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What You Should Know about Email Template Design in 2021

Written by Andriy Boychuk
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    In this video, you will learn about the email template designs and layouts that work, how the conversion rates vary between desktop and mobile. In 2021, more and more people are using their phones when viewing a website to buy a product or service. It is important that your website and emails are designed for mobile phones so that your customer is getting the best user experience.

    You want to focus most of your attention on mobile phone users, as they are opening emails on their phones first. A lot of people read through an email on their mobile and then open up their laptop to view the pictures of products and buy them on a laptop/desktop.

    Make sure to ask your employees their thoughts on the company’s emails, or you may want to have outside people give their opinion on your emails.


    What should you know about email template design in 2021? I want to explain you the important topics about email template design in 2021. We recently recorded a podcast episode called how to increase your mobile conversion rate. Vira and Alissa explained how global traffic like 54% of global website traffic coming from mobile.

    However, and this is the big thing for eCommerce, half of that traffic converting. The conversion rate for mobile versus desktop is a hundred percent different. So on mobile, there’s like 2% conversion rate versus on desktop is 4% conversions rate.

    People are visiting your store from mobile and they are more likely to buy it from the desktop. So it’s very important, this is what we decide as a company in 2021, and we’ll move forward. We designed all our email templates in like mobile-first. We do optimize all our templates as a mobile-first and then we create a desktop version of that.

    In the past, in 2020 and all previous years we did other ways. First, we did the desktop version and then we created simplified the mobile version. Now we focus probably 80% of our attention on mobile design and then create desktop version.

    Why it’s important and why should you think about it? Because the majority of your customers or subscribers will open the email on the mobile but they will buy on that desktop. This is the most typical behavior. And I strongly recommend for you to listen to that episode because Vira and Alissa go into that explaining why is this and why it’s like this it’s a human behavior right now.

    Maybe in the future maybe in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, it will change. But at this moment, this is the case and that’s why you should do it and it does work. Like right now, we’re working with 50 plus clients and we do it for all of them and we see the success.

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