Let’s keep it at nine. And this one is 36. So this looks better. Now let’s do, people like to have home. I don’t know why they like to do that, but shoes, make-up, t-shirts. What I like to do here is to make the text background to this one, the font should be black or any color of your choosing, which is good. Then we want to go back to the blog and we do white or transparent. So we have this, so we do padding, top zero, bottom zero and we do this line. Let’s bottom zero. Too much, so let’s do nine, let’s do black as well. So let’s move it and flip it. So here we do nine and here we do 18. So I personally believe it’s too much space, so let’s try zero. And let’s try 18, zero, top zero and here’s 18. Let’s try this, fit to image.

So here’s a simple design. Again, I’m not the designer, but it’s better than nothing. What I’m trying to say is the simplicity of this email will save you a lot of time and make you more efficient. And you can start sending emails today.

Another thing what you can do is, I personally don’t like headers. I like to start with logo here, image, text, call to actions and the bottoms. But again, every brand is different. A few things you should not do is include this bottom email in the top of the mail because it defeats the purpose of the design.

The goal of this email is it should be like a upside-down pyramid. So it should drive people from the up to the bottom to this, to click. Not click here, here, or there. It’s secondary, the main thing, the main purpose of emails is to click here or also include links in the hero image and in the logo.

In case, you have any additional questions, please let me know. Also, please check out other design videos that we have created about design tips and subscribe to this channel, if you’re not subscribed yet.



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